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Everything You Need to Know about AMIA's New AHIC Certification Program!

Please join us for two live webinars that will go over all of the nuts and bolts of the AHIC Certification

Using the ACT network to gain insight into COVID-19

As part of AMIA's ongoing COVID-19 Webinar Series, we take another look at how the Clinical Research Informatics community is contributing to better understanding the clinical nature of the coronavirus. Members of the Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT) network will present an overview of the existing network, which is funded by NIH NCATS, and will describe the goals of the ACT COVID-19 project. Presenters will discuss how they have been able to apply proven ACT technology, governance and Data Use Agreements to quickly implement a scalable COVID-19 research platform.

eCR Now: A Webinar Describing Efforts to Scale eCase Reporting Nationwide

Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) is the automated generation and transmission of case reports from electronic health records (EHRs) to public health agency surveillance systems. The value of eCR is several fold, including more complete, accurate data in near real-time for case management, contact tracing, situational awareness and reporting, connecting with lab results, as well as helping to coordinate isolation and other response measures.

Maximizing Health IT, Modeling, Tracking, Tracing, and Other Public Health Tools during the COVID-19 Outbreak

As part of AMIA's ongoing COVID-19 Webinar Series exploring the role informatics experts are playing in the fight against the global pandemic, this session will discuss the use of informatics by public health agencies to assist in determining where best to allocate resources to maximize health efficiency and efficacy. Public health informatics has been essential in the systematic, coordinated mobilization to support COVID-19 outbreak management.

Dispatches from the Front: Combating the Coronavirus with Clinical Informatics and Health IT

In collaboration with AMDIS, this session will feature clinicians who are leveraging electronic health records and other health IT tools to deploy rapid screening processes, laboratory testing, clinical decision support, reporting tools, and patient-facing technology related to COVID-19. Presenters will discuss strategy and pitfalls related to managing clinical information related to COVID-19 patients and reporting such data to public health authorities during this national epidemic.

Dispatches from the Front: Virtual Care Models, Health Information Exchange, and Cancer Care During COVID-19

In collaboration with AMIA’s Clinical Information Community of Practice, this session will feature AMIA members who are working to develop and deploy tools to manage COVID-19 patients in the local health systems, and across state-wide geographies. Presenters will discuss the role of clinical informatics plays in facilitating the rapid switch from traditional modes of care delivery to virtual care modes, informing the workflow and monitoring of inpatient care through the development of patient dashboards and remote monitoring.

Managing the Global COVID-19 Pandemic with Health Informatics – Successes and Challenges

As part of AMIA's ongoing COVID-19 Webinar Series - and in collaboration with Digital Square - this webinar will provide an up-to-the-minute presentation of the use of informatics on a global scale to screen for and manage the COVID-19 pandemic. The session will include officials in China and Vietnam, and a view from the situation in Singapore, Korea, and Hong Kong. Presenters will engage in frank discussions of successes and innovations as well as the challenges and roadblocks.


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