AMIA 2019 Clinical Informatics Conference Presentations

9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

S01: Great Expectations: EMRs that Learn and Promote Learning

Using Eye-tracking to Support a Learning Electronic Medical Record System
S. Visweswaran, University of Pittsburgh

Electronic Teaching Nudges-in a Digital Rounding Tool to Prompt Residents to Teach on a General Medicine Service
S. Airan-Javia, Perelman School of Medicine; P. Joshi, VA Medical Center
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Personalized Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Using Machine Learning: A Case Study With Shingles
J. Chen, New York University School of Medicine; Y. Aphinyanaphongs, D. Mann, New York University School of Medicine/NYU Langone Health; E. Iturrate, NYU Langone Health; S. Chokshi, R. Hegde, New York University School of Medicine

S02: Clinical Applications of Machine Learning

Non-invasive Hemodynamic Shock Prediction Using Machine Learning on Thermal Images
A. Nagori, CSIR- Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology/Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research; L. Dhingra, A. Bhatnagar, R. Lodha, All India Institute of Medical Sciences; T. Sethi, All India Institute of Medical Sciences/Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology/Stanford University

Methodology of Sepsis Prognosis Prediction Model Tailored Clinical Practice
M. Kang, L. Zhou, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School; F. Chang, Brigham and Women's Hospital; C. Knaplund, Columbia University, School of Nursing; J. Garcia, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School; K. Cato, Columbia University, School of Nursing; S. Collins, Columbia University, School of Nursing/Columbia University, Department of Biomedical Informatics; P. Dykes, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Unsupervised-learning of Concern Topics Documented by Nurses About Hospitalized Patients Prior to a Rapid-response Event
Z. Korach, Brigham and Women's Hospital; K. Cato, S. Collins, Columbia University; M. Kang, Brigham and Women's Hospital; C. Knaplund, Columbia University; P. Dykes, L. Wang, K. Schnock, J. Garcia, Brigham and Women's Hospital; H. Jia, Columbia University; F. Chang, Brigham and Women's Hospital; J. Schwartz, Columbia University; L. Zhou, Brigham and Women's Hospital

S03: The Learning Health System in Action: Data, Roles, Challenges and Opportunities

Phenotyping Diagnosis: Learning from the Electronic Health Record
A. Solomonides, NorthShore University HealthSystem; Y. Zhang, Weill Cornell; G. Dri, University of Chicago; G. Rao, Case Western Reserve; R. Padman, Carnegie Mellon University; M. Vuppalapati, L. Qi, University of Chicago; V. Bauer, NorthShore University HealthSystem; A. Bose, University of Chicago; D. Newman-Toker, Johns Hopkins; K. Kirley, American Medical Association; P. Epner, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

Expert Views on the Role of Informatics in the Learning Health System
G. Hultman, S. Rajamani, University of Minnesota; A. Wilcox, University of Washington; G. Melton-Meaux, University of Minnesota/Fairview Health Services

Launching the ECRI Guidelines TrustTM: Challenges and Opportunities in Building a New Repository for Trustworthy Guidelines
K. Schoelles, ECRI Guidelines Trust, ECRI Institute Center for Clinical Evidence and Guidelines/ECRI Institute-Penn Medicine Evidence-based Practice Center

S05: Applications for Quality and Efficiency Improvement Processes

Reducing Intrusive Alert Burden Using Quality Improvement Methodology
J. Chaparro, Nationwide Children's Hospital/The Ohio State University College of Medicine; C. Hussain, The Ohio State University College of Medicine; J. Hehmeyer, M. Nguyen, Nationwide Children's Hospital; J. Hoffman, Nationwide Children's Hospital/The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Automated Identification and Discarding of Low-quality External Medication Information in an Electronic Health Record
N. Riley, P. Greco, D. Kaelber, The MetroHealth System/Case Western Reserve University

Proactive Electronic Consultation Improves Patient Access to Cardiology Services
J. Szymanski, J. Riggs, Washington University in St. Louis; A. Westlund, D. Kapoor, W. Balke, John Cochran, VAMC

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

S06: Optimizing the EHR

Improving Outpatient Infusion Therapy Scheduling - An Optimization Approach
S. Bach, O. Hahn, University of Chicago Medicine

