AMIA and the Clinical Informatics Core Content

AMIA led the development of the Clinical Informatics Subspecialty (CIS) Core Content (Gardner, 2009) and played a pivotal role in the creation of the CIS.  AMIA is providing thought leadership and financial investment in the next major activity for the CIS:  a rigorous practice analysis of the CIS that will serve as the foundation for the CIS Core Content update.  This practice analysis and resulting Core Content update will to enable the CIS to stay current and relevant for Diplomates and the organizations that hire them.

AMIA has hired a consultant to guide representative subject matter experts in the review and revision of the domains of practice, tasks, knowledge, and skills associated with competent CIS practice.  A key step in this process will be a survey of all CIS Diplomates to validate the draft domains of practice, tasks, knowledge, and skills and to weigh the importance of tasks and knowledge to practitioners.

AMIA is simultaneously conducting a practice analysis for health informatics (i.e., clinical and public health informatics).  The Health Informatics Practice Analysis will use a similar methodology. These parallel practice analyses will enable identification of practice areas that are shared by and unique to CIS and HI practice.