AMIA 2018 Keywords

The field of research and practice in biomedical informatics is as broad as the field of biomedicine and health care. Therefore, to facilitate the overall review process as well as support clustering of accepted submissions into meaningful sets, authors will be required to provide at least one, and up to three, keywords from the list below and up to five additional keywords that they feel best characterizes their work.

Administrative Systems
Aging in Place
Big Data Analytics
Chronic Care Management
Clinical Decision Support
Clinical Guidelines
Clinical Imaging
Clinical informatics
Clinical Information Systems
Clinical Systems Evaluation
Clinical Systems Implementation
Controlled Terminologies, Ontologies, and Vocabularies
Data Mining
Delivering Health Information and Knowledge to the Public
Diagnostic Systems
Education and Training
Global Health
Healthcare Quality
Human-computer Interaction
Information Science and Retrieval
Information Visualization
Interoperability and Health Information Exchange
Knowledge Representation and Information Modeling
Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues
Machine Learning
Mobile Health
Multimedia and Image Processing and Analysis
Natural Language Processing
Patient Engagement
Patient Safety
Personal Health Records
Personal Health Informatics
Pervasive Computing
Precision Medicine
Qualitative Methods
Simulation of Complex Systems
Social Media and Connected Health
Surveys and Needs Analysis
Systems Biology
Tracking and Self-management Systems
Transitions of Care
Ubiquitous computing and sensors
User-centered Design Methods


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