Oregon Tech Health Informatics at Oregon Tech

The Health Informatics undergraduate program, the first of its kind in the Oregon University System, is an option within the Department of Information Technology at Oregon Tech. It prepares students for a career as information and computing specialists in the health care field.

Our program gives you a strong background in business management, information systems, computing science and health care providing you with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of health informatics. Oregon Tech’s Health Informatics program is designed to fit the lifestyle of working adults by offering evening and weekend classes and to provide the maximum opportunity for employment and promotion. Many courses are also available via online distance education.

Oregon Tech's hands-on approach to education assures that you will have the right skills to enter the job market prepared for high quality positions. The Oregon Tech program offers exceptional student to teacher ratios in both classroom and laboratory experiences.

Learn more: www.oit.edu/healthinformatics