• Nov 12 - 16, Chicago

    AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium

    AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium is the 40th anniversary of the Symposium. We want this year to be a homecoming that energizes our new and longtime members, welcomes attendees who haven’t visited the meeting in a few years; and attracts first time attendees to the incredible informatics community AMIA represents.

AMIA 2016 CME/CE Information


The target audience for this knowledge-based live activity includes physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and other clinicians; health information technology professionals; computer scientists and systems developers; policy-makers; public health professionals; biomedical engineers and bioinformaticians; consultants and vendor representatives; medical librarians; academic researchers and scientists; and other professionals involved in the collection and dissemination of health information. 


After participating in this live activity, the learner should be better able to:

  • Analyze the latest research and best practices in biomedical and health informatics and its translation to improved individual and population outcomes
  • Identify opportunities and challenges posed for the health information sciences by current national/international policies
  • Exchange ideas with participants on novel methods for capturing and assessing clinical data; exchange research results to improve patient and population care; and consider opportunities for collaboration in biomedical and health informatics
  • Gain insights on how to contribute to leading medical informatics change in one’s professional setting


The American Medical Informatics Association is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


The American Medical Informatics Association designates this live activity for a maximum of 25.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™.  Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.


The American Board of Preventive Medicine has reviewed and approved this course for a maximum of 25.5 MOC LLSA credits. Approved sessions are at www.amia.org/amia2016/moc-ii-sessions.

The course ID number is 1325.

ABPM-approved MOC LLSA involves asking learners three multiple choice questions with a single best answer for every 60 minutes of instruction. Learners receive meaningful feedback in the form of an explanation of why the right answer is correct.

A diplomate claiming CME credit through his amia.org account will need to claim credit type “MOC-II” first, then go on to claim regular CME credit. The CME certificate will note the total amount of credit, and will include a line that says how many of the total are MOC-II credits.

AMIA is approved by The American Board of Pathology as a provider of Self Assessment Modules. The ACGME competencies addressed by this activity are: Patient Care, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Interpersonal & Communications Skills, Professionalism, and Systems-based Practice. For a full explanation of the ACGME competencies in the context of clinical informatics, see Safran C et al. Program requirements for fellowship education in the subspecialty of clinical informatics. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2009 Mar-Apr;16(2):158-66.

AMIA will track attendee MOC-II credits claimed through our system and report them to the ABPM and to the American Board of Pathology by the end of 2016. Clinical informatics diplomates must claim their MOC-II credit through AMIA in order to correctly track accrual of their MOC-II credits.

Clinical informaticians board-certified through the American Board of Pathology must follow the additional instructions provided in the beginning of the MCQ booklet.

Deadline for claiming MOC-II credit is December 19, 2016.


The University of Maryland School of Nursing is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Up to 25.5 CNE contact hours may be awarded upon verification of successful completion.

Nurse planner for this activity:
Charlotte Seckman, PhD, RN-BC, Assistant Professor, Department of Organizational Systems and Adult Health, University of Maryland School of Nursing


Successful completion of this educational activity for Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) is demonstrated by attendance at designated CNE session(s), completion of the evaluation survey, and verification of attendance through the participant’s electronic report of CNE sessions attended. Within 2 – 4 weeks after submitting required documents, the participant will receive a certificate of CNE via email from the University of Maryland School of Nursing. 

Deadline for nursing CE credit request is December 19, 2016.


Indiana University School of Dentistry is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. Concerns or complaints about a CE provider may be directed to the provider or to ADA CERP at www.ada.org/cerp.

The AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium is certified for 25.5 hours CDE from Saturday, November 12, 8:30 AM, until its conclusion on Wednesday, November 16, at 12:00 PM. Click here to see the list of sessions approved for CDE. To claim credit, see the process below. About 2-4 weeks after the activity, the participant will receive a CE certificate via email from the Indiana University School of Dentistry. Please request your credit by December 19, 2016.


Completion of this live activity is demonstrated by attendance at certified sessions, completion of the evaluation survey sent in a separate email at the activity’s conclusion, and verification of attendance through the participant’s electronic report of sessions attended through the individual login at www.amia.org. The physician participant will be able to generate a CME certificate through the AMIA automated system. Other learners will receive their CE certificates via email following the process outlined in this section.


