Thomas Jefferson University

The Jefferson College of Population Health offers degree programs in population health, public health, health policy, healthcare quality and safety, and health outcomes research.  We have coined the term Population Health Intelligence™ to describe a new discipline whose role is to analyze and distill information from disparate data sets and sources to inform decisions and care plans.  Practitioners trained in this discipline will be able to collect, organize, harmonize, analyze, disseminate and act upon the data available to clinicians, health system leaders, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and healthcare payers.  The mantra of Population Health Intelligence is turning data into insight and action. The Jefferson College of Population Health's (JCPH) Online Graduate Certificate in Population Health Intelligence and the Online Master of Science in Population Health Intelligence (MS-PHI) prepare graduates to be successful in today's dynamic healthcare environment, driven by data and analytics.

Contact: Karen Walsh, Program Director, Population Health Intelligence