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PHI-WG: Data and Informatics Needs for Gun Violence Prevention Research

Gun violence is a serious public health issue affecting individuals, families and communities across the US, Gun violence prevention requires a multi-faceted research approach regarding the causes and prevention of gun violence as described in a recent Memorandum for the Secretary of Health and Human Services by President Barack Obama (January 16, 2013). The lack of high quality, timely and comprehensive local, state and national data is frequently mentioned as a key research challenge.

CDS-WG: eDecisions - an ONC-Sponsored Initiative to Enable Interoperable, Standards-Based Clinical Decision Support at Scale

Health eDecisions (HeD; is a public-private initiative sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) to enable interoperable clinical decision support (CDS) at scale. The objective of HeD is to develop and validate standards to support (i) sharing knowledge artifacts for import into CDS systems and (ii) sharing patient-specific inferencing capabilities as software services.

PHI-WG: Immunization Decision Support

With reporting to Immunization Information Systems (IIS) from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) advancing, it is important to think about how information from EHRs and IIS can work together to provide the most effective immunization decision support.  Immunization decision support requires connection across many different systems in many different clinical and public health jurisdictions and represents a leading example of public health decision support in clinical settings.  This webinar will consider the kinds of immunization decision support rules needed, decision support use in EHRs and

NI-WG: TIGER (Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform) Demonstration of the Virtual Learning Environment

In 2004, TIGER brought together stakeholders to develop a shared vision, strategies and specific actions for improving nursing practice, education, and the delivery of patient care through the use of Health Information Technology (HIT). TIGER utilized a collaborative workgroup approach to advance education on HIT topics. The TIGER Virtual Demonstration Collaborative workgroup studied the benefits and challenges of a virtual learning environment (VLE) to expedite innovation and adoption of HIT.


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