Special Needs: In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, AMIA seeks to make this conference accessible to all.  If you have a disability which requires special accommodation, please email: dasha@amia.org.


As a provider accredited by the ACCME, AMIA requires that everyone who is in a position to control the content of an educational activity disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interest for 12 months prior to the educational activity.

The ACCME considers relationships of the person involved in the CME activity to include financial relationships of a spouse or partner.

Faculty and planners who refuse to disclose relevant financial relationships will be disqualified from participating in the CME activity. For an individual with no relevant financial relationship(s), the participants must be informed that no conflicts of interest or financial relationship(s) exist.

AMIA uses a number of methods to resolve potential conflicts of interest, including: limiting content of the presentation to that which has been reviewed by one or more peer reviewers; ensuring that all scientific research referred to conforms to generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis; undertaking review of the educational activity by a content reviewer to evaluate for potential bias, balance in presentation, evidence-based content or other indicators of integrity, and absence of bias; monitoring the educational activity to evaluate for commercial bias in the presentation; and/or reviewing participant feedback to evaluate for commercial bias in the activity.


Faculty, planners, and staff who are in a position to control the content of this activity have provided disclosure. Update disclosure list to follow.

Disclosure is available below, and in a hard copy handout provided at the registration desk before the live meeting.

Presenters will provide disclosure verbally before their presentations.


No commercial support was provided for this activity.


*CME site (MyAMIA) works best with IE 8 or above version, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

  • Log in to your profile at www.amia.org
  • You will be in “AMIA Central”
  • Under Membership/Activities, click “My Events”
  • Click “Apply for Credits" for this meeting

Nurses and Dentists:

  • Select Credit Type: "Nurse" or "Dentist"
  • Click sessions you attended
  • Click Submit at bottom of screen
  • In 2 – 4 weeks you will receive your CE certificate via email

Physicians only:

  • Select Credit Type: click "Physician"
  • If you are a clinical informatics diplomate, in column for Select  Physician Credit Type: click "MOC-II"
  • Click the radio buttons for the MOC-II sessions you attended
  • At bottom of page, click "Save and Additional Credit Type"
  • In column for Select Physician Credit Type: click "Physician"
  • Click the radio buttons for the other sessions you attended
  • Click Submit
  • Download your certificate (Membership/Activities, “My CME/CE Credits”)

Once you have applied for CE as instructed above, physician participants can print out their certificates. Nurses and other health care professionals will experience a delay in receiving their certificates by email from their respective CE providers. If you experience a delay of more than one month from submitting your information, contact pesha@amia.org.

Other attendees: if you require a certificate of participation, please contact pesha@amia.org


The following Scientific Program Committee members of the AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Joanna Abraham: Samantha Adams: Jessica Ancker: Uba Backonja: Sameer Badlani: Olivier Bodenreider: Sarah Collins: Dina Demner-Fushman: David Dorr: Patricia Dykes: Noemie Elhadad: John Finnell: Hamish Fraser: Mark Frisse: Joydeep Ghosh: Andrea Hartzler: Jina Huh: Catherine Ivory: Rebecca Jacobson: Bonnie Kaplan: David Kaufman: Predrag Klasnja: Paul Kleeberg: Lauren Koleszar: Ross Koppel: Craig Kuziemsky: Bradley Malin: Lena Mamykina: Benjamin Marlin: Casey Overby: Ari Pollack: Wanda Pratt: Madhu Reddy: Indra Sarkar: Wanda Sheridan: Katie Siek: David Sontag: Shane Stenner: Jimeng Sun: Tammy Toscos: Tiffany Veinot: Colin Walsh: Chunhua Weng: Adam Wilcox: Lauren Wilcox: Laura Wiley: Meliha Yetisgen: Pierre Zweigenbaum:

The following Scientific Program Committee members of the AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium disclose the following relevant financial relationships with ACCME- defined commercial interests:

Jason Doctor: Consultant: Precision Health Economics; Grants/Research Support: Baxter Biosciences

David Hanauer: Grants/Research Support: NIH; Other Financial or Material Support: University of Michigan

