AMIA 2019 Clinical Informatics Conference Video Abstracts

S29: Ignite-Style Talks 2 - Special Considerations in Clinical Informatics

Implementing Direct Messaging in a Large Health System
Kristian Feterik
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LB01: Panel - Your Attention Please! How Four Health Systems Approached the EHR Alert Burden on Clinicians

John D. McGreevey, Colleen P. Mallozzi, Eric Shelov, Richard Schreiber, Randa Perkins
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LB02: Panel - To Share is Human! CDS Connect: A Growing National Repository of Shareable, Interoperable Clinical Decision Support

Edwin Lomotan, Jean Meadows, Maria Michaels, Jeremy Michel, Kristen Miller
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S30: Panel -Translating Research Into Practice: Evidence from a System-Wide Implementation of an Inpatient Portal

Naleef Fareed, Daniel M. Walker, Ann S. McAlearney, Timothy Huerta
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Poster Session 1 and Reception

Real-time Communication With Health Care Providers through an Online Respiratory Pathogen Laboratory Report
Paul Christensen, S. W. Long
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Utilizing a User-Centered Design to Address Gaps in Humanitarian Emergencies
Caleb Ebert, Swati Sharma, Ramya Ramaraju, Barbara L. Massoudi
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One Size Does Not Fit All: What Data Do Clinicians Need to Have?
Eric Puster, Titus K. Schleyer
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A Preliminary High-Reliability Framework For Application to Electronic Health Records
Beatrix Hyemin Choi, Jonathan S. Austrian, Benjamin Wertheimer, Allan Frankel, Lucy Pereira-Argenziano, Paul Testa, Eduardo Iturrate, Jason Fisher
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Interactive Smart Guidelines with Participatory Design: Applied to 2014 ACC/AHA Perioperative Guideline
Jeehoon Jang, Joongheum Park
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Poster Session 2 and Reception

Feasibility of A Machine Learning-Based Medical Fact Extractor Designed to Reduce Chart Search and Documentation Burden
Jackson Steinkamp, Wasif Bala, Abhinav Sharma, Jake Kantrowitz
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Digitizing U.S. Air Force Medical Standards for the Creation of a Clinical Decision-Support Tool
Colby C. Uptegraft, Matt G. Barnes, Adam Wright, Gajen Sunthara, Jonathan D. Hron
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A Roadmap to Prevention: The Use of ER Narrative Text and Coded Data to Capture Non-Fatal Injuries
Lois Walters-Threat
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Reinventing Clinical Trial Recruitment Using Novel Digital Medicine Tools
Shashank Garg, Sarthak Kakkar, Sonya Makhni, Shrawan Patel, Jason Rogers, Farah Fasihuddin, Ashish Atreja
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Transformation of a Provider Feedback Dashboard
Joshua Geleris, Victoria Tiase
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Adverse Contrast Media Event Documentation: A Cancer Center Perspective
Cesar Lam, Christina Eldredge, James Andrews, Randa Perkins
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S01: Presentations - Great Expectations: EMRs that Learn and Promote Learning

Electronic Teaching Nudges in a Digital Rounding Tool to Prompt Residents to Teach on a General Medicine Service
Subha L. Airan-Javia, Priya Joshi
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S06: Presentations - Optimizing the EHR

Getting time back in your day! Implementing a Multi-Faceted Approach to Optimizing the Electronic Health Record in the Ambulatory Setting
Bridget St John, Carole Rosen, Joseph Fitzgerald, Philynn Hepschmidt, Shane Thomas, Josephine Rooney, Jeffrey Tokazewski
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The Impact of Network Level Intervention on Pediatric Primary Care Provider (PCP) Personal Health Record (PHR) Practice and Utilization
Kisha H. Hawthorne, Patricia Lee, Erin Sladek, Lorraine Richards, Anthony A. Luberti
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S08: Presentations - Improving Value through Patient and End-user Engagement

Leveraging the Tools You Have: Best practice HIT use through end-user engagement
William R. Toth, Darshan Thota
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Patient Engagement Tools and Conversational AI to Reduce Avoidable Hospital Use
Kathleen Mazza, Simita Mishra
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S15: Presentations - Interoperability Promises and Pitfalls

Patient-Centered Data Home™: A Path Towards National Interoperability
Karmen S. Williams, Shaun Grannis
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S23: Presentations - Translating Evidence into Practice in EHR Implementation and Optimization

Translating Evidence into Practice: Patient Reported Outcomes Implementation in Oncology
Nadine J. McCleary, deborah schrag, Jason Johnson, janet bagley, sylvia bartel, naomi lenane, gabriela spear, andrea pusic, joseph jacobsen, Craig Bunnell, Neil Martin, Laura Dominici, james tulsky, Michael Hassett
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S24: Presentations - Clinician Challenges with Patient Engagement Tools

Classified: Confidential Notes in a Pediatric Hospital
Chase R. Parsons, Jonathan D. Hron, Fabienne Bourgeois
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S27: Presentations - Enhancing Health IT

A Data-Driven Strategy for Prioritization of Health Information Technology Safety Efforts
Michael Oppenheim, Gregg Husk, Jamie Hirsch, Kevin Bock, Pearl Huang, Deborah Mensch, Jarrett Mark
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S31: Presentations - Applications for Medication Safety and Event Identification

Using Discharge Medication Reconciliation Data as a Trigger Tool for Medication Errors
Jonathan D. Hron, Katherine O'Donnell, Fabienne Bourgeois
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S33: Presentations - Clinical Pathways and the EHR

Clinical Protocols and the Electronic Health Record
Lynda S. Hoeksema
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S37: Presentations - Achieving the Quadruple Aim through Meaningful Health Information Exchange

Medicare Fee for Service (FFS) Documentation Requirement Lookup Service (DRLS) Initiative: Reducing Provider Burden and Streamlining Workflow Access to Coverage Requirements Through Standards-Based Electronic Data Exchange
Melanie Combs-Dyer
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W08: Formulating Clinical and Public Health Informatics Problems through Shared Mental Models: A Case-Based Workshop

Sridhar R. Papagari Sangareddy, Dr. Laura Franzke, Dr. Jina J. Dcruz, Faisal Reza
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