• AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium

    Data, Technology, and Innovation for Better Health

AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium CME/CE Information


  • Go to education.amia.org. You will be prompted to log in to your profile at www.amia.org
  • Click “Courses” and find AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium
    • If you are a board-certified clinical informatician, complete the multiple choice questions associated with sessions you attended. Use the Self-Assessment Booklet available for download.
    • Self-assessment is based on the honor system. Work on your MCQs until you achieve 75% correct.
  • Complete the Evaluation. If you are claiming MOC-II credit, you must do so through the evaluation
  • Claim your number of CME/CNE credits and submit
  • Download your certificate 

Other attendees: if you require a certificate of participation, please contact pesha@amia.org

 View the AMIA standard steps to Claim CME-CE - Live Meeting Credit


The target audience for this knowledge-based live activity includes physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other clinicians; health information technology professionals; computer scientists and systems developers; policy-makers; public health professionals; biomedical engineers and bioinformaticians; consultants and vendor representatives; medical librarians; academic researchers and scientists; and other professionals involved in the collection and dissemination of health information. 


After participating in this live activity, the learner should be better able to:

  • Analyze the latest research and best practices in biomedical and health informatics and its translation to improved individual and population outcomes
  • Identify opportunities and challenges posed for the health information sciences by current national/international policies
  • Exchange ideas with participants on novel methods for capturing and assessing clinical data;exchange research results to improve patient and population care;and consider opportunities for collaboration in biomedical and health informatics
  • Gain insights on how to contribute to leading medical informatics change in one’s professional setting


The American Medical Informatics Association is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


The American Medical Informatics Association designates this live activity for a maximum of 25.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™.  Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.


The American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) has approved this activity for a maximum of 25.5 LLSA credits towards ABPM MOC Part II requirements.

ABPM-approved MOC LLSA involves asking learners four multiple choice questions with a single best answer for every 60 minutes of instruction. Learners receive meaningful feedback in the form of an explanation of why the right answer is correct. The self-assessment booklet will be provided shortly before the Annual Symposium via AMIA’s virtual education website. AMIA will announce its availability to registrants before the live meeting.  

A diplomate claiming MOC-II credit will do so via the meeting evaluation, also available after the meeting in the AMIA virtual education site.

AMIA is approved by The American Board of Pathology as a provider of Self Assessment Modules. The ACGME competencies addressed by this activity are: Patient Care, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Interpersonal & Communications Skills, Professionalism, and Systems-based Practice. For a full explanation of the ACGME competencies in the context of clinical informatics, see Safran C et al. Program requirements for fellowship education in the subspecialty of clinical informatics. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2009 Mar-Apr;16(2):158-66.

AMIA will track attendee MOC-II credits claimed through our system and report them to the ABPM by the end of 2018. Clinical informatics diplomates must claim their MOC-II credit through AMIA in order to correctly track accrual of their MOC-II credits.

AMIA will track credits earned by clinical informaticians board-certified through the American Board of Pathology using the reporting mechanism provided by the ABPath via ACCME PARS. 

Deadline for claiming MOC-II credit is December 15, 2018.



This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Maryland Nurses Association an accredited approver by the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Nurse planners for this activity:

Content: Patricia C. Dykes, RN, PhD, MA, FACMI, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard University

ANCC Criteria: Juliana Brixey, PhD, MPH, MSN, RN, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Activity Approval Code: A18-14-1103-1103
Approved Contact Hours:  total to come / 25.5 participant maximum


Successful completion of this educational activity for Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) is demonstrated by attendance at designated CNE session(s), completion of the evaluation survey, and verification of attendance through the participant’s electronic report of CNE sessions attended. The nurse learner will be able to download the CNE certificate.

Deadline for nursing CE credit request is December 15, 2018.


  • Opening Session
  • S33: Pitch It! Competition
  • S76: AMIA/HL7 FHIR© App Showcase
  • S98: Late Breaking Session - National Health IT Priorities to Advance Research
  • S102: Late Breaking Session: Development of BioMedical Informatics and Healthcare Big Data in China: Towards 2020
  • S113: Late Breaking Session - The National Human Genome Research Institute’s Strategic Planning 2020
  • Closing Session


New process this year

  • Completion of this live activity is demonstrated by attendance at certified sessions, completion of the evaluation survey at the activity’s conclusion, and verification of attendance through the participant’s electronic credit claim at AMIA’s virtual education site at AMIA Education Center.
  • Physician and nurse participants will be able to generate a CE certificate through the AMIA automated system.
  • Other learners may request a certificate of participation by contacting Pesha@amia.org. Please put “AMIA 2018 Cert of Participation” in the subject line.


Special Needs: In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, AMIA seeks to make this conference accessible to all.  If you have a disability which requires special accommodation, please email: dasha@amia.org.


As a provider accredited by the ACCME, AMIA requires that everyone who is in a position to control the content of an educational activity disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interest for 12 months prior to the educational activity.

The ACCME considers relationships of the person involved in the CE activity to include financial relationships of a spouse or partner.

Faculty and planners who refuse to disclose relevant financial relationships will be disqualified from participating in the CE activity. For an individual with no relevant financial relationship(s), the participants must be informed that no conflicts of interest or financial relationship(s) exist.

AMIA uses a number of methods to resolve potential conflicts of interest, including: limiting content of the presentation to that which has been reviewed by one or more peer reviewers; ensuring that all scientific research referred to conforms to generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis; undertaking review of the educational activity by a content reviewer to evaluate for potential bias, balance in presentation, evidence-based content or other indicators of integrity, and absence of bias; monitoring the educational activity to evaluate for commercial bias in the presentation; and/or reviewing participant feedback to evaluate for commercial bias in the activity.


Faculty, planners, and staff who are in a position to control the content of this activity have provided disclosure.

Disclosure is available below.

Presenters will provide disclosure verbally before their presentations.


There is no commercial support for this activity.


The following Scientific Program Committee members of the AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Samir Abdelrahman;  Joanna Abraham;  Alexander Alekseyenko;  Marge Benham-Hutchins;  Jiang Bian;  Mary Regina Boland;  Damian Borbolla;  Tiffani Bright;  Elizabeth Chen;  Jake Chen;  You Chen;  James Cimino;  George Demiris;  Dina Demner-Fushman;  Dawn Dowding;  Jessilyn Dunn;  Patricia Dykes;  Peter Elkin;  Susan Fenton;  Robert Freimuth;  Yang Gong;  Zhe He;  Harry Hochheiser;  James Hoffman;  Jina Huh;  Robert Jenders;  Saif Khairat;  Hadi Kharrazi;  Spyros Kitsiou;  Samantha Kleinberg;  Gunes Koru;  Yuan Luo;  James McClay;  Allison McCoy;  John McGreevey;  Saeed Mehrabi;  Martin Michalowski;  Abu Mosa;  Radha Nagarajan;  Mustafa Ozkaynak;  Eric Pan;  Blaine Reeder;  Shakaib Rehman;  Catherine Roberts;  Rebecca Schnall;  Chi-Ren Shyu;  Victoria Tiase;  Rupa Valdez;  Kavishwar Wagholikar;  Jeremy Warner;  Rong Xu;  Ping Zhang;  Li Zhou;  XinXin Zhu.