Christopher Harle: Grants/Research Support: Pfizer, Inc.; Honorarium: ImpactEDU (Medical Education Provider)

Abel Kho: Other Financial or Material Support: Health DataLink LLC

Andrew Mellin: Other Financial or Material Support: RedBrick Health

Genevieve Melton: Other Financial or Material Support: St. Jude (spouse - employee)

Philip Payne: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Signet Accel LLC; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Aver Informatics; Consultant: Singet Accel LLC; Consultant: Signet Enterprises, LLC; Consultant: Geisinger Health System

Adler Perotte: Grants/Research Support: Johnson and Johnson; Grants/Research Support: Astrazeneca

Guergana Savova: Other Financial or Material Support: Wired Informatics

The following presenters of the AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Abdulrahman AAlAbdulsalam; Jos Aarts; Hamed Abbaszadegan; Neil Abernethy; Warren Acker; Michael Ackerman; Sara Ackerman; Melissa Aczon; Terrence Adam; Samantha Adams; Jasma Adams; Jason Adams; Opeolu Adeoye; Arpit Aggarwal; Thomas Agresta; Ali Ahmed; Sarah Alameddine; Patrick Alba; David Albers; Ranyah Aldekhyyel; Alexander Alekseyenko; Dari Alhuwail; Samira Ali; Federico Almaraz; Jonas Almeida; Diaa Alqusairi; George Alter; Russ Altman; Andrea Altschuler; Kathleen Alwell; Filip Ameye; Muhamamd Amith; Daniel Amyot; Jessica Ancker; Jan Marie Andersen; John Anderson; Nick Anderson; Jorge Andrade; Pavel Andreev; Kevin Anstrom; Sivaram Arabandi; Adriana Arcia; Deborah Ariosto; Ryan Arnold; Elliot Arsoniadis; Karen Arthur; Steven Asch; Robert Aseltine; Joan Ash; Michael Ashcraft; Naveen Ashish; Laura Austin; Robin Austin; Ayesha Aziz; Christopher Azzoli; Uba Backonja; Martha Badger; Neil Bahroos; Seo Baik; Charles Bailey; Gina Baker; Suzanne Bakken; Niranjan Balasubramanian; Tyler Baldwin; Marion Ball; Karri Ballard; Diponkar Banerjee; Samprit Banerjee; Riyue Bao; Alexandre Barbosa; Barry Barker; Laura Barnes; Sherry Baron; Michael Bass; Geoffrey Bass; Dhundy Bastola; Karen Bavuso; Elizabeth Bayliss; Andrew Beam; James Beattie; Mirna Becevic; Michael Becich; Patrick Beeler; Jess Behrens; Elizabeth Bell; Shashi Bellam; Asma Ben Abacha; Zina Ben Miled; Jose Benuzillo; Morad Benyoucef; Paola Berchialla; Brian Bernard; Tamara Bernard; Alyssa Bertram; Steven Bethard; Suresh Bhavnani; Jiantao Bian; David Biermann; Mitra Biglari; Éric Bilinski; Paul Biondich; Yuval Bitan; Suzanne Blackley; Catherine Blake; Juerg Blaser; Richard Bloomfield; Kimberly Blumenthal; Olivier Bodenreider; curtis boehm; Jonathan Bona; Luca Bonomi; David Boone; Marika Booth; Damian Borbolla; Suzanne Boren; Tim Borgeson; Diego Boscá; Hayden Bosworth; Nathan Botts; Dhouha Bouamor; Jacques Bouaud; Omar Bouhaddou; Erin Bouldin; Florence Bourgeois; Rebecca Boxer; J Boyd; Alejandra Bradshaw; Bill Brand; Bruce Bray; Erich Bremer; Patricia Brennan; Cory