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NI-WG: Communicating with Policymakers about Nursing Research and Informatics

This presentation is based on a similar talk given to the Institute of Medicine’s Standing Committee on Credentialing Research in Nursing in March 2014.   Dr. Edmunds will provide an overview of strategic communications approaches for translating complex research and informatics concepts into policy and practice.  After describing basic principles of translational theory and practice, including fundamentals of framing, and providing some examples of data visualization, Dr.

NI-WG: Call to Action: Realize Shareable, Comparable Big Data

Electronic health records (EHRs) serve to record clinical patient care, however, the data are also used for additional purposes. Secondary use of EHR data requires standardization of the data and the ability to create usable extracts for eMeasures, the continuity of care record, and research. While the focus of the HITECH act has primarily been on physicians, these efforts are intended to be patient-centered, requiring standardization of nursing and all health professionals’ data.

NI-WG: Informatics Strategies & Tools to Link Nursing Care with Patient Outcomes in the Learning Health Care System

Informatics strategies and tools will provide the foundation for a learning health care system that links disparate nursing data to build the knowledge base on effectiveness of nursing interventions and to create the linkage between nursing care and patient outcomes. However collaboration between nurses in educational and practice settings is needed to build this infrastructure.

GEN-WG: Approaches to Integrating Next Generation Sequencing into the Electronic Health Record

Dr. Tarczy-Hornoch will be presenting the work described in his recent Genetics in Medicine paper entitled “A Survey of Informatics Approaches to Whole-exome and Whole-genome Clinical Reporting in the Electronic Health Record.” From the abstract "PURPOSE: Genome-scale clinical sequencing is being adopted more broadly in medical practice. The National Institutes of Health developed the Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) program to guide implementation and dissemination of best practices for the integration of sequencing into clinical care.

GEN-WG: eMERGE: Past, Present, Future

The presentation will familiarize attendees with the Electronic Medical Records in Genomics (eMERGE) project. The focus will be on the work of the eMERGE electronic health record integration working group with lessons learned about the challenges to implement genomic medicine in the clinic by leveraging the EHR.

Learning Objectives

During this webinar you will learn about:

NI-WG: Authoring Scholarly Submissions for AMIA's Annual Symposium

This webinar will cover the essentials to authoring a successful submission for AMIA's Annual Symposium.

You should register for this webinar because it will help you to author a successful submission for AMIA's Annual Symposium, the leading informatics research conference in the United States. The deadline for submissions is March 13, 2014.

Learning Objectives

During this webinar you will learn:

GEN-WG: Gene Patents and Genetic Testing for Inherited Risk of Cancer: State of Play

Bob Cook-Deegan will present the background, issues and controversy surrounding the recent series of court cases regarding Myriad's patents on the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.  He will provide information on the latest developments and discuss this story's implications for gene patenting more generally, and ramifications for biomedical research and health care.

Learning Objectives

During this webinar, you will learn about:

EVAL-WG: STARE-HI: A Guideline for Writing Health IT Evaluation Papers

STARE-HI is a guideline for the publication of health IT (HIT) evaluation studies. STARE-HI was developed to respond to the urgent need for high-quality health IT evaluation publications. STARE-HI has been adopted by scientific journals such as Applied Clinical Informatics (ACI) and Methods of Information in Medicine, to support authors in writing comprehensive health IT evaluation papers.


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