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AMIA CIS-WG Presents: The Informatics Paper Club of the Air IV

The Informatics Paper Club of the Air presented by the AMIA CIS-WG is a regularly scheduled Journal Club series that will address the gap in knowledge and performance by an ongoing review of literature and by exposing our clinical informaticists to evidence-based approaches and strategies with discussions centered on incorporating those strategies into their practices. 

Wrong-patient orders (placing the right order on the wrong patient) will be our theme for the next episode. We will start with the following three studies:

Ontology structured dental records and their analysis using Semantic Web technologies

Structured data for health records is notoriously difficult to manage and share because of the wide variety of representations chosen and the lack of transparency of proprietary systems. Here I demonstrate a principled approach to representation based on the ontological realism and practices developed in the Open Biological/Biomedical Ontology community (OBO). As an example we take twelve years of private dental practice data and translate it into OWL(Ontology Web Language) using OBO Foundry  principles.

Improving Oral Health of Underserved Populations Using Telehealth-Connected Teams

The U.S. health care system is undergoing rapid change as is the oral health care system.  New science, new delivery systems, and new financing mechanisms are creating new opportunities for expanding the reach of existing practice and safety-net dental providers.  One of the promising developments is the use of telehealth-connected teams.  This webinar will explore these developments and the opportunities for reform of dental education and practice.

Clinical Safety of England's National Program for IT

The AMIA Evaluation Working Group (EVAL) and People and Organizational Issues Working Group (POI), with participation from the IMIA Technology Assessment & Quality Development in Health Informatics WG and the EFMI Evaluation WG are happy to present the following webinar: Clinical Safety of England's National Program for IT: An Analysis of all Reported Safety Events over 6 Years.

Translational Bioinformatics meets Pathology: Association for Molecular Pathology new subdivision for Informatics

This webinar will describe the development of the new Informatics Subdivision of the Association of Molecular Pathology as an example of the movement of informatics in the –omics revolution.  Interests of this group that are in common with AMIA will be discussed along with possible areas where the two organizations could collaborate. 

Learning Objectives

After participating in this activity, the learner should be better able to :


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