The Learning Health System-Overview and Update

September 26, 2017
Free for AMIA members; $50 for non-members
Laura Crawford, MIS

The AMIA Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Working Group proposes a webinar on the Learning Health System (LHS).  The LHS is defined as a system “in which progress in science, informatics, and care culture align to generate new knowledge as an ongoing, natural by-product of the care experience, and seamlessly refine and deliver best practices for continuous improvement in health and healthcare.”  The LHS vision “aims to mobilize and empower multiple and diverse stakeholders to collaboratively realize a national-scale (and ultimately global), person-centered, continuous and rapid learning health system.”

This webinar is a follow-up to a webinar the CDS WG sponsored in 2015; the purpose of this 2017 webinar is to update clinical decision support experts on latest developments in and next steps for the LHS.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this activity, the learner should be better able to:

  • Describe the concept of the Learning Health System as well as the urgency and the movement underpinning it.
  • Update participants on the many recent developments in the planning and building of an operational LHS.
  • Explore ways AMIA CDS Working Group members and others can participate in the LHS movement.

Speaker Information

Laura Crawford, MIS
Advisor, Global Patient Outcomes and Real World Evidence, Eli Lilly and Company
Member-at-Large, AMIA Clinical Decision Support WG
Member, Learning Health System Interim Steering Committee

Laura Crawford is a medical informaticist who spent the first half of her career in large teaching hospitals where she worked on informatics projects improving the state of information and evidence at the point of care.  Serving the information and evidence needs of patients, their families, and healthcare providers made her passionate about improving the flow of research evidence into practice.  She is spending the second half of her career in health research, working now as an advisor in Global Patient Outcomes and Real World Evidence at Eli Lilly and Company. Her focus at Lilly is on understanding and influencing the flow of data, information, and evidence in the developing connected health ecosystem, believing that all stakeholders win when what happens in healthcare delivery better informs research, research insights and innovations are more impactful in healthcare, and what happens in the real world health behaviors of people informs both research and healthcare delivery. 

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