Brown; Jeffrey Brown; William Brown; Jennifer Browne; Scott Brue; Junzhao Bu; Jacalyn Buck; Christopher Buckingham; jason Buckway; Deborah Budge; Philipp Burckhardt; Randall Burd; Jane Burns; Jessica Burris; Matthew Burton; alisa busch; Jorie Butler; Matthew Byrne; Jesus Caban; Neil Calman; James Campbell; Leonardo Campillos-Llanos; Daniel Cannon; Ming Cao; Pedro Caraballo; Alex Carballo-Diéguez; Rickey Carter; Bryce Carter; Thomas Carton; Vincent Caruso; James Case; Kenrick Cato; Elizabeth Cavagnaro; Carlo Cerra; Werner Ceusters; Winston Chamberlain; Steven Chamberlin; Tiffany Champagne-Langabeer; Frank Chang; Juan Chaparro; Wendy Chapman; Elizabeth Chapman; Dustin Charles; Dian Chase; Arnaub Chatterjee; Vipin Chaudhary; Beenish Chaudhry; Rajeev Chaudhry; Neetu Chawla; Zhengping Che; John Chelico; Yong Chen; Tianlong Chen; xin chen; Feng Chen; Qingcai Chen; Yan Chen; You Chen; Jonathan Chen; Kun Chen; Lujie Chen; Elizabeth Chen; Yukun Chen; Xiaoling Chen; Alex Cheng; Qian Cheng; Michael Chiang; Valliammai Chidambaram; Luca Chiovato; Esther Chipps; Po-Hsiang Chiu; Eun Kyoung Choe; Jeeyae Choi; Edgar Chou; Carl Christensen; Beverly Christie; Arlene Chung; Joaquin Cigarroa; James Cimino; Cassidy Clarity; Bill Clarke; Martina Clarke; Gilles Clermont; Deanna Close; Alexander Cobian; Kelly Cochran; Austin Coe; Amy Coenen; Giulia Cogni; Aaron Cohen; Trevor Cohen; Genna Cohen; Doreen Colburn; Joanna Colgan; Sarah Collins; Laura Conn; Mike Conway; Lee Cooper; Kathryn Cooper; Yael Coppleson; Brittany Couture; Patty Craig; Mark Craven; Katherine Crew; Robert Cronin; Licong Cui; Theresa Cullen; Theresa Cullen; Mollie Cummins; James Cunningham; Arabella D’Havé; Filip Dabek; Arianna Dagliati; Örjan Dahlström; Prudence Dalrymple; Bryant Dang; Chrissy Daniels; Michelle Dardis; Dipanwita Dasgupta; Debajyoti Datta; Raven David; Mike Davis; Fred Davis; Sharon Davis; Tolulola Dawodu; Michele Day; Pasquale De Cata; Sherri de Coronado; Ana Isabel De la Hoz Armenta; Felipe De Los Rios La Rosa; Mario De Marchi; Sara Deakyne; Katherine Deans; Christopher deFilippi; Guilherme Del Fiol; Connie Delaney; Poching DeLaurentis; Ana Delgado; Jean-Pierre Delplanque; Alfred DeMaria; Cagatay Demiralp; George Demiris; Dina Demner-Fushman; Donald Dempsey; Paul DeMuro; Steve Demuth; Qiwen Deng; Joshua Denny; Todd DeSantis; Spencer DesAutels; Murthy Devarakonda; Peter DeVault; Sanjoy Dey; Ferdinand Dhombres; Yumi DiAngi; Jill Dimond; Sijie Ding; Ivo Dinov; Rachel Dismore; Brian Dixon; Dmitriy Dligach; Son Doan; Raymond Doan; Julie Doberne; Jason Doctor; Bradley Doebbeling; Kristina Doing-Harris; Margaret Donahue; David Dorr; David Douglas; Michelle Dow; Glynda Doyle; Xin Du; Rui Duan; ARTUR DUBRAWSKI; Jon Duke; Jeffrey Duncan; Adam Dunn; Scott DuVall; Shahram Ebadollahi; Karen Edison; Judith Effken; Attila Levente Egyedi; Gabrielle Jacklin Eler; Rashmi Elera; Noemie Elhadad; Henrik