The following Scientific Program Committee members of the AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium disclose the following relevant financial relationships with ACCME- defined commercial interests:

SPC member  Relationship: Commercial interest
Elmer Bernstam Consultant: Genentech, Novartis, Roche, Inflection Biosciences, Celgene, Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Clearlight Diagnostics;
Grants/Research Support: Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, AstraZeneca, Taiho, Debiopharm, Bayer, Aileron, PUMA, Verastem, CytomX, Jounce, Zymeworks, Effective Pharmaceuticals, Curis
Honorarium: Genentech, Roche Diagnostics;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): IBM, Oracle;
William Hsu Grants/Research Support: Siemens Healthineers
Albert Lai Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Johnson & Johnson
Bradley Malin Consultant: TriNetX;
Consultant: IQVIA;
Consultant: HealthVerity;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Health Data Link 
Stephane Meystre Grants/Research Support: NCI;
Grants/Research Support: NIGMS;
Grants/Research Support: NCATS;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Clinacuity, Inc.
Philip Payne Consultant: Signet Accel, Inc.;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Aver, Inc.
Eric Rose Other Financial or Material Support: Intelligent Medical Objects
Alexander Turchin Consultant: Merck;
Consultant: Monarch Medical Technologies;
Grants/Research Support: Sanofi Aventis;
Grants/Research Support: Eli Lilly;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Brio Systems

