Criteria for Interested 10x10 Partner Organizations

Following is the criteria for the proposal:

1. Administrative Section

  1. Name of institution providing the 10x10 course
  2. Brief general description of the institution (250 words)
  3. Name of the department offering the course
  4. Brief general description of the department (200 words)
  5. Specific name of the 10x10 course to be offered
  6. Area of focus within informatics (e.g., applied clinical informatics, bioinformatics, etc.)
  7. Contact person information
    • Name
    • Title
    • E-mail
    • Phone number
  8. Evidence that institution has the ability to deliver a distance learning program, including number of past courses, number of students who have passed through the program, and the infrastructure to support the effort. (250 words)
  9. Accreditation

2. Course Description Section

  1. Course director information
    • Name
    • Title
    • E-mail
    • Phone number
    • Course goals (50 words)
    • Intended audience, including a listing of specific prerequisites (100 words)
    • Brief description of course format and structure, e.g., weekly lectures with readings, individualized instruction, project-based learning, etc. Include a description of instructional materials. Include total number of hours of course learning. (200 words)
    • Please provide a course syllabus that lists the specific course sessions by topic with measurable learning objectives for each session (these can be phrased as competencies). Please also list the instructor(s) for each session.
    • Describe the face to face component of the offering, including a description of content, goals and how the session will be run. (150 words)
    • List of faculty involved in the delivery of the course, including specific role of each in the course.
    • Evidence that each faculty member has the requisite informatics expertise (150 words)
    • Evidence that the goals of the course are aligned with AMIA's mission (150 words)
    • Describe how this 10x10 course complements or augments AMIA's current 10x10 offerings (200 words) 

3. Course logistics

  1. Number of times per year that the institution plans to put on the course
  2. Minimum and maximum number of students
  3. Planned first start date
  4. Institution and department's plan for marketing the course (150 words)
  5. Any potential conflicts of interest of any of the faculty members (150 words)
  6. Description of how students will be evaluated to demonstrate mastery of the course content. Explain how the student grades will be calculated. (120 words)