Eriksson; Alistair Erskine; Jordan Eschler; Emmanuel Eschmann; Deborah Estrin; Scott Evans; Jordan Everson; Daniel Fabbri; Anthony Faiola; Glenn Fala; Claudiu Farcas; Oladimeji Farri; Safa Fathiamini; Martin Fehrenbach; Xiang Fei; Shara Feld; Thomas Felix; Yuanyuan Feng; David Fenyö; Simona Ferioli; Jesualdo Fernández Breis; Jeffrey Ferranti; Daria Ferro; Clayton Feustel; Margaret Filios; Alex Filipkowski; Gregory Finley; John Finnell; Shira Fischer; Allison Fish; Timothy Fitzgerald; Kara Fitzgibbon; Matthew Flaherty; Mindy Flanagan; Valerie Florance; Jose Florez-Arango; Achille Fokoue; Christopher Fonnesbeck; ian fore; Eric Fosler-Lussier; Ian Foster; Raymond Fowler; Zachary Fox; Hamish Fraser; Kendall Frazier; Robert Freimuth; Lewis Frey; Douglas Fridsma; Dexter Friedman; Charles Friedman; Stephen Friend; Daniel Fritsch; Ann Fruhling; Paul Fu; Nicholas Fulara; Kate Fultz Hollis; Kin Wah Fung; Stephanie Furniss; Isaac Galatzer-Levy; Robin Gandhi; Malte Ganssauge; Yi Gao; Grace Gao; Joseph Gardiner; Teresa Garrett; Casey Garvey; Lael Gatewood; Norma Geer; James Geller; John Gennari; Sheba George; Mattias Georgsson; Georg Gerber; Esteban Gershanik; Emily Gesner; Dario Ghersi; Daniela Giachino; Bryan Gibson; Judy Gichoya; Josh Gieringer; Jack Gilbert; Dario Giuse; Nunzia Giuse; Peter Glassman; Satyender Goel; Jeffrey Gold; Donald Goldmann; Denise Goldsmith; Mary Goldstein; Yang Gong; Michael Gonzalez; Fernan Gonzalez Bernaldo de Quiros; Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran; Travis Goodwin; Marissa Gordon-Nguyen; Foster Goss; Mark Gostine; Daniel Gottlieb; Gato Gourley; Adela Grando; Richard Grant; John Graybeal; Erika Green; Dario Gregori; Jeffery Grethe; stephania griffin; Eli Grunblatt; Robert Grundmeier; Jason Guattery; Alec Gunny; Shijing Guo; Yufan Guo; Edward Guo; Anupama Gururaj; Thomas Guterbock; Kenneth Hahn; Shefali Haldar; Fawaz Halwani; Kenric Hammond; William Hammond; Margaret Handley; William Hanson; Saira Haque; Sanda Harabagiu; Nicholas Hardiker; Andrea Hartzler; Oktie Hassanzadeh; Robert Hausam; Diane Hauser; Kimberly Hawblitzel Yarnall; Rebecca Hazen; Shan He; Ze He; Zhe He; Courtney Hebert; Sarah Hegarty; Paul Heidenreich; Paul Heidenreich; Michele Heisler; James Hellewell; Richard Helmers; Jerry Henderson; Elizabeth Henneman; Qoua Her; Vitaly Herasevich; Kyle Hernandez; Timothy Herr; Rachel Hess; Celestia Higano; Steven Hinrichs; Long Ho; Matt Hoffman; Linda Hogan; Richard Holden; Julie Hollberg; Einar Holm; A Holmgren; Matthew Hong; John Hook; Benjamin Horne; Jan Horsky; Eric Horvitz; Mekhala Hoskote; Thomas Houston; Kathryn Howard; Mark Howison; Marilyn Hravnak; Michelle Hribar; George Hripcsak; George Hripcsak; nelson hsing; William Hsu; Kang-Yu Hsu; Chun-Nan Hsu; Pei-Yun Hsueh; Gang Hu; Zhen Hu; Jianying Hu; Yan Huang; Jing Huang; Stan Huff; Stanley Huff; Nathan Hulse; Gretchen Hultman; Amna