The following presenters of the AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Jos Aarts; Francisco Abad-Navarro; Kingsley Abel; John Aberdeen; Rashmie Abeysinghe; Swapna Abhyankar; Steven Abplanalp; Joanna Abraham; Fuad Abujarad; Jason Adams; Adeboye Adejare; Prakash Adekkanattu; Jason Adelman; Omolola Adeoye; Riddhiman Adib; Julia Adler-Milstein; May Adra; Bonnie Adrian; Majid Afshar; Emin Agassi; Sheikh Ahamed; Ryan Ahmed; Rami Ahmed; Monika Ahuja; Luis Ahumada; Subha Airan-Javia; Ranjit Aiyagari; Olabiyi Akala; Saba Akbar; Irma Alarcon; David Albers; Dan Albert; Raniah Aldekhyyel; Roxana Alexandridis; Sandra Alfano; Kaltun Ali; Constantin Aliferis; Whitney Allen; Alaa Alsadi; Emily Alsentzer; Shafa Al-Showk; Russ Altman; Dilum Aluthge; Filip Ameye; Alejandro Amill-Rosario; Hadi Amiri; Muhamamd Amith; Liz Amos; Rajsavi Anand; Jessica Ancker; Shilo Anders; Nick Anderson; Lisa Anderson; Pavel Andreev; Justin Anker; Nate Apathy; Yindalon Aphinyanaphongs; Deepika Appana; Jo Applebaum; Sivaram Arabandi; Nilay Argon; Deborah Ariosto; Alan Aronson; Adam Asare; Joan Ash; Mark Ashworth; Andrew Auerbach; Robin Austin; Elizabeth Austin; Amelia Averitt; Paul Avillach; david Avrin; George Avrunin; Renato Azevedo; Roseric Azondekon; Alycia Bachtel; Uba Backonja; Alex Bain; Adarsha Bajracharya; Shailendra Bajracharya; Suzanne Bakken; Suzanne Bakken; Santhosh Balasubramanian; Kevin Baldwin; Juan Banda; Imon Banerjee; Sanjeev Baral; Sanjeev Baral; Eleanor Barone; Brian Bartholmai; Drew Barzman; Rabia Bashir; Mujeeb Basit; Ellen Bass; Lisa Bastarache; Andrea Batch; Klaus Baumann; Oliver Bear Don't Walk; Melissa Beauchemin; Thomas Bechtold; James Becton; Steven Bedrick; Azima Begum; Afshin Beheshti; Rimma Belenkaya; Douglas Bell; Elijah Bell; Tellen Bennett; Robby Bergstrom; Monica Bermudez; Steven Bernstein; Daniel Berrios; Gerald Berry; Ali Besiso; Nate Bessa; David Beymer; Varun Bhandarkar; Suma Bhat; Suresh Bhavnani; Jiang Bian; David Biermann; Paul Biondich; Dustin Biron; Amber Blackmon; Nigel Blackwood; Johnna Blair; Rebecca Blais; Jonathan Blaisure; Joseph Bledsoe; Katherine Blondon; Richard Bloomfield; Barry Blumenfeld; Olivier Bodenreider; Thomas Bohrmann; Peter Boisvert; Mary Regina Boland; Luca Bonomi; roger boodoo; Kayla Booth; Damian Borbolla; Lina Bouayad; Joanne Bouchereau; Omar Bouhaddou; Guillaume Bouzillé; Kathryn Bowles; Robert Boxer; Richard Boyce; Stanley Boykin; Selen Bozkurt; Richard Brand; Elliott Brannon; Bruce Bray; Matthew Breitenstein; Patricia Brennan; Ruth Brenner; Tiffani Bright; Emily Brignone; Melissa Briley; Timothy Briscoe; Mathias Brochhausen; James Brooks; Gregory Brown; James Brown; Martin Brownell; Brittany Brown-Podgorski; Nicholas Bruce; Sara Brucker; Joel Buchanan; Brian Bucher; Jacalyn Buck; Arwen Bunce; Ellen Bunting; Philipp Burckhardt; Marissa Burgermaster; Alexander Burges; Elizabeth Burnside; Matthew Burton; Matthew Burton; Alisa Busch; Alisa Busch; Heather Bush; Ariel Busquets; Gabriella Butler; Tianrun Cai; Tianxi Cai; Yi Cai; John Campbell; Keith Campbell; James Campbell; Walter Campbell; Thomas Campion; Hugo Campos; Michael Cantor; David Carlson; Stacie Carney; David Carrell; Mark Carroll; Jeanne Carter; James Case; Victor Castro; Kenrick Cato; Anupama Cemballi; Werner Ceusters; Justin Chambers; Tiffany Champagne-Langabeer; Francis Ka-Leung Chan; R.V. Chan; Betty Chang; Frank Chang; Martin Chapman; Wendy Chapman; Aheli Chattopadhyay; xin chen; Darwin Chen; Jessica Chen; Jonathan Chen; Josephine Chen; Kun Chen; Ling Chen; Yan Chen; Yong Chen; Yu Chen; Yunan Chen; Elizabeth Chen; RuiJun Chen; Annie Chen; Jun Cheng; Liang Cheng; Yuzhong Cheng; Alex Cheng; Chih-Lin Chi; Esther Chipps; Po-Hsiang Chiu; Kelly Cho; Hwayoung Cho; Anna Chodos; Eun Kyoung Choe; Hailey Choi; Raja Cholan; Eric Chou; Rishabh Choudhari; Chancey Christenson; Stefan Christov; Kevin Chu; Arlene Chung; Geoffrey Chupp; James Cimino; Jan Claassen; Carrie Clark; Khaya Clark; Michael Clark; Timothy Clark; Lori Clarke; Melissa Clarkson; Brett Clayson; Ellen Clayton; Gilles Clermont; Joseph Coco; Timothy Coffman; Deborah Cohen; Trevor Cohen; Enrico Coiera; Rich Colbaugh; Curtis Cole; Dave Collingridge; Heather Conboy; David Conlan; Patrick Conway; Robert Cook; Elizabeth Cook; Rebecca Cooney; Richard Cooper; Gregory Cooper; Leslie Corbo; Sky Corby; Lauren Costa; Sylvain Costes; Erika Cottrell; Jennifer Couch; Brittany Couture; Stuart Cowburn; Jennifer Cox; Aaron Coyner; Jean Craig; Steven Cramer; Glen Crandall; Katherine Crew; Robert Cronin; Erin Crowgey; Marc Cuggia; Theresa Cullen; Joan Culley; Vasa Curcin; Lesley Curtis; Anuj Dalal; Katie Dambrun; Elizabeth Danielson; Amar Das; Subhro Das; Sharon Davis; Marla Dearing; Michael DeBaun; Joseph DeFerio; Guilherme Del Fiol; George Demiris; Dina Demner-Fushman; Donald Dempsey; huiqi Deng; Joshua Denny; Pooja Desai; Heather DeSmidt; Terry Desser; Shyam Deval; Judith Dexheimer; Paul Dexter; Sanjoy Dey; Murtaza Dhuliawala; Monique Diaz; Jonathan Dick; Julie DiIulio; Jill Dimond; Salvatore DiNardi; Yi Ding; Avantika Diwadkar; Brian Dixon; Dmitriy Dligach; Nhue Do; Phong Do; Son Doan; Bradley Doebbeling; Margaret