• Nov 4 - 8, Washington, D.C.

    AMIA 2017 Annual Symposium

    Precision Informatics for Health: The Right Informatics
    for the Right Person at the Right Time

AMIA 2017 Call for Participation

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: MARCH 9, 2017, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Complete the online submission form as instructed and attach your submission formatted in compliance with the directions provided. Please review instructions and requirements for each of the major parts of a submission:

A person designated as a Presenter will receive all communications from AMIA regarding the submission.

Submission Process

All submissions must be made through the ScholarOne submission site. Complete the online submission form as instructed and attach your submission in compliance with directions provided.

Scope and Breadth of the Annual Symposium

Thoughtful classification of your submission helps to ensure that each submission is reviewed by persons knowledgeable about its content. In addition, it helps greatly in structuring the meeting sessions, allowing better grouping of papers and presentations by area of interest. We recognize that no classification system is perfect and ask you to use your best judgment in making these determinations.

File Format Requirements

Your manuscript file, must be in compliance with the requirements listed under each Category of Submission. Papers, podium abstracts, panels, posters, and systems demonstrations will appear in the AMIA 2017 Annual Symposium Proceedings. Adherence to the following requirements throughout all categories of submission ensures a consistency that facilitates the review process and proceedings.

Please note: Submissions that do not meet the formatting requirements may be rejected without review. Specifically–

The Submission is:

  • A PDF file.
  • A single column formatted document.
  • Adherent with to the page length restrictions stated in the category descriptions. Please note that the page limit includes all tables, figures, references, and acknowledgements.
  • Formated for US Letter (8.5 x 11 inch) paper size with one inch margins left, right, top, and bottom.

And, the text within the Submission is formatted as follows:

  • Title is 14-point bold, centered, title case (using initial capitals for each word in the title other than articles and prepositions)
  • Below the title, are the names, credentials, institutions and locations of the author(s) or panelists, exactly as they are to appear in the online and print programs and the Proceedings, using 12 point Times New Roman typeface, single column, bold, centered, upper and lower case using appropriate capitals.
  • The main text of the submission is single-spaced in 10-point Times New Roman typeface, justified, one-column format.
  • Individual pages are not numbered
  • All caps, bold, italics, or underline are only used for emphasis
  • No track changes from word processing software

Download a sample template [Word] [LaTex]

The format of credentials and other author information appearing in the online and printed materials is subject to revision by the AMIA office. It is the responsibility of the submitting author of each proposal to provide full and accurate information about all authors named.

Please note that all information in the Itinerary Planner, the Mobile Event App, and the Proceedings Table of Contents – presentation title, author names, author affiliations, and the order in which the authors are listed - comes directly from the online form authors fill out in ScholarOne. Therefore, please enter everything exactly the way you would like it to appear. AMIA is not responsible for the information listed incorrectly or for any omissions in this step. Any complaints from your co-authors about the way they are listed or why they are not listed will be directly to you.

A person designated as a Presenter will receive all communications from AMIA regarding the submission.

Reference Format

Bibliography and references must follow the Vancouver Style (see: www.icmje.org/index.html). Cite all references in the text, tables, or figure legends, using the following reference format: In the text, use eight-point superscript to indicate reference numbers; ten-point numbers in square brackets is an acceptable, although not preferred, alternative. Under a centered heading “References” at the end of the submission, provide a list of references cited, in order of occurrence in the manuscript, and with titles using initial capital only. References must fit within the allotted page(s) for the respective submission categories. List all authors of any cited work when there are six or fewer authors; for more than six, list only the first three followed by “et al.”

Industry Submissions

Industry-authored and industry-client collaborative papers, abstracts, panels, demonstrations, and posters are welcome for submission as described above. No special submission designation is required. All industry submissions will be considered according to the standard review process.

Assessment Questions for Accepted Submissions

All presenters of accepted sessions will be required to develop multiple choice questions so that attendees may assess what they learned from your presentation. Upon initial acceptance of your submission, AMIA will send you a link for the submission of your questions. Final acceptance of your accepted submission will require submission of assessment questions.
The inclusion of multiple choice questions is a requirement for educational activities designed for physician maintenance of certification (MOC). AMIA provides these questions to all attendees as (1) a way for them to review the information you are sharing, and (2) a guide to what you presented for those attendees who were not able to attend your session.

Note that poster presenters are not obligated to create questions to accompany their posters.