Husain; Vojtech Huser; Khaleel Hussaini; Lori Idemoto; Amanda Ifeachor; Osadebamwen Ighile; Katherine Infante; Ivan Ip; Umar Iqbal; Tasneem Islam; Gretchen Jackson; Adria Jackson; Rebecca Jacobson; Charles Jaffe; Anil Jain; Tarun Jain; Rahul Jain; Syam Jamaly; Trevor Jamieson; Imho Jang; Kay Jansen; Robert Jenders; Melinda Jenkins; Eric Jensen; Eunjoo Jeon; Jingzhi Jiang; Guoqian Jiang; Min Jiang; Xiaoqian Jiang; Kristian Johnson; Reid Johnson; Steven Johnson; Jimmy Johnson; Todd Johnson; Kevin Johnson; Simon Jones; Siddhartha Jonnalagadda; Harmon Jordan; David Juckett; Joshua Juen; Young Juhn; Ken Jung; Hyunggu Jung; Keri Jupka; Elyse Kadokura; Michael Kahn; Charles Kahn; Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer; Dipak Kalra; Pinal Kanabar; Ajay Kanduru; Hong Kang; Samuel Kanga; Thomas Kannampallil; Vaishnavi Kannan; Joseph Kannry; Bonnie Kaplan; Michael Kappelman; Karrie Karahalios; Ameet Karambelkar; Uri Kartoun; Eric Kasten; David Kaufman; Kensaku Kawamoto; William Kearns; Nancy Keating; Marjorie Kelley; Gregory Kennedy; Timothy Kennell; Carl Kesselman; Saif Khairat; Aly Khalifa; Mohammed Khalilia; Faiza Khan; Uzma Khan; Ritu Khare; Pooja Khatri; Robinder Khemani; Dmitry Khodyakov; Ramin Khorasani; Julie Kientz; Halil Kilicoglu; Katherine Kim; Heejun Kim; Min-hyung Kim; Hyeoneui Kim; Tae Youn Kim; Zachary King; Brett Kissela; Rebecca Kitzmiller; Jeffrey Klann; Dawn Kleindorfer; Tara Knight; Erik Knoll; Amy Knopp; Irina Kofman; Issac Kohane; Ha Kyung Kong; Evgeni Kontrient; Sarah Kooienga; Daryl Kor; Eileen Koski; Qing-hua Kou; Christine Kowalski; Heidi Kramer; Michael Krauthammer; Elizabeth Krusemark; Brooks Kuhn; Rita Kukafka; Casimir Kulikowski; Leah Kulp; Vipin Kumar; Chiu-Hsiang Kuo; Tsung-Ting Kuo; Gilad Kuperman; Allison Kurahashi; Tahsin Kurc; Fabricio Kury; Aaron Kusano; Craig Kuziemsky; Mary Kwaan; Helen Lach; Ronilda Lacson; Anne LaFlamme; Charles Lagor; Kenneth Lai; Albert Lai; Elizabeth Lamont; Adam Landman; Mary Beth Landrum; Corrado Lanera; James Langabeer; Donald Lappe; Cristiana Larizza; David Larson; Thomas Lasko; Nicole Lassig; Anthony Law; Amanda Lazar; Amanda Lazar; Amy Leader; David Ledbetter; Eva Lee; John Lee; Jaehoon Lee; Ashley Lee; Ying-Li Lee; Maria del Carmen Legaz-Garcia; Leslie Lenert; Damien Leri; Cynthia LeRouge; Lysanne Lessard; Matthew Levine; Mia Levy; Adrienne Lewis; Lacey Lewis; Samden Lhatoo; Haodi Li; LingLing Li; Yueling Li; Bo Li; Wei Chen Li; Xiang Li; Ying Li; Dingcheng Li; Xiaodi Li; Zhaoping Li; Wayne Liang; David Liebovitz; Monica Lieng; Anne-Laure Ligozat; Nzisa Liku; Elizabeth Lilley; Sanny Lin; Shih-Yin Lin; Chen Lin; Kun Lin; Sunny Lin; Elizabeth Lindemann; Cameron Lindsey; Sharon Lipsky Gorman; Xu Liu; Leslie Liu; Wing Liu; Haifeng Liu; Leslie Liu; Yan Liu; Yifan Liu; Zengjian Liu; Hongfang Liu; Sijia Liu; Ruiling Liu; JIm Lloyd; Judith Logan; Lorinna Lombardi; Marcelo