University of Washington

The University of Washington offers a broad range of training in Biomedical & Health Informatics. Situated within the top-ranked UW School of Medicine, we also leverage close ties to computer science, bioengineering, public health, nursing and the information school, reflecting our multi-disciplinary view of the field. Our curriculum is broad, including foundational methods for data, information and knowledge, as well as application areas such as clinical informatics, consumer health informatics, bio- / translational informatics, and public health informatics. We also include an option for a specialization in data science for biomedical informatics. Importantly, we maintain close ties to the operation of the UW healthcare system, with faculty in our department holding leadership positions within UW Medicine. Our department has a 20-year history of research and education, and we continue to grow our faculty in recognition of the growing impact of our field on biology, health, and healthcare.

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