The Learning Health System: Informing Clinical Decisions by Learning from Every Patient for Every Patient

August 25, 2015
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Joshua C. Rubin, JD, MBA, MPH, MPP - Program Officer for Learning Health System Initiatives, University of Michigan Medical School

The AMIA Clinical Decision Support Working Group presents a webinar on the Learning Health System (LHS). This is a collaborative system, which uses clinical data to drive both learning and health care. The LHS is defined as a system "in which progress in science, informatics, and care culture align to generate new knowledge as an ongoing, natural by-product of the care experience, and seamlessly refine and deliver best practices for continuous improvement in health and healthcare."  The LHS vision "aims to mobilize and empower multiple and diverse stakeholders to collaboratively realize a national-scale (and ultimately global), person-centered, continuous and rapid learning health system." 

The purpose of this webinar is to make clinical decision support (CDS) experts aware of the LHS and the role of CDS in transmitting evidence to the point of care in the LHS. 

Learning Objectives

After participating in this activity, the learner should be better able to:

  • Describe the concept of the nationwide Learning Health System as well as the urgency and the movement underpinning it
  • Illustrate why the LHS is bigger than big data; data analysis into knowledge alone does not itself create a LHS, but rather knowledge curation, tailored feedback, and informed decision-making by all stakeholders are also required.
  • Discuss the science of cyber-social ecosystems that will be foundational to realizing a high-functioning LHS.
  • Articulate the role of clinical decision support in the LHS and explore ways AMIA CDS Working Group members and others can participate in the LHS movement. 

Speaker Information

Joshua C. Rubin, JD, MBA, MPH, MPP
Program Officer for Learning Health System Initiatives
Department of Learning Health Sciences
University of Michigan Medical School
Member, Interim Steering Committee of the Learning Health Community

Joshua C. Rubin, JD, MBA, MPH, MPP serves as Program Officer for Learning Health System Initiatives at the University of Michigan Medical School’s first-in-the-nation Department of Learning Health Sciences. Rubin’s prior professional experience includes a position as Executive Director of the Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation, the only philanthropic foundation founded by a patient whose overarching mission is to realize the Learning Health System vision (he  presently serves as Vice President of the foundation’s Board of Directors). Previously, Rubin served as a Senior Policy Fellow at eHealth Initiative and as a Senior Consultant at IBM Global Business Services, working at the intersection of the health information technology, healthcare policy, consumer engagement, and public health arenas in both roles. Rubin has conducted research related to and played instrumental leadership roles in developing the concepts for and convening cross-disciplinary meetings that have galvanized multi-stakeholder communities of interest to advance important collaborative efforts to innovatively address critical societal challenges at national and global scales — inside and outside of healthcare.

Rubin serves as an active founding member of the Interim Steering Committee of the Learning Health Community, a multi-stakeholder grassroots movement dedicated to realizing the Learning Health System vision on a national (and ultimately global) scale. He has presented on the Learning Health System vision and the need for multi-stakeholder, trans-disciplinary  collaboration to realize it at conferences and meetings nationwide. Rubin also serves pro bono in board or advisory capacities to the Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation, to PAVE, to the Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for Health Disparities Research: Health Information Technology Policy Project (TCC HIT) convened by Morehouse School of Medicine, to Our Health Data Cooperative, and to the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health (GA4GH) eHealth Task Team. 


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