AMIA 2016 High School Scholars

Call for Participation

The AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium in Chicago will include a dedicated presentation session, educational activities, and networking events for high school students and high school teachers participating in educational and research partnerships with biomedical informatics researchers across the United States. High school students, who have participated in educational or research activities at biomedical informatics programs, are invited to submit presentations and abstracts for consideration in the High School Scholars Program and Competition.

The High School Scholars Competition entry will be judged on the high school student’s specific contributions to the project, which must be clearly delineated both in the presentation and in the abstract. Work performed as part of a large, collaborative effort is acceptable. Only individual high school students, not groups, may submit papers for consideration in the High School Scholars Competition. Preparation of the presentation and abstract must primarily be the work of the student. Co-authorship with the high school student’s research mentor is required; additional co-authors may be included if appropriate, but the majority of the content should be the work of the first author (who must be the high school student).


Funds will be available to at least partially support travel costs (airfare, lodging, meals) for each selected high school scholar to attend the high school scholar events at the AMIA Annual Symposium in Chicago.

Research mentors will be expected to supply the difference for the high school scholar’s travel costs. Additionally, funds will be available to at least partially support travel costs for a parent/guardian or designated high school teacher to also participate in the AMIA Annual Symposium events.

Important Dates:

September 8    Submissions due 11:59 p.m. EDT
September 30    Decisions returned to submitters by this date
November 13 - 15  Mandatory full day attendance during the AMIA 2016 Symposium in Chicago if selected

Past High School Scholar Participants: AMIA 2015, AMIA 2014

Call Guidelines

Students interested in participating in the session should prepare the following materials:

1. A PowerPoint presentation that provides background, methodology, results, and discussion about the research project. Presentations should be no more than 10 minutes in length (i.e., maximum 10 slides).  An additional slide acknowledging any funding sources for the research project may also be included.

2. An extended submission that must include:

  • A formatted manuscript that follows the AMIA template and includes:
    • The name, high school, and locations (city, state, and country, if international) for the high school student.
    • The name, academic degree(s), affiliations, and locations (city, state, and country, if international) of all authors.
    • A structured manuscript that includes the following sections:
      • Abstract – A 50-75 word synopsis of the study. (This abstract should be the same as what will be entered into the submission system);
      • Introduction – A short background and objective(s) of the study;
      • Methods – Design, setting (if appropriate), patients or participants (if appropriate), interventions (if appropriate), and main outcome measurement;
      • Results – Key findings; and,
      • Discussion – Key conclusions with direct reference to the foundational or methodological advancement or biomedical application.
  • One additional optional page may be included for figures or tables and references.
  • A separate page that includes:
    • The name and contact information for the Principal (or other administrative leader) at the student’s high school;
    • The name and contact information for the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s); and,
    • A statement that indicates that the student has received permission from the appropriate high school official to attend the AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium if selected.
  • A supporting letter from the research mentor that: (1) confirms that the high school student significantly contributed to the work and development of the submission; and (2) indicates the level of financial support (e.g., airfare, hotel, or specific dollar amount) they are able to provide for supporting travel costs if the high school scholar is selected.

By submitting to the High School Scholars Competition, students are agreeing to travel to and participate in the AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium. The selected high school students will be expected to arrive at the symposium on Sunday (November 13, 2016) and remain at the symposium through Tuesday afternoon (November 15, 2016). Attendance for the full period of time is required if selected.

Submissions are due September 8, 2016. All submissions will be peer reviewed by a subset of the AMIA 2016 Scientific Program Committee and additional experts in the field.  Availability of funds from research mentor to support travel will not impact the selection process, which is entirely based on scientific merit. Decisions will be returned to the students no later than September 30, 2016.

Selected submissions will be subject to verification of high school student status; Eligibility is limited to those who, as of September 1, 2016, are high school students.

Submission site: Select "High School Scholars" as the submission type. Contact Dasha Cohen at if you have any questions or require any assistance.