Lopetegui; Nancy Lorenzi; Giulia Lorenzoni; Paula Lozano; Yao Lu; Ana Lucic; Cherie Luckhurst; Christophe Ludet; Genevieve Luensman; Lingyun Luo; Yen-Fu Luo; Yuan Luo; David Lyalin; Courtney Lyles; Paul Lynch; Veronica Lynn; Sisi Ma; Douglas MacFadden; David Mack; Jason Mackey; Sina Madani; Nageswar Madde; J Edward Maddela; Cleo Maehara; Mark Mai; Vincent Major; jose maldonado; Scott Malec; Sarah Malek; Jessica Malenfant; Omer Malik; Bradley Malin; anthony mallia; Alberto Malovini; Burke Mamlin; Lena Mamykina; Joshua Mandel; Kenneth Mandl; Subramani Mani; Darren Mann; Perry Mar; David Marc; Mar Marcos; Gabriela Marcu; Ronald Margolis; Kate Marie; Heimar Marin; Monika Marko-Holguin; Stacey Marovich; Jenna Marquard; Peregrin Marshall; Ivan Marsic; Gabriela Martinez; Marcos Martínez-Romero; Begoña Martinez-Salvador; Sharyl Martini; Fernando Martin-Sanchez; David Maslove; Mary Masterman; Ruth Masterson Creber; Michael Matheny; Joseph Mathew; Elizabeth Mauer; Saverio Maviglia; Carrie McAdam-Marx; Jennifer McClure; Robert McClure; Allison McCoy; Mac McCullough; Clement McDonald; Reed McEwan; Shu McGarvey; Karess McGrath; D. Keith McInnes; Shane McNamee; Deanna McQuillan; Perry Lin Meas; Daniella Meeker; Neil Mehta; Qiaozhu Mei; Jose Mejino; Michael Mendis; Hannah Menefee; Elisa Menti; Helena Mentis; Lee Mericle; Jacqueline Merrill; Wojtek Michalowski; Amanda Midboe; Elaina Migliore; Jennifer Mikhail; Tim Miksch; Laura Militello; Timothy Miller; Andrew Miller; Dawn Milliner; Sonali Mishra; Christina Miyawaki; Nathan Moeller; Anne Moen; Vishnu Mohan; Sumit Mohan; April Mohanty; Manolo Moneda; Ron Moody; Charles Moomaw; Sungrim Moon; Julie Moore; Erin Moran Hayes; Stephen Morgan; Marsha Morien; Abu Mosa; Javed Mostafa; Justin Mower; Danielle Mowery; Yassine Mrabet; Sunanda Mukherjee; Mallika Mundkur; Emir Muñoz; Dennis Murphree; Jessica Murphy; Robert Murphy; Elizabeth Murphy; Judy Murphy; Shawn Murphy; Mark Musen; Veronica Muthee; Naveen Muthu; E Rachel Mutrux; Stuart Myerburg; Kelly Myers; Ronald Myers; Sahiti Myneni; Daniel Nagin; Drashko Nakikj; Carlo Napolitano; Scott Narus; Marc Natter; Kim Nazi; Jonathan Nebeker; Scott Nelson; Lisa Newmark; Kenney Ng; Che Ngufor; Ky Nguyen; Anthony Nguyen; Yizhao Ni; Christopher Nielson; Rick Nishimura; Chuck Norlin; Vit Novacek; Laurie Novak; David Novillo-Ortiz; Martin O’Connor; Ann O'Brien; Patrick O'Carroll; Christopher Ochs; John O'Dwyer; William Ogallo; Omolola Ogunyemi; Robin Ohls; Lucila Ohno-Machado; Lucila Ohno-Machado; Jennifer Ohs; Kathleen O'Leary; Lois Olinger; Eliel Oliveira; Jillian Olsen; Thomas Olson; Michael Ong; Toan Ong; Connie Oshiro; David Osterbur; Tracey O'Sullivan; John Owen; Judy Ozbolt; Burak Ozyurt; Jennifer Pacheco; Rema Padman; Carolyn Paisie; Serguei Pakhomov; Matvey Palchuk; Ted Palen; Eric Pan; Sarjukumar Panchal; Deepti Pandita; Frank Pandolfe; Estibaliz Parcero; Mansi Parikh; Sang