The Impact of Network Level Intervention on Pediatric Primary Care Provider (PCP) Personal Health Record (PHR) Practice and Utilization
K. Hawthorne, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia/Drexel University; P. Lee, E. Sladek, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; L. Richards, Drexel University; A. Luberti, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
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Getting Time Back in Your Day! Implementing a Multi-faceted Approach to Optimizing the Electronic Health Record in the Ambulatory Setting
B. St John, C. Rosen, J. Fitzgerald, P. Hepschmidt, S. Thomas, J. Rooney, J. Tokazewski, University of Pennsylvania Health System
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S07: Applying Data Visualization Methods to Improve Clinical Practice Standards

A Software Framework for Visualization of Longitudinal Electronic Health Records
A. Johnson, M. Adibuzzaman, Purdue University

Exploring Clinical “Rules of Thumb” with Machine Learning Methods
R. Kitzmiller, T. Pokaprakarn, A. Ashok Krishnamurthy, University of North Carolina

Topological Data Analysis for Investigating Factors to Process Outcomes of Colorectal Surgeries
J. Lee, J. Wall, W. Gort, N. Hulse, Intermountain Healthcare

S08: Improving Value through Patient and End-user Engagement

Use of a Culturally-adapted Screening Tool to Address Social Determinants of Health Among Medicaid Patients in Arizona
A. Johnson, Arizona State University; M. Stephan, C. Merica, A. Castro-Thompson, Equality Health; C. Ojinnaka, A. Murcko, Arizona State University

Leveraging the Tools You Have: Best Practice HIT Use Through End-user Engagement
W. Toth, Madigan Army Medical Center/Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences; D. Thota, Madigan Army Medical Center
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Patient Engagement Tools and Conversational AI to Reduce Avoidable Hospital Use
K. Mazza, S. Mishra, Northwell Health
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2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

S10: Improving Safety with CDS

Dissemination of an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Evidence-based Practice Center Report on Clostridium Difficile Infection Treatment Using Clinical Pathways Accessible Through the Electronic Health Record
E. Flores, University of Pennsylvania Health System; J. Jue, G. Giradi, K. Schoelles, ECRI Institute; S. Regli, M. Thai, A. Donlon, J. Landgraf, C. Mallozzi, C. VanZandbergen, P. Brennan, C. Umscheid, University of Pennsylvania Health System

Improving Antimicrobial Delivery Time Using Order and Administration Patterns for Suspected Sepsis in a Pediatric ICU
E. Shelov, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Data Challenges with Real-time Safety Event Detection & Clinical Decision Support
E. Kirkendall, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center/University of Cincinnati; Y. Ni, T. Lingren, M. Leonard, E. Hall, K. Melton, University of Cincinnati

S11: Leveraging Workflow and Data to Promote Efficiency

Clinical Impact/Value of Workstation SSO in 19 Hospitals
G. Gellert, J. Crouch, CHRISTUS Health

NLP on FHIR®: A Model for Expediting Clinical Chart Abstraction
C. Jamadagni, C. Hilton, T. Schneider, R. Boyd, C. Herlihy, M. Choi, J. Duke, Georgia Tech

Data Governance and the Data and Information Lifecycle
K. Woeltje, BJC HealthCare/Washington University School of Medicine; S. Follis, BJC HealthCare; N. Cosolo, emids + Encore; G. Clark, BJC HealthCare

3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

S14: Insights into Clinical Decision Support Implementation

Getting Raven Off the Ground: Lessons Learned from Deploying Enterprise-wide CDS
T. Walsh, J. Booth, J. Kreth, T. Dunnington, W. Gregg, HCA Healthcare

A Trust Framework for Knowledge Artifacts in Clinical Decision Support Ecosystems
J. Platt, University of Michigan Medical School; J. Richardson, RTI International; B. Middleton, Apervita, Inc; B. Blumenfeld, RTI International

Optimizing Care for Sickle Cell Anemia
J. McGlothlin, I. Stojic, H. Srinivasan, Fusion Consulting Inc; C. Cianci, Loma Linda University Health System