Donahue; Sara Donevant; David Dorr; Marian Dorst; Finale Doshi-Velez; William R. Doucette; Vanja Douglas; Dawn Dowding; Sean Dowdy; Sarah Downs; Stephen Downs; Matthew Downton; Dianna Dragatsi; Frank Drews ; Jingcheng Du; Andreas du Bios; Sascha Dublin; Irene Dubman; Tamara Dugan; Jon Duke; Prashila Dullabh; Alexandra Dumitriu; Benjamin Duncan; Adam Dunn; MJ Dunne; Henry Dunnenberger; Ashimiyu Durojaiye; Sapoonjyoti DuttaDuwarah; Patricia Dykes; Christine Dymek; Adam Dziorny; Daniel Eckrich; Tracy Edinger; Margo Edmunds; frederic ehrler; Elizabeth Eikey; Floyd Eisenberg; Noemie Elhadad; David ElHalta; Peter Elkin; Mitchell Elkind; Katy Ellis Hilts; Niklas Elmqvist; Diane Engorn; Jerika Eppel; Jenzel Espares; Laura Esserman; Cristóbal Esteban; Henry Evans; R. Scott Evans; Jordan Everson; Daniel Fabbri; Darren Fahy; Anthony Faiola; Aldo Faisal; Martin Faltys; Jungwei Fan; Liyue Fan; Tristan Fan; Christopher Fanta; Jamison Fargo; Noel Faux; Nicholas Fay; Ali Ahmed Fazili; Sarina Fazio; Paul Fearn; Shara Feld; Daniel Feller; Qianjin Feng; Jesualdo Fernández Breis; Michelle Ferrari; Jeffrey Ferraro; Daria Ferro; Suruchi Fialoke; Jessica Fields; Stephan Fihn; Michele Filannino; Michael Filbin; Dezon Finch; John Finnell; Raymond Finzel; Nicolas Fiorini; Shira Fischer; Vrena Flint; Susan Flocke; Valerie Florance; Michael Flynn; Allen Flynn; Allan Fong; Paul Fontelo; Morgan Foreman; Bruce Forman; Perry Formanek; Daniel Forsyth; Laura Frain; Amy Franklin; Hamish Fraser; Patricia Freeman; Rick Freeman; Robert Freimuth; Charles Friedman; Sunyang Fu; Weixuan Fu; Paul Fu; Theresa Fuller; Kin Wah Fung; Kin Wah Fung; Stephanie Furniss; Vivian Gainer; Kim Gaines; William Galanter; Maureen Galindo; Lynn Gallagher-Ford; Blanca Gallego; Evelyn Gallego; Jamie Galorenzo; Roland Gamache; Grace Gao; Huaizhu Gao; Bret Gardner; Michael Gaziano; Wendong Ge; Carol Geary; Nils Gehlenborg; Erik Geissal; James Geller; Stephanie Gernant; Alon Geva; Sharon Ghazarian; Omid Ghiasvand; Debashis Ghosh; Joydeep Ghosh; P. Joseph Gibson; Trent Gillingham; Nathaniel Gittlen; Kristin Glass; Guy Gleisberg; Bruce Gluckman; Jeffrey Gold; Rachel Gold; Sigfried Gold; Isaac Goldstein; Mary Goldstein; Yang Gong; Ralph Gonzales; Michael Gonzalez; Gaurav Gopalkrishna; Geoffrey Gordon; Scott Gordon; Peter Gordon; William Gordon; Maxwell Gorenberg; Omer Gottesman; Laura Gottlieb; Dan Gottlieb; Ilana Graetz; Maria Grando; Shaun Grannis; Jennifer Grant; James Graumlich; Peter Greco; Damian Green; Robert Green; Sarah Greene; Robert Greevy; Travis Gregory; Grahame Grieve; Marcus Griffey; Jessica Gronsbell; Lisa Grossman; Randall Grout; Liliane Gschwind Tran; Kuangxiao Gu; Yang Gu; Brandon Gufford; Adi Gundlapalli; Natalie Gunn; Yi Guo; Yufan Guo; Monesha Gupta; Michael Gurley; Ayse Gurses; Dexter Hadley; Udo Hahn; Chen Hajaj; Shefali Haldar; Michael Halper; Donald Halpin; Nicole Hames; William Hammond; Zhi Han; Robert Handzel; Emily Hankosky; Md Haque; Sanda Harabagiu; Lyn Hardy; Daniel Harris; Joyce Harris; Mary Catherine Harris; Paul Harris; Marcelline Harris; Andrea Hartzler; Krysten Harvey; Md Hasan; Mark Hasegawa-Johnson; Steve Hasley; Hamed Hassanzadeh; Elham Hatef; Peter Haug; Milos Hauskrecht; Huan He; Lifang He; Xing He; Shan He; Zhe He; Bret Heale; Laura Heermann Langford; Paul Heider; John Heintzman; Elizabeth Heitkemper; Florian Heitz; Eric Hekler; Thomas Heldt; Richard Helmers; Juan Henao; Darren Henderson; Jette Henderson; Brad Henriksen; Qoua Her; Tina Hernandez-Boussard; William Hersh; Chayim Herzig-Marx; Rachel Hess; Robert Hiatt; Shane Hickey; Joel Hickman; Felix Hilpert; Blanca Himes; Sarah Hirn; Lynette Hirschman; Nelson Hng; Joyce Ho; Vickie Ho; Harry Hochheiser; Jeffrey Hoffman; James Hoffman; William Hogan; Elle Holbrook; Richard Holden; Julie Hollberg; Michael Holmes; John Holmes; A Holmgren; Jason Hom; Chuan Hong; Jessica Hong; Matthew Hong; Na Hong; John Hook; ERIC HORVITZ; Mekhala Hoskote; A Mosharraf Hossain; Lauren Houston; Michelle Hribar; George Hripcsak; Jonathan Hron; Gregory Hruby; John Hsu; Pei-Yun Hsueh; Abigail Huang; Jie Huang; Jie Huang; Jing Huang; Kun Huang; Ming Huang; Thomas Huang; Jeanne Huddleston; Stanley Huff; Jennifer Huffman; Ashley Hughes; Jin-Won Huh; Keren Hulkower; Nathan Hulse; Robert Hurley; Nathaniel Hurwitz; Vojtech Huser; Matthias Hüser; Stephanie Hyland; Michael Ibara; Imade Ihianle; Ganesh Iyer; Brian Jackson; Gretchen Jackson; Joe Jackson; Jeff Jacobs; Charles Jaffe; Abhyuday Jagannatha; Ruchira Jain; Sukrit Jain; Ali Jalali; Victor Janmey; Alan Jarman; Heather Jaynes; Jebakaran Jebakumar; Alvin Jeffery; Bryan Jensen; Ching Yuet Ling Jessica; Yuxi Jia; Yichen Jiang; Guoqian Jiang; Antonio Jimeno Yepes; Xia Jing; Merida Johns; Kevin Johnson; Stephen Johnson; Steven Johnson; Matthew Johnson; Apperson Johnson; Beth Johnson; Karyn Jonas; Cara Joyce; Terry Judd; John Judkins; Hye-Young Jung; Jigar Kadakia; David Kaelber; David Kaelber; Eli Kaldany; David Kallmes; Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer; Kathleen Mary Kan; Mengyuan Kan; Hong Kang; Min Jeoung Kang; Thomas Kannampallil; Murat Kantarcioglu; Alan Kaplan; Panagiotis Karampourniotis; Dean