Min Park; Hyeoun-Ae Park; Jung In Park; Jerry Parker; Kalyan Pasupathy; Neal Patel; Himalaya Patel; Vaishali Patel; Vimla Patel; Jyotishman Pathak; Jyotishman Pathak; Prasad Patil; Olga Patterson; Lauren Patty Daskovich; Laura Pearlman; MaryAnne Peifer; Mor Peleg; Laura-Maria Peltonen; Adam Perer; Amy Perkins; Yehoshua Perl; Adler Perotte; Stephen Persell; Steve Peters; Carolyn Petersen; Josh Peterson; Susan Peterson; Kevin Peterson; Anett Petrich; Greg Petroski; Eric Pfeifer; Pascal Pfiffner; Lance Pflieger; Shoni Philpot; Jeremy Pickreign; Ferdinand Pietz; Michael Pinsky; Isaac Pinyol; Katrina Piskorski; Rimma Pivovarov; John Poikonen; Ari Pollack; Fernanda Polubriaginof; Lori Popejoy; John Porter; Brian Porter; Karl Poterack; Saeid Pournejati; Robert Pranaat; Wanda Pratt; Jennifer Prey; Eric Prud’hommeaux; Lisiane Pruinelli; Sanjay Purushotham; Nancy Puttkammer; Jimmy Quach; Silvana Quaglini; Anna Quinn; Robert Racadio; Vijay Raghavan; Preethi Raghavan; Ali Raja; Sripriya Rajamani; James Ralston; Harley Ramelson; Pallavi RanadeKharkar; Pallavi Rao; Luke Rasmussen; Laura Rasmussen-Torvik; Kismet Rasmusson; Majid Rastegar-Mojarad; Sarah Read-Brown; Douglas Redd; Madhu Reddy; Philip Reed; Blaine Reeder; Kimberly Reeves; Kelly Regan; Greg Rehm; Shakaib Rehman; Christian Reich; Leah Reznick; Jessica Richman; Thomas Rindflesch; Rebecca Risko; Kirk Roberts; Colleen Roberts; Amy Robinson; Jamie Robinson; Montserrat Robles; Philippe Rocca-Serra; Laritza Rodriguez; Arturo Romero; Charlene Ronquillo; Amber Rosado; Dori Rosenberg; S Rosenbloom; Sophie Rosset; Michael Rueschman; Anna Rumshisky; Anamika Paul Rupa; Alissa Russ; Patrick Ryan; Andrew Ryan; Lucia Sacchi; Mohammad Sadoghi; Satya Sahoo; Mandana Salimi; Hojjat Salmasian; Joel Saltz; Lazaro Sanchez-Pinto; Daniel Sands; Susanna-Assunta Sansone; Jane Sarasohn-Kahn; Aleksandra Sarcevic; Urmimala Sarkar; Urmimala Sarkar; Indra Sarkar; Raymond Francis Sarmiento; April Savoy; Lou Ann Scarton; Bruce Schatz; Geoffrey Schau; Harm Scherpbier; Joshua Schiffman; Russell Schilder; Dean Schillinger; Titus Schleyer; Markus Schneemann; Gretchen Scholl; Richard Schreiber; Deborah Seale; Diane Seger; Wendy Segrest; Yalini Senathirajah; Brigitte Séroussi; Nigam Shah; Yuval Shahar; Arieh Shalev; Howard Shang; Ning Shang; Yijun Shao; Jason Shapiro; Andrea Shapiro; Deepak Sharma; Himanshu Sharma; Ashish Sharma; Stanley Shaw; Christopher Shea; Barbara Sheehan; Lincoln Sheets; Kevin Shekleton; Jane Shellum; Jared Shenson; Susan Shetterly; Richard Shiffman; Stephanie Shimada; Chaitanya Shivade; Dikla Shmueli-Blumberg; Sonya Shooshan; Edward Shortliffe; Zasim Azhar Siddiqui; Katie Siek; Jonathan Silverstein; Gyorgy Simon; Stephen Simoneaux; Murat Sincan; Sweta Singh; Karandeep Singh; Mustafa Sir; Marilyn Sitorius; Dean Sittig; Stacey Slager; Stacey Slager; Sarah Slight; Jeffery Smith; jack smith; Ann Smith; Maureen Smