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Student Design Challenge - Words of Wisdom

Every year, the AMIA Annual Symposium features some of the organization's best and brightest students and their ideas with the annual Student Design Challenge (SDC). This year's submission deadline is rapidly approaching (June 30). The Student Working Group is hosting a webinar entitled, "Student Design Challenge: Words of Wisdom" to help students considering putting together a submission to make it the most successful possible. Webinar speakers feature past SDC finalists and winners, as well as the input of one of the SDC judges, Dr. Madhu Reddy.

Development of three-dimensional cephalometric norms for use in clinical and research settings in the Craniofacial domain

Cephalometric analysis is the calculation of linear and angular measures on structures in the head. Cephalometric measures are calculated from two-dimensional lateral x-rays known as cephalograms and are commonly used by orthodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons for treatment planning purposes. However, the skull is a three-dimensional structure and there is a loss of information when focusing solely on measures derived from x-rays.

AMIA CIS-WG Presents - The Informatics Paper Club of the Air X

The Informatics Paper Club of the Air presented by the AMIA CIS-WG is a regularly scheduled Paper Club series that will address the gap in knowledge and performance by an ongoing review of literature and by exposing our clinical informaticists to evidence-based approaches and strategies with discussions centered on incorporating those strategies into their practices. 

We are continuing the theme of open notes from the last webinar. The following three papers will be discussed during this webinar:

Leveraging RxNorm and drug classifications for analyzing prescription datasets

Prescription datasets (e.g., claims data obtained from Medicare Part D) represent a rich source of information for studying frequencies of prescription and co-prescription (i.e., concomitant medications). We demonstrate that RxNorm supports the conversion of various kinds of identifiers for clinical drugs (e.g., National Drug Code and First DataBank) to RxCUIs, the identifiers required for exchanging drug information as part of the Meaningful Use incentive program.

International Conference Attendance - How to Participate, Plan and Prioritize

International conference participation is important for bringing one’s research to the research community and offers an excellent learning and networking opportunity especially for students and first time participants. However, for someone new to the field of nursing informatics and as a student it may be difficult to know what participation entails, and how to prioritize among all the offerings.  Also how to plan before, during and after attending the conference can be a challenge.


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