Karavite; Sharon Kardia; Sarvnaz Karimi; Bita Kash; Aditya Kashyap; Vipul Kashyap; Adetola Kassim; Rohit Kate; Kenan Katranji; David Kaufman; Jordan Kautz; William Kearns; Marjorie Kelley; Karie Kelly; Vipina Keloth; Madonna Kemp; Stephanie Kennebeck; Patrick Kenny III; Colleen Kenost; David Kent; Madeleine Kerr; Alla Keselman; Adarsh Khare; Hadi Kharrazi; Maher Khelifi; Abel Kho; Mahnoosh Kholghi; Elaine Khoong; Piyapong Khumrin; Richard Kiefer; Julie Kientz; Halil Kilicoglu; James Killeen; Min-hyung Kim; Sang Jin Kim; Young Kim; Young-Hak Kim; Karen Kimura; Andrew King; Carrie King; James King; Rich King Paul Kingsbury; Stephen Kingwell; Chris Kinsella; Kristin Kinsman; Eric Kirkendall; Rebecca Kitzmiller; Jeffrey Klann; Predrag Klasnja; Michael Klinkman; Christopher Knaplund; A Baki Kocaballi; Jodi Kodish-Wachs; Alexandra Kogan; isaac kohane; Nadin Kökciyan; Edward Kolb; Stefan Kommoss; Matthieu Komorowski; Gottfried Konecny; Guilan Kong; Bevan Koopman; Richelle Koopman; Alexander Koorkoff; Zfania Korach; Petro Kostandy; Michael Kotlyar; Stephanie Kraft; Heidi Kramer; Mary Jo Kreitzer; Anand Krishnan; Wayne Kubick; Jack Kufahl; Rita Kukafka; Polina Kukhareva; Praveen Kumar; Benjamin Kummer; Erich Kummerfeld; Tsung-Ting Kuo; Gilad Kuperman; Tahsin Kurc; Fabricio Kury; Margaret Kurzius-Spencer; Matt Kushner; Craig Kuziemsky; Carl Lagoze; Joshua Lakin; John Lalor; Christophe Lambert; Adam Landman; James Langabeer; Jeremy Lapedis; Liliana Laranjo; Thomas Lasko; Caterina Lasome; Elyse Lasser; Annie Lau; Danielle Lavallee; Michael Lawley; Alexander Lazar; Gem Le; Trang Le; Thibault Ledieu; Andy Jinseok Lee; Dae Hyun Lee; Eva Lee; Jinha Lee; Kathleen Lee; Sooyeon Lee; JaeHo Lee; Jaehoon Lee; Kayse Lee Maass; Mariska Leeflang; Li-wei Lehman; Harold Lehmann; Jamie Lehner; Victor Lei; Matthew Lenert; Cynthia LeRouge; Gondy Leroy; Kathy Lesh; Lester Leung; Matthew Levine; Robert Leviton; Bruce Levy; Greg Lewin; Chun Li; Daniel Li; Jianrong Li; Ron Li; Ziran Li; Fang Li; April Liang; Wayne Liang; Katherine Liao; Stacey Liddy-Hicks; Dana Lin; Ke Lin; Kenneth Lin; Shih-Yin Lin; Wei-Chun Lin; Chen Lin; Robert Lindell; Bruce Lindgren; Ruth Lindquist; Albee Ling; Nicholas Link; Lewis Lipsitz; Cong Liu; Hao Liu; Jie Liu; Yongtai Liu; Siru Liu; Hongfang Liu; JIm Lloyd; Christina Lohr; Edwin Lomotan; Christopher Longhurst; Marcelo Lopetegui; Alejandro Lopez-Magallon; Tal Lorberbaum; Scott Lorch; Nancy Lorenzi; Darcy Louzao; Richard Love; Jacqueline Loversidge; Christian Lovis; Zhiyong Lu; Shennon Lu; Anthony Luberti; Patrick Luetmer; Susan Lumsden; Sean Luo; Yuan Luo; Yuhan Luo; John Luo; ThaiBinh Luong; Yves Lussier; Stephanie Luther; Stephen Luther; Kevin Lybarger; Courtney Lyles; James Lynch; Paul Lynch; Xinrui Lyu; Andy J Ma; Jing Ma; Ning Ma; Xiaomeng Ma; Sisi Ma; Thusitha Mabotuwana; Carlos Maceda; Douglas MacFadden; Andrew MacKinlay; Avi Madan-Swain; Martin Madera; Chandramouli Maduri; Kara Magane; Sasank Maganti; Farah Magrabi; Ezekiel Maier; Lisa Mainieri; Vincent Major; Jasnit Makkar; Anders Malarstig; Ramon Maldonado; Sarah Malek; Jessica Malenfant; Andrew Malty; Burke Mamlin; Lena Mamykina; Areti Manataki; Kenneth Mandl; Frank Manion; Darren Mann; Shannon Manzi; Mar Marcos; Kyle Marshall; Keith Marsolo; Allison Martin; Richard Martin; Elizabeth Martin; David Martin; Roxana Martinez; Begoña Martinez-Salvador; Susana Martins; Aaron Masino; Barbara Massoudi; Ruth Masterson Creber; Janos Mathe; Michael Matheny; Yazhini Mathiyalagan; Susan Matney; Franz Matthies; Madhu Mazumdar; Aurélien Mazurie; Christina Mazzone; James McCart; James McClay; Robert McClure; Allison McCoy; Jeannine McCune; Jackie McDonald; Samuel McDonald; Clement McDonald; Nicolette McGeorge; Julia McGuinness; Kathleen McTigue; Shannon McWeeney; Daniella Meeker; Karthikayan Meganathan; Abhi Mehrotra; Jing Mei; Genevieve Melton; Nir Menachemi; Michael Mendis; George Meng; Jacqueline Merrill; Tobias Merz; Philippe Meyer; Michelle Meyer; Laura Meyer Vega; Yishen Miao; Maria Michaels; Cathy Michalec; Wojtek Michalowski; Mary Middendorf; Sean Mikles; Tim Miksch; Jeffrey Miller; Melissa Miller; Evan Minty; Michael Mirro; Jaleh Mirza; Sonali Mishra; Hannah Mitchell; Sandra Mitchell; Elliot Mitchell; François Modave; Sanjay Modgil; Chris Moesel; Vishnu Mohan; Richard Moldwin; Karen Monsen; Diane Montella; James Mork; Daniel Morrow; Abu Mosa; Ben Moscovitch; Ali Mosleh; Ned Mossman; Javed Mostafa; Danielle Mowery; Vandana Mukherjee; Sally Mullany; Ricardo Munoz; Anita Murcko; Shawn Murphy; Robert Murphy; Mark Musen; Naveen Muthu; Peter Myler; Sahiti Myneni; Andras Nadas; Arash Naeim; Shashwat Nagar; Daniel Nagin; Hyun Su Nam; Scott Narus; Andrew Narva; Aaron Nathan; Marc Natter; Jonathan Nebeker; Jonathan Nebeker; John Neeld; David Nelson; Joseph Nelson; Karin Nelson; Kristoff Nelson; Scott Nelson; Stuart Nelson; Shamim Nemati; Saurav Nepal; Anastasiya Nestsiarovich; Mark Neuman; Aurélie Névéol; 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The following presenters of the AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium disclose the following relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

SPC member Relationship: Commercial interest
Gregory Alexander Grants/Research Support: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; Grants/Research Support: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
Robert Amland Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Cerner Corporation
William Anderson Consultant: HealthLoop; Consultant: Edwards LIfesciences
Tyler Baldwin Grants/Research Support: IBM
David Bates Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Medicalis;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): ValeraHealth;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): MDClone;
Consultant: EarlySense;
Consultant: CDI (Negev);
Other Financial or Material Support: SEA Medical Systems
Denitza Blagev Grants/Research Support: AztraZeneca
Aziz Boxwala Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Elimu Informatics
Jeffrey Brown Consultant: Roche
Michael Chiang Grants/Research Support: National Institutes of Health;
Grants/Research Support: National Science Foundation;
Consultant: Novartis;
Consultant: Clarity Medical Systems;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Inteleretina
Matthew Churpek Other Financial or Material Support: I have a patent pending for risk prediction algorithms.
Sarah Collins Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Almost Family INC; Amazon
Bradley Crotty Other Financial or Material Support: Buoy Health;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Microsoft;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Apple;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): GSK;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): J&J
Rebecca Crowley Jacobson Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Nexi
Licong Cui Other Financial or Material Support: Synamtics Inc.
John D'Amore Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Diameter Health
Bimal Desai Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Haystack Informatics;
Other Financial or Material Support: American Medical Informatics Association
Megan Doerr Other Financial or Material Support: MyLegacy/Family Care Path Inc
Linda Dwoskin Consultant: Goodmans LLC; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Ceptaris Inc
Mark Eckman Grants/Research Support: National Institutes of Health;
Grants/Research Support: Merck
Carol Friedman Consultant: Health Fidelity Inc
Denis Gagne Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Trisotech
David Gotz Consultant: Allscripts
Benjamin Goudey Grants/Research Support: IBM Research - Australia
Robert Grundmeier Grants/Research Support: NIH;
Other Financial or Material Support: Care Assistant
Martin Gunn Grants/Research Support: Philips Healthcare;
Other Financial or Material Support: Cambridge University Press
Christopher Hall Other Financial or Material Support: Philips Healthcare
Christopher Harle Grants/Research Support: Pfizer
Benjamin Horne Grants/Research Support: CareCentra
William Hsu Grants/Research Support: Siemens Healthineers
Andrew Kanter Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): IMO;
Other Financial or Material Support: IMO
Kensaku Kawamoto Grants/Research Support: Hitachi;
Consultant: Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (via ESAC)
Youngjun Kim Consultant: Clinacuity Inc.
Yaa Kumah-Crystal Consultant: Nuance Communications
Russell Leftwich Other Financial or Material Support: InterSystems Corp
Christoph Lehmann Other Financial or Material Support: American Academy of Pediatrics;
Other Financial or Material Support: Thieme Verlag;
Honorarium: Japanese Medical Informatics Association;
Grants/Research Support: NIOSH;
Honorarium: Springer Verlag;
Other Financial or Material Support: Vanderbilt University
Michael Leu Other Financial or Material Support: Seattle Children's Hospital
John Loonsk Consultant: CGI Federal
Bradley Malin Consultant: TriNetX;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Health Data Link;
Consultant: HealthVerity;
Consultant: IQVIA
Joshua Mandel Other Financial or Material Support: Verily (employee)
Saverio Maviglia Other Financial or Material Support: Semedy
Stephane Meystre Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Clinacuity
Blackford Middleton Other Financial or Material Support: Apervita
Laura Militello Grants/Research Support: Applied Decision Science
Amol Navathe Grants/Research Support: HMSA;
Grants/Research Support: Oscar Health
J. Marc Overhage Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Cerner Corporation
Yoonyoung Park Other Financial or Material Support: IBM
Jon Patrick Other Financial or Material Support: Health Language Analytics;
Other Financial or Material Support: Health Language Analytics Global;
Other Financial or Material Support: iCIMS
Philip Payne Consultant: Signet Accel
Andrew Placona Other Financial or Material Support: Evolent Health
Varesh Prasad Grants/Research Support: Nihon Kohden Corporation
Bryn Rhodes Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): HarmonIQ Health Systems Corporation
Roberto Rocha Other Financial or Material Support: Semedy Inc.;
Other Financial or Material Support: Wolters Kluwer Health
Santiago Romero Brufau Other Financial or Material Support: Jvion
Benjamin Rosner Other Financial or Material Support: Employee of HealthLoop
Christopher Rudolf Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Volv Global SA
Daniel Sands Consultant: Conversa Health; Consultant: Medisafe
Guergana Savova Other Financial or Material Support: Wired Informatics
Jeffrey Schnipper Grants/Research Support: Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Wade Schulz Consultant: Hugo Health
Martin Seneviratne Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): CancerAid
Kevin Shekleton Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Cerner
Evan Sholle Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Gilead
Margie Snyder Consultant: Westat
Alexander Turchin Grants/Research Support: Sanofi Aventis;
Grants/Research Support: Eli Lilly;
Consultant: Merck;
Consultant: Monarch Medical Technologies;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Brio Systems
Jennifer Turgiss Other Financial or Material Support: Johnson & Johnson
Isaac Vetter Other Financial or Material Support: Epic Systems
Samuel Volchenboum Consultant: Baxter Healthcare
Daniel Vreeman Grants/Research Support: NIH;
Grants/Research Support: FDA;
Grants/Research Support: NIDDK;
Grants/Research Support: CMS;
Grants/Research Support: bioMérieux;
Other Financial or Material Support: Blue Sky Premise
Fengjuan Wang Grants/Research Support: Evolent Health
James Wells Grants/Research Support: NIH/NHLBI;
Grants/Research Support: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation;
Grants/Research Support: Bayer Pharmaceuticals;
Grants/Research Support: GlaxoSmithKline;
Grants/Research Support: AstraZeneca;
Consultant: GlaxoSmithKline;
Consultant: Quintiles;
Consultant: Mereo BioPharma;
Grants/Research Support: Gilead
Katie Wilkinson Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Cerner
Vincent Wong Consultant: AbbVie;
Consultant: Allergan;
Consultant: Center for Outcomes Research in Liver Diseases;
Consultant: Gilead Sciences;
Consultant: Janssen;
Consultant: Perspectum Diagnostics;
Consultant: Pfizer;
Consultant: TARGET-NASH
Guo-Qiang Zhang Consultant: Synamtics Inc.

