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Translational Bioinformatics meets Pathology: Association for Molecular Pathology new subdivision for Informatics

This webinar will describe the development of the new Informatics Subdivision of the Association of Molecular Pathology as an example of the movement of informatics in the –omics revolution.  Interests of this group that are in common with AMIA will be discussed along with possible areas where the two organizations could collaborate. 

Learning Objectives

After participating in this activity, the learner should be better able to :

Evaluation WG: Experimental evaluation of a virtual microscope for surgical pathology

Surgical pathology is the medical specialty concerning the diagnosis of disease by the examination of tissue sections on glass microscope slides. Technological advances mean that it is possible to completely digitize pathology slides so that they can be viewed on a computer screen, promising benefits in safety and efficiency.

An Applied Informatics Approach to a Surgical Education Registry

Statement of Purpose

Every day, thousands of surgeons and trainees log clinical data to track educational progress. These data represent an opportunity to improve clinical care and the educational process – but only when data is structured and standardized. Existing educational logs are based on reimbursement terminologies, which lack specificity for craniomaxillofacial (CMF) findings and procedures and have no reasoning or inferencing capability.

The SciCast Project: Prediction Markets in Science

Statement of Purpose

AMIA has recently agreed to participate in the SciCast project, a prediction market that crowdsources the forecasting of various future innovations in Science and Technology.  Interesting questions in healthcare and healthcare informatics can be posted by topic leaders.  Participants then make their forecasts, allowing SciCast to build a probabilistic forecast about what is going to happen. 

Standardization of cephalometrics measurements to create a data repository of orthodontics patient cases

Cephalometrics are angle and linear measurements defined by anatomical points on lateral X-ray film of the human head. Over time these measurements have been defined, elaborated and refined, and are used in growth studies, orthodontic training and practice, studies of facial attractiveness and anthropology.

Gathering dust in the ER: Using ethnography and actor-network theory to understand implementation failure through a case study of diagnostic computer kiosks

The AMIA Evaluation and People and Organization Issues Working Groups, with participation from the IMIA Technology Assessment & Quality Development in Health Informatics WG and the EFMI Evaluation WG present this September webinar.


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