AMIA 2020 Student Volunteer Program


AMIA is sponsoring a Student Volunteer Program whereby a limited number of current AMIA student members may receive waived registration to the AMIA 2020 Clinical Informatics Conference (this does not include travel, hotel or meals) in exchange for serving as a room monitor at workshops, presentations, panels, and ignite-style talks sessions.

You must be a current AMIA Student Member to qualify for participation in this program. To become an AMIA Member, Click here

The 2020 Clinical Informatics Conference will be held in Seattle at the Hyatt Regency Seattle, May 19-21, 2020. Workshops will be held on Tuesday, May 19th. 

Responsibilities may include:

  • Checking and scanning for specific conference badges;
  • Monitoring and attending workshops;
  • Taking a head count at all monitored sessions;
  • Being available if meeting attendees have questions;
  • Monitoring space in rooms that have become crowded, requesting extra seating when needed;
  • Distributing hand-out materials when appropriate;
  • Assisting speakers with room needs (adjusting lighting, contacting AMIA staff regarding problems with room temperatures, urgent AV issues, etc.).

In order to qualify for participation in the program, each student member volunteer must agree to monitor five session slots during the course of the Clinical Informatics Conference. A session slot is equal to one workshop, one presentation, one panel, and one ignite-style talk session. It is imperative that each volunteer remain in their designated time slot for the duration of the session to which they are assigned.

If you are selected to participate, you will receive an email from the Student Volunteer Coordinator with information on selecting workshops and sessions to monitor. Once you have selected your workshops and sessions, a student volunteer registration form will be sent to you - this will enable us to collect data for your badge and any other additional events you may wish to purchase.

A valid credit card must be supplied to hold your volunteer position. Should you not COMPLETELY fulfill your volunteer duties, you will be charged the early student rate for the Clinical Informatics Conference (fee of $440).

The Student Volunteer Coordinator will notify you before any action is taken. If you have not been selected for the Student Volunteer Program, you will be able to register for the Clinical Informatics Conference at the early student member rate.

Please note: while every attempt will be made to accommodate your choices of sessions to monitor, we cannot guarantee it. The Student Volunteer Coordinator will contact volunteers to finalize arrangements.

Apply Now!

Deadline: Thursday, March 26, 11:59 p.m. EST

Questions regarding this program should be sent to Lauren Koleszar at with the subject: Student Volunteer Question. You may also contact Lauren by phone at 301-657-1291.

"So what's in it for me?"

  • Waived student registration to the Clinical Informatics Conference;
  • Monitoring during sought after specialty workshops; meeting the session presenters;
  • Networking and contact opportunities with VIP’s in the field of biomedical, health, translational, public health and clinical informatics;
  • Meeting and networking with other students in the field;
  • Assisting with AMIA’s evidence and experience-based informatics meeting and learning how a meeting is put together from behind-the-scenes;
  • Networking and assisting other AMIA members.