The following peer reviewers of the AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Robert Aarhus;  Jacob Aaronson;  Jos Aarts;  Glenn Abastillas;  Hamed Abbaszadegan;  Amy Ann Abbott;  Samir E Abdelrahman;  Aaron H Abend;  Swapna Abhyankar;  Fuad Abujarad;  Srisairam Achuthan;  Melissa D Aczon;  Mohammad Adibuzzaman;  Indra Adrianto;  Majid Afshar;  Elena Agapie;  Kanupriya Agarwal;  Rahul Agarwal;  Thomas Agresta MD, MBI; Faraz S Ahmad;  Suzan Ahmad;  Tanvir Ahmed;  Zeeshan Ahmed;  Saba Akbar;  Oguz Akbilgic;  Sadia Akter;  Wasim Al Assad;  Saja Al-alawneh;  Ahmed Ismail Albarrak PhD, MSc; David Albers;  Raniah Aldekhyyel;  Gregory L Alexander;  Dari Alhuwail;  Neda Alipanah;  Jonas S Almeida;  Mauricio B. Almeida;  William David Alonso;  Yasir Al-qaqaa;  Najah Al-shanableh;  Zainab Al-Taie;  Rita Altamore;  Daniel J. Amante;  Mary G Amato;  Jose-Luis Ambite;  Safa Fathi Amini;  Muhamamd Faheem Amith;  Liz Amos;  Edwin Anand;  Sophia Ananiadou;  Shilo H Anders;  Ulrich Lichtenstein Sønderskov Andersen;  William N Anderson;  Jorge Andrade;  Steven B Andrews;  Hamideh Anjomshoa;  Shah Dinesh Anoop;  Sameer Antani;  Denise L Anthony;  Nate Apathy;  John Araujo;  Chrisa Arcan;  Armen Arevian;  Deborah Ariosto;  Sara Armson;  Corey W Arnold;  Samuel J Aronson;  Oghale Elijah Asagbra;  Onur Asan;  Phillip Asaro;  Nachman Ash;  Sadaf Ashtari;  Azam Aslani;  Deven Atnoor;  Amelia Jean Averitt;  George S Avrunin;  Renato F. L. Azevedo;  Md. Momin Al Aziz;  Uba Backonja;  Cecilia Baek;  Cheikh O Bagayoko;  Mehmet Gokhan Bakal;  Suzanne R. Bakken;  Abdulaziz Tijjani Bako;  Ileana Baldi;  Jessica Baldwin;  Tyler Baldwin;  Gabriella Balestra;  Renu Balyan;  Juan Banda;  Paulo Bandiera-Paiva;  Imon Banerjee;  Alison Banger;  Pamela Banning;  Arvind Bansal;  Riyue Bao;  Roberto Silva Baptista;  William Barnett;  Eleanor Jane Barone;  David S. Bar-Shain;  Mujeeb A Basit;  Ellen J Bass;  Michael Bass;  Riza Batista-Navarro;  Alan E Bauck;  Michael Bauer;  Melissa Baysari;  Brett K Beaulieu-Jones;  Mirna Becevic;  Russ Beebe;  Patrick E Beeler;  Edmon Begoli;  Sary Omar Beidas;  Cosmin A Bejan;  Zina Ben Miled;  Mohamed Ben Said;  Raquel Alicia Benavides-Torres;  Ian Bennett;  Tellen D Bennett;  Paola Berchialla;  Leila Bergamasco;  Hernán Berinsky;  Eta S. Berner;  Daniel C Berrios;  Andrew Barnden Lewis Berry;  Donna Berry;  Shamsi Rebecca Berry;  Joao H Bettencourt-Silva;  Suma Bhat;  Haresh Bhatia;  Moumita Bhattacharya;  Tanmoy Bhattacharya;  Sanjeev Bhavnani 8028202; Ravi Teja Bhupatiraju;  Krithika Bhuvaneshwar;  Jiang Bian;  Isabelle Bichindaritz;  Pinaki Biswas;  André Latif Bittar;  Ragnhildur Ingibjargardottir Bjarnadottir 9012738; Suzanne V Blackley;  Catherine Blake;  Brian Blaufeux;  Douglas W Blayney;  Robert Bleimeyer;  Cinnamon Bloss;  Barry H Blumenfeld;  Joseph Blumenthal;  Willie George Boag;  Olivier Bodenreider;  Alina Bogdanov;  Alex F Bokov;  Jonathan P Bona;  Luca Bonomi;  Kenneth Boockvar;  Narong Boonsirisumpun;  John P Borsi;  Susan B Bostwick;  Nathan Botts;  Lina Bouayad;  Donald S Bourne;  Keith Boyce;  Richard David Boyce;  Andrew Boyd;  Matthew K. Breitenstein;  Will Bridewell;  Emily Brignone;  Tom Britten;  Juliana J Brixey;  Tom Broens;  Stephen Edward Bronsburg Mr.; Ian Mark Brooks;  Charnetta R Brown;  Jeffrey Brown;  Laura E Brown;  Kristen Browne;  Jason Cory Brunson;  Allen W. Bryan Jr.; Alex K. Bryant;  Brian Thomas Bucher;  Lorraine Buis;  Philipp Burckhardt;  Harry B. Burke;  William Burke;  Zachary Burningham;  Stephen Burrows;  Claudia Bustamante;  Keith A Butler;  Atul Butte MD PhD; Colene Byrne;  Rhonda G Cady;  Chunhui Cai;  Clara Caldeira;  Alison Callahan;  Tiffany Jean Lee Callahan;  Amy Ashe Campbell;  Terrance R Campbell;  Walter Scott Campbell;  James Richard Campbell MD; Leonardo Campillos-Llanos;  Thomas Richmond Campion Jr; Manuel Campos;  Alberto Cano;  Thomas J. Cantilina MD; Michael Cantor;  April M Idalski Carcone;  Elena Cardillo;  Silvio Domingos Cardoso;  Matthew C Cardwell PhD; Jason Carr;  David S Carrell;  Jane M. Carrington PhD, RN, FAAN; Kimberly J Carson;  Matthew Carson;  Ernest Carter;  Ben Carterette;  Marcelo Antonio de Carvalho Jr.; José M. Castaño;  Kenrick Cato RN; Werner Ceusters;  Sena Chae;  Prithwish Chakraborty;  Tiffany Champagne-Langabeer;  Uma Chandran;  Mayanka Chandrashekar;  Daniel Chaput;  Pam Charney;  Michael Chary;  Dian A. Chase;  Maria Evangelia Chatzimina;  Zhengping Che;  Ching-Hua Chen;  Dong Chen;  Jake Chen;  Jin Chen;  Jinying Chen;  Jonathan H Chen;  Junqiao Chen;  Liz Yao Chen;  Lujia Chen;  Luoxin Chen;  Qingxia Chen;  Qingxiao Chen;  RuiJun Chen;  Tianlong Chen;  Tingting Chen;  Yang Chen;  Yu Chen;  Alex Cheng;  Christine M Cheng;  Daryl Ray Cheng;  Eric M Cheng;  Kelley Chester;  Yao-Yi Chiang;  Emma Chiaramello;  Maria Teresa Chiaravalloti;  Ming-Yuan Chih;  Chieh-Li Chin;  Homer Chin;  Po-Hsiang Chiu;  Hwayoung Cho;  Insook Cho;  In Young Choi;  Jeeyae Choi;  Edgar Chou;  Olivia Choudhury;  Soon Ae Chun;  Arlene E. Chung;  Lesley Clack;  Khaya Delaine Clark;  Timothy Clark;  Lori A Clarke;  Melissa Clarkson;  Allyson Cochran;  James V Codella;  Trevor Cohen;  Jamie Nicole Cole;  John B Coles;  Monica Renee Coley;  Tiago Kuse Colicchio;  Sarah Kathryn Colletta;  Sarah Collins;  MaryAnn Connor;  Mike Conway;  Kathryn M Cooper;  Ronald Cornet;  André Correia;  Mayara Costa Figueiredo;  Karen L Courtney;  Melanie Courtot;  Suzanne Cox;  Aaron Coyner;  Catherine K Craven;  Robert M Cronin;  John A Crooks;  Rebecca Crowley Jacobson;  Noa Patricia Cruz-Diaz;  Zhicheng Cui;  Chandrea Culbreath MPH, BSN, CCTS-TR; Vasa Curcin;  Dorothy W Curtis;  Caitlin M Cusack;  Filip John Dabek;  Arianna Dagliati;  Maria Dahm;  Christian Jordan Dameff;  John D'Amore;  James Daniel;  Kshama Daphtary;  Vivek V Datla;  Amanda Davis;  Anis Davoudi;  Jina J Dcruz;  Berry de Bruijn;  Alexandre De Castro;  Lu de Souza;  Dilhari DeAlmeida;  Shannon M. Dean;  Tom Decroos;  Louise Deleger;  Lea A Deleris;  Yu Deng;  Jonathan P. DeShazo;  Murthy V Devarakonda;  Judith Dexheimer;  Neil Dhopeshwarkar;  Alexander D Diehl;  Parth Divekar;  Brian E Dixon;  Nemanja Djuric;  Son Doan;  Bradley N Doebbeling;  Samantha Dolan;  Sara Donevant;  Xiao Dong;  Riddhi Doshi;  Dawn Dowding;  N. Lance Downing;  Stephan Dreiseitl;  Patricia Driscoll;  Shimeng Du;  Xinsong Du;  Prerna Dua;  Alevtina Dubovitskaya;  Megan S. Duckworth;  Jon Duke;  Prashila Dullabh;  Anca Dumitrache;  Adam G Dunn;  Jessilyn Dunn;  Karen Dunn Lopez;  Ashimiyu Durojaiye;  Ines Dutra;  Christine Dymek EdD; Claudio Eccher PhD; Daniel Eckrich;  Heather J.H. Edgar;  Johnathan A Edwards;  Attila Levente Egyedi;  Floyd Eisenberg;  Eric Eisenstein;  Benjamin Ellingson;  Adel ElMessiry;  Onyinyechi Uchechi Enyia Daniel;  William Scott Erdley;  Hossein Estiri;  Jean-Francois Ethier;  R. Scott Evans;  Jungwei Fan;  Xiao Fan;  Emilia Farcas;  FAISAL FAROOQ;  Oladimeji Farri;  Sherry N Farrugia;  Mohammad Faysel;  Paul Fearn;  Shara Feld;  Henry Joel Feldman;  Daniel Feller;  Yuanyuan Feng;  Susan H Fenton;  Andrea Fernandes;  Kristian Feterik;  Rosa Liliana Figueroa;  Dezon Finch;  Joseph Finkelstein;  Brooke Finley;  Gregory Finley;  John Finnell II; Katherine Finnerty;  Nicolas Fiorini;  Fern FitzHenry;  Willy A Flegel;  Jose Fernando Florez-Arango;  Allen J Flynn;  Robert W. Follett;  Brandon Foreman;  Daniel Fort;  Ella Franklin;  Laura H Franzke;  Robert R Freimuth;  Robert Edward Freundlich;  Mark E Frisse;  Helen Fu;  Sunyang Fu;  Kevin T. Fuji;  Theresa E Fuller;  Kate Fultz Hollis;  Kin Wah Fung;  Al'ona Furmanchuk;  Davera Gabriel;  Rodney Allanigue Gabriel;  Blanca Gallego;  Alice Gallo De Moraes;  Jorge A. 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Zech;  Jia Zeng;  Xiaoming Zeng;  Ferhat Devrim Zengul;  Aston Zhang;  Hao Howard Zhang;  Huabing Zhang;  Lingling Zhang;  Songmao Zhang;  Xi Zhang;  Yili Zhang;  Yiye Zhang;  Zhan Zhang;  Enming Zhang M.S.; Baoquan Zhao;  Xinyan Zhao;  Yiqing Zhao;  Yi Zhen;  Jiaping Zheng;  Degui Zhi;  Yizhen Zhong;  Shuo Zhou;  Sicheng Zhou;  Haining Zhu;  Wei Zhu;  weizhong zhu;  Wenhong Zhu;  Vivienne Zhu Dr; Yan Zhuang;  Artur Ziviani;  Joseph Zorc;  Pierre Zweigenbaum

The following peer reviewers of the AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium disclose the following relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Reviewer Relationship: Commercial interest
Gregory Alexander Grants/Research Support: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; Grants/Research Support: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
William Anderson Consultant: HealthLoop;
Consultant: Edwards LIfesciences
Armen Arevian Grants/Research Support: NIH, PCORI, National Academy of Sciences, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Insight Health Systems, Arevian Technologies;
Other Financial or Material Support: Open Science Initiative
Samuel Aronson Grants/Research Support: Persistent Systems;
Other Financial or Material Support: Sunquest
Tyler Baldwin Grants/Research Support: IBM
David Bar-Shain Other Financial or Material Support: Pfizer, Inc.
Sanjeev Bhavnani Grants/Research Support: Scripps Health;
Grants/Research Support: Alliance Healthcare Foundation;
Grants/Research Support: Qualcomm Foundation;
Consultant: Proteus Digital; Consultant: iVEDIX;
Consultant: Misceo;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Organovo;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): iRhythm
Pinaki Biswas Other Financial or Material Support: ConvergeHEALTH BY DELOITTE
John Borsi Other Financial or Material Support: IBM Watson Health
Ian Brooks Consultant: Hevitra Solutions, Inc
Jeffrey Brown Consultant: Roche
Allen Bryan Honorarium: SeLux Diagnostics
Atul Butte Grants/Research Support: L'Oreal, Genentech, Progenity, California State Government, NIH;
Consultant: NuMedii Johnson and Johnson Personalis Carmenta Roche Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Orrick Verinata 10x Genomics Pathway Genomics Guardant Health Covance Regeneron Geisinger Health Gerson Lehrman Group Nuna;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): NuMedii Personalis Carmenta Nuna Assay Depot GNS Healthcare uBiome;
Honorarium: Pfizer Lilly Siemens Bristol Myers Squibb Genentech Merck
Matthew Cardwell Other Financial or Material Support: Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc.;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc.
Ben Carterette Consultant: Spotify
Prithwish Chakraborty Other Financial or Material Support: Data Scientist at IBM Watson Health
Edgar Chou Grants/Research Support: Gilead Sciences
Monica Coley Consultant: Cerner Corporation;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Cerner Corporation
Sarah Collins Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Almost Family INC; Amazon
Rebecca Crowley Jacobson Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Nexi
Christian Dameff Other Financial or Material Support: Inoculum LLC
John D'Amore Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Diameter Health, Inc.
Neil Dhopeshwarkar Consultant: Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.
Benjamin Ellingson Grants/Research Support: Janssen;
Grants/Research Support: Roche;
Consultant: Roche;
Consultant: MedQIA;
Consultant: Imaging Endpoints;
Consultant: Medicenna;
Consultant: Nativis;
Consultant: Kazia/Novogen
FAISAL FAROOQ Other Financial or Material Support: IBM
Gregory Finley Other Financial or Material Support: EMR.AI (I am an employee)
Willy Flegel Other Financial or Material Support: German Red Cross
Brandon Foreman Grants/Research Support: NIH/NINDS;
Speaker Bureau: UCH Pharma, Inc.;
Consultant: Sage Therapeutics, Inc.
Robert Freundlich Grants/Research Support: Medtronic
Nina Gonzaludo Other Financial or Material Support: Illumina, Inc.;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Illumina, Inc.
Vishrawas Gopalakrishnan Other Financial or Material Support: IBM; Other Financial or Material Support: State University of New York at Buffalo
David Gotz Consultant: Allscripts
Benjamin Goudey Grants/Research Support: IBM Research - Australia
Martin Gunn Grants/Research Support: Philips Healthcare; Other Financial or Material Support: Cambridge University Press
Ahmad Halwani Grants/Research Support: BMS; Grants/Research Support: Kyowa Hakko Kirin; Grants/Research Support: Amgen; Grants/Research Support: Abbvie; Grants/Research Support: Pharmacyclics; Grants/Research Support: Genentech; Grants/Research Support: Seattle Genetics; Grants/Research Support: Immune Design; Grants/Research Support: Miragen; Grants/Research Support: Roche
Chip Hart Other Financial or Material Support: PCC
William Hsu Grants/Research Support: Siemens Healthineers
Kevin Hughes Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): CRA Health, genetics software
Melinda Jenkins Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Custom Clinical Decision Support, Inc.
Eunice Jung Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Biogen
Charles Kahn Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Alphabet Co. (Google); NVIDIA
Andrew Kanter Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): IMO;
Other Financial or Material Support: IMO
Uri Kartoun Honorarium: AASLD;
Other Financial or Material Support: Merck / travel support
Mehmet Kayaalp Other Financial or Material Support: University of Pittsburgh / De-ID Data Corp LLC
Andrea Ketchum Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Johnson & Johnson
Youngjun Kim Consultant: Clinacuity Inc.
Martin Kohn Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Sentrian
Lefteris Koumakis Consultant: healthit.gr
Russell Leftwich Other Financial or Material Support: InterSystems Corp
John Loonsk Consultant: CGI Federal
Kim Nolen Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Pfizer, Inc
J. Marc Overhage Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Cerner Corporation
Jennifer Pai Other Financial or Material Support: Merck & Co.
Jigar Patel Other Financial or Material Support: Cerner Corporation (Associate)
Vaibhav Patil Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Microsoft;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Alphabet
Philip Payne Consultant: Signet Accel, Inc.;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Aver, Inc.
Malinda Peeples Other Financial or Material Support: WellDoc
Michael Pinsky Grants/Research Support: NIGMS;
Other Financial or Material Support: Critica LLC
Andrew Placona Other Financial or Material Support: Evolent Health
Erika Poole Other Financial or Material Support: Healthwise
Gregory Rehm Consultant: Certus Critical Care Inc.
Bryn Rhodes Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): HarmonIQ Health Systems Corporation
Jay Ronquillo Grants/Research Support: Microsoft
Benjamin Rosner   Other Financial or Material Support: Employee of HealthLoop, Inc.
Craig Rusin Consultant: Medical Informatics Corp; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Medical Informatics Corp
Geoffrey Rutledge Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): HealthTap
Harm Scherpbier Consultant: eClinicalworks, Haystack Informatics
John Schrom Grants/Research Support: One Medical
Evan Sholle Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Gilead
Murat Sincan Other Financial or Material Support: Sanford Health
Si Sun Grants/Research Support: International Business Machine Corporation
Scott Sutherland Other Financial or Material Support: Medpace, Inc.;
Other Financial or Material Support: Trillium Therapeutics, Inc.
Douglas Talbert Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): HC180, LLC
Paul Tang Other Financial or Material Support: IBM Watson Health
Jonathan Teich Other Financial or Material Support: InterSystems
Harry Tunnell Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Eli Lilly and Company;
Other Financial or Material Support: Eli Lilly and Company
Isaac Vetter Other Financial or Material Support: Epic Systems, Inc
Samuel Volchenboum Consultant: Baxter Healthcare
Katie Wilkinson Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Cerner
John Windle Grants/Research Support: AHRQ;
Consultant: IBM/Watson

All following AMIA MOC Committee members involved with content review of the AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium’s MCQ Booklet disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME- defined commercial interests:

Kamran Badizadegan; Laura Fochtmann; William J. Foster; Anupam Goel; Martha Hellems; Eunice Huang; Julie Massey; Lisa M Masson; Deepti Pandita; Karl Poterack; Matthew Rafalski; Philip A. Smith; Sandeep Soman; Amy Wang; Kendall Webb; Keith F. Woeltje

All following AMIA staff involved with content development of the AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME- defined commercial interests:

Dasha Cohen; Doug Fridsma; Lauren Koleszar; Pesha Rubinstein; Jeff Smith; Scott Weinberg; Jeff Williamson.


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