S15: Interoperability Promises and Pitfalls

Leveraging Standard Terminologies for an Interoperable EHR-based Pragmatic Registry of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
A. Pandey, J. MacNamara, University of Texas Southwestern Health System; S. Sarma, University of Texas Southwestern Health System/Texas Health Resources; V. Kannan, University of Texas Southwestern Health System; F. Velasco, J. Willard, Texas Health Resources; M. Basit, University of Texas Southwestern Health System; B. Levine, University of Texas Southwestern Health System/Texas Health Resources; D. Willett, University of Texas Southwestern Health System

Implementing a Bi-directional Immunization Registry – Not as Easy as it Seems.
M. Eisenberg, Stanford Health Care

Patient-Centered Data Home™: A Path Towards National Interoperability
K. Williams, S. Grannis, Indiana University
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S16: Resident and Nurse-oriented Applied Clinical Informatics

Improving the Delivery of Community Resources to Underserved Populations – A Resident Driven Applied Clinical Informatics Intervention
A. Benefield, N. Denizard-Thompson, A. Moses, E. Kirkendall, A. Dharod, Wake Forest

Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science: A National Collaborative to Achieve an eHealthIT Ready Workforce
M. Wilson, The University of Alabama at Birmingham; E. Manos, Kansas University School of Nursing

The CSI (Clinical Scholars in Informatics): A Novel Internal Medicine Resident-driven Applied Informatics Pathway
A. Dharod, A. Benefield, S. Hernandez, H. Atkinson, G. Rosenthal, Wake Forest

8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

S18: Predictive Informatics: Just in Time Alerting

Targeted Provider Laboratory Result Alerts
C. Pirtle, Y. Kumah-Crystal, D. Albert, S. Stenner, C. Lehmann, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Pre-hospital Vital Signs Thresholds for Prediction of Emergency Blood Transfusion in Patients Less Than 55 Years Old Versus Older Trauma Patients
P. Hu, S. Yang, Y. Li, C. Mackenzie, University of Maryland; C. Miller, U.S. Airforce C-STAR Baltimore; D. Floccare, Maryland Institute for EMS Systems; S. Galvagno, University of Maryland; P. Rock, University of Maryland

Early Detection of Pediatric Sepsis: Modeling on Retrospective Clinical Data to Improve Decision Support
A. Drace, B. Orwoll, M. Storer, D. Dorr, Oregon Health & Science University

S19: Transforming Data into Meaningful Clinical Insights for Diagnosis and Treatment

Multi-modular AI Approach to Streamline Autism Diagnosis in Young Children
H. Abbas, Cognoa

Medical Record Question Answering and Translation via Deep Attention Networks
J. Urbain, Milwaukee School of Engineering/CTSI SE Wisconsin/Medical College of Wisconsin; B. Crotty, Medical College of Wisconsin

Impending Childhood Asthma Exacerbation Prediction Through a Combination of Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches
A. Nagori, CSIR- Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology/Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research; T. Sethi, All India Institute of Medical Sciences/Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology/Stanford University; S. Kabra, R. Lodha, All India Institute of Medical Sciences; A. Agrawal, CSIR- Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology/Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research

S20: Novel Technologies for Advanced Information Capabilities and Analytics

Geospatial Analysis to Understand Pediatric Surgery Cancellation
L. Liu, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center/University of Cincinnati; Y. Ni, A. Beck, C. Brokamp, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center; M. Kanjia, Texas Children's Hospital; N. Pratap, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Voice Information Retrieval in the Electric Health Record: Vanderbilt EHR Voice Assistant (VEVA)
Y. Kumah-Crystal, D. Albert, T. Coffman, A. Johnson, C. Lehmann, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Sync for Genes: Expediting Electronic Interoperability of Genomics Data to Improve Health Care Delivery and Patient Outcomes
S. Garcia, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC); R. Freimuth, Mayo Clinic; A. Dharia, C. Nguyen, S. Ladwa, ESAC, Inc.; T. Zayas-Cabán, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)

S22: Patient Generated Data and the EHR

Outpatient Health Portal Usage: Analysis of Functions and Comprehensiveness of Engagement
G. Di Tosto, N. Fareed, T. Huerta, A. McAlearney, The Ohio State University

mHealth App for Post-tonsillectomy Pain Management in Children: A Feasibility Study
T. Akande, University of Washington; D. Barry, W. Swanson, A. Maruhashi, T. Thurber, S. Lundgren, Y. Hardy, S. Guarda, L. Mikell, Seattle Children's Hospital; S. Parikh, M. Leu, Seattle Children's Hospital/University of Washington

A Clinician-oriented Usability Study of a Patient-reported Outcome Data Dashboard
B. Iott, A. Flynn, T. Caverly, A. Fishstrom, University of Michigan

9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

S23: Translating Evidence into Practice in EHR Implementation and Optimization

Translating Evidence Into Practice: Patient Reported Outcomes Implementation In Oncology
N. McCleary, D. Schrag, J. Johnson, J. Bagley, S. Bartel, N. Lenane, G. Spear, A. Pusic, J. Jacobsen, C. Bunnell, N. Martin, L. Dominici, J. Tulsky, M. Hassett, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
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EHR Implementation: Quantifying a Costly Communication and Knowledge Gap
S. DesAutels, D. Giuse, A. Williams, Z. Fox, M. Blasingame, N. Giuse, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Design, Development, and Implementation of a Clinician-facing Tool to Support Creation of Disease-specific and Patient-specific Action Plans
M. Van Cain, C. Stredny, L. Williams, L. Akins-Crichlow, B. Dodson, M. Harper, Boston Children's Hospital

S24: Clinician Challenges with Patient Engagement Tools

Classified: Confidential Notes in a Pediatric Hospital
C. Parsons, J. Hron, F. Bourgeois, Boston Children's Hospital
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Provider Attitudes and Experiences with a Mobile Point-of-Care Clinical Photography Application
K. Wyatt, B. Willaert, P. Pallagi, J. Yiannias, T. Hellmich, Mayo Clinic

The Potential of Progressive Web Applications in Health Care
H. Zhang, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Dana-Farber Cancer Institution; J. Pellecer, Partners Healthcare; A. Landman, Brigham and Women's Hospital

S25: Collaboration and Coordination across Care Continuum

Learning Provider Interaction Networks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Measuring Their Relationship with Length of Stay
C. Kim, Vanderbilt University; C. Lehmann, J. Schildcrout, D. Hatch, D. France, Y. Chen, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Promoting Medication Safety through a Multi-stakeholder State Group in CT: Improving De-prescribing by Use of the CancelRx Messaging Standard
T. Agresta, University of Connecticut School of Medicine; N. Kashyap, Yale; S. Jeffery, University of Connecticut/Hartford Healthcare; S. Ward-Charlerie, SureScripts; S. Bansal, Avanta

Less is More: Incorporating the Voice of Community-based Physicians into Design to Improve Discharge Communication
L. Weiss, A. Cooley, M. Levy, E. Orenstein, N. Hames, Children's Health Care of Atlanta/Emory University School of Medicine

10:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

S27: Enhancing Health IT

Acing the Leapfrog CPOE Test: How UPMC Increased its Average Leapfrog CPOE Evaluation Tool Score from 43 to 79 percent in 8 Months!
R. Ambrosino, H. Robert, UPMC

Safe Configuration of Electronic Health Records: Applying the eSafety Checklist
P. Dhillon-Chattha, Alberta Health Services/University of Victoria/Yale University

A Data-driven Strategy for Prioritization of Health Information Technology Safety Efforts
M. Oppenheim, Northwell Health/Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell; G. Husk, Northwell Health; J. Hirsch, K. Bock, Northwell Health/Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell; P. Huang, Northwell Health; D. Mensch, J. Mark, Northwell Health/Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell
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S28: Wrangling with Clinical Data for Insights

Hospital to Provider: Granularity, Attribution, and Scalability in Quality Data
M. Connolly, M. Springman, UChicago Medicine

Predictive Modeling to Manage Chronic Conditions in Population Health
K. Khorey, F. Paruk, Allscripts

An Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution That Bridges Best Practices in Data Standards and Quality, Data Governance, and Data-warehousing Operations to Drive Broad-based Clinical and Operational Insights
S. Oraby, R. Iyer, University of Chicago Medical Center

12:45 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.

S31: Applications for Medication Safety and Event Identification

Using Discharge Medication Reconciliation Data as a Trigger Tool for Medication Errors
J. Hron, K. O'Donnell, F. Bourgeois, Boston Children's Hospital
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Using Process Improvement Methods to Develop an Integrated Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Assessment and Prophylaxis Tool
K. Hegde, Sidra Medicine

Development and Implementation of a Clinical Event Review Tool: The TimelinER
J. Blumenthal, D. Hoffman, T. Kim, MedStar Health; A. Hettinger, MedStar Health/Georgetown University School of Medicine; A. Bisantz, University at Buffalo

S32: Improving EHR Workflow Efficiency

Workflow Redesign to Reduce Time on High Flow Nasal Cannula for Patients with Bronchiolitis
C. Charvat, Emory University/Children's Healthcare of Atlanta; L. Miller, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta; E. Orenstein, N. Hames, R. Sanders, Emory University/Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Time-stamped State-change Data from a Visual Management Board Informs Clinical Workflow Analysis to Assess the Impact of Medical Students on Length of Patient Visit
M. Hellems, S. Simmers, S. Borowitz, University of Virginia

Challenges and Success of Conducting a Time Motion Study to Investigate Nursing Activities and Stress
P. Yen, Washington University School of Medicine/BJC HealthCare; N. Pearl, Washington University School of Medicine; C. Jethro, E. Cooney, B. McNeil, BJC HealthCare; T. Maddox, Washington University School of Medicine/BJC HealthCare/Washington University School of Medicine; M. Schallom, BJC HealthCare

S33: Clinical Pathways and the EHR

Implementation and Evaluation of an Electronic Small Bowel Obstruction Treatment Pathway
H. Lyu, C. Manca, C. McGrath, J. Beloff, Brigham and Women's Hospital; N. Plaks, Partners Healthcare; J. Havens, P. Najjar, A. Kachalia, A. Landman, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Insights from EHR Documentation of Hypertension Treatment
K. Shoenbill, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Y. Song, University of Wisconsin-Madison; H. Johnson, M. Smith, University of Wisconson School of Medicine and Public Health; E. Mendonca, University of Wisconsin-Madison/University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Clinical Protocols and the Electronic Health Record
L. Hoeksema, Spectrum Health
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2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

S35: Improving EHR Efficiency and Safety

Classifying Potential Sources of Errors from Software Testing of Knowledge-based Clinical Decision Support Systems
O. Usman, VA Palo Alto Health Care System/Stanford University; M. Ashcraft, C. Oshiro J. Chambers, S. Martins, VA Palo Alto Health Care System; S. Tu, Stanford University; A. Robinson, VA Palo Alto Health Care System; M. Goldstein, VA Palo Alto Health Care System/Stanford University

Improving Provider Efficiency in the EHR
E. Lourie, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Nursing Medication Administration Data Quality: Assessment for Reuse in Analytics
K. Cato, Columbia University/NewYork Presbyterian Hospital; C. Knaplund, J. Garcia, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; P. Dykes, K. Schnock, Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School; S. Collins, Columbia University

S36: Patient Engagement: Driving Outcomes with Technology

Health Engagement and Medication Adherence for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
M. Mirro, S. Wagner, R. Rohani Ghahari, R. Ahmed, R. Pfafman, M. Flanagan, M. Drouin, T. Toscos, Parkview Health

Examining Barriers to Pediatric Patient Engagement and Clinical Technology Adoption: Demographic Disparities in Patient Portal Activation
R. Bush, Rady Children's Hospital/University of San Diego; V. Vemulakonda, Children's Hospital Colorado; A. Richardson, Rady Children's Hospital; S. Davies, Children's Hospital Colorado; G. Chiang, Rady Children's Hospital/University of California San Diego

S37: Achieving the Quadruple Aim through Meaningful Health Information Exchange

The Promise of Big Data: One HIE’s Journey to Extract Greater Insights from Non-standardized Data
M. Carlson, CORHIO; C. Mason, Wolters Kluwer

Medicare Fee for Service (FFS) Documentation Requirement Lookup Service (DRLS) Initiative: Reducing Provider Burden and Streamlining Workflow Access to Coverage Requirements Through Standards-based Electronic Data Exchange
M. Combs-Dyer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
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Open mHealth on FHIR®: Bridging Standards to Enable Access to Diverse Patient Generated Data Within the EHR
J. Duke, Georgia Tech; E. Haas, Health eData Inc; E. Soto, Georgia Tech; S. Carini, I. Sim, UCSF