Weill Cornell Medical College


Health Informatics

The health informatics track prepares students in the effective use of informatics to organize, coordinate, manage, and deliver high quality healthcare. Students enrolled in this program are ready for a wide range of careers, including those in healthcare delivery organizations, insurance, and consulting. Potential job opportunities include a variety of positions in data analysis, policy analysis, health information technology, process improvement, quality assessment, team management, organizational strategy, and leadership.

Health Policy and Economics

The health policy and economics track trains students to become leading policy analysts and researchers working to identify the most effective ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high quality healthcare. The program provides a strong foundation in healthcare research methods with specialized training in health economics, health policy, data analytics, and implementation science. Each student acquires hands-on experience through a client-need research project that begins in the first term and culminates in a final capstone project.

Biostatistics and Data Science

The biostatistics and data science track provides top-class training in biostatistics, as well as the analytic techniques used in data science to prepare students for the data-driven challenges of today's world. By providing a firm foundation on the theory of biostatistics and a hands-on experience in data analysis, the track prepares students for data analytic careers in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, biomedical sciences, academics, and general data analytics.

Certificate in Health Analytics

Our certificate in health analytics is designed to prepare students for careers in the state-of-the-art analysis of health data. The certificate serves increasing needs of health-related organizations to find quantitative methods to transform data into information that can support effective decision-making. Our certificate program is oriented toward working professionals seeking cross-training in a new field or professional development within their current field.

Admission requirements:

Admission to graduate degree programs in Healthcare Policy & Research at Weill Cornell Medicine requires that applicants hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Individual programs might have specific and additional requirements for admission, details of which can be found on our website at hpr.weill.cornell.edu/education. Professionals with higher degrees in health-related fields are also encouraged to apply. Full-time students can complete the programs in 12 months, and part-time students can complete the programs in 18-24 months. Standardized tests are not required for our programs.

For more information about our programs, please visit hpr.weill.cornell.edu/education