Become an AMIA 10x10 Partner

AMIA invites proposals from qualified educational institutions to partner with AMIA in offering 10x10 courses.

The goal of AMIA's 10x10 program is to train 10,000 professionals in the key tenets of medical informatics to assure that the potential of information technology in health care is realized. AMIA recognizes that while the development of information technology holds great promise, the development of a workforce that can make best and appropriate use of technologies in clinical and other settings is a critical requirement.

Educational institutions interested in partnering with AMIA to deliver a 10x10 course should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a proven ability to deliver a high-quality educational experience
  2. Deliver approximately the equivalent in workload and sophistication of a three credit, graduate level course
  3. Offer the content primarily through distance learning technologies, with at least one face-to-face session with students during the course
  4. Provide instruction that is aligned with AMIA's mission, vision and goals

AMIA 10x10 Proposal Style Guidelines:

  • 12 point font size
  • Times New Roman style font
  • 1 inch margins all around
  • 1.5 to 2 spacing

AMIA expects that many of the 10x10 offerings will focus on applied clinical informatics. Sufficient numbers of individuals who are experienced in applied clinical informatics will be critical if the nation is to implement electronic health records applications on a broad scale and to assure that these systems are used in a way that addresses the cost, quality and access problems that vex health care. However, applications for offerings that have a focus other than applied clinical informatics also are welcomed.

AMIA is committed to a high level of quality in its educational activities and seeks partners that are similarly committed. As part of the 10x10 program AMIA will survey the students that complete the 10x10 courses. AMIA expects that the partner organizations will do internal evaluations as well.

Applications will be reviewed by the AMIA 10x10 Course Review Committee to assure that the applications adhere to the specified criteria.  The 10x10 Course Review Committee reviews 10x10 course proposals and make a recommendation whether or not to pursue a partnership.  The operational details of 10x10 remain the responsibility of the Education Department staff and are maintained in the 10x10 Program information.  The committee gathers only when proposals are submitted to AMIA and conducts business by teleconference or email.  Oversight of AMIA's 10x10 Program is provided by the Course Review Committee, which reports to the AMIA Board of Directors.

All 10x10 course proposal applications are reviewed by the AMIA Education Committee.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Education Program Manager, Susanne Arnold at We look forward to receiving your application.