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Biographical Information Form 2019 ACMI Fellowship Nomination

To nominate an ACMI fellow, please complete the following information and upload the nominee’s photograph (TIFF or JPEG format, 150 dpi or less). As you submit information, click the “save draft” button from time to time so you do not lose information that you have already input.  The nominee’s biographical information and photo will appear on the ACMI online election ballot if he or she is selected for the ballot by the ACMI Elections and Nominations Committee.  This form is only for the ACMI Fellows nominations. 

In addition to completing the nomination form, an NIH Biosketch should be sent to Michelle Martin, An abbreviated CV may be used as an alternative.

If you have already completed the nomination form, please arrange to send the NIH Biosketch or abbreviated CV by the July 5 deadline to Michelle Martin,

The deadline for submission of this information form and nominee’s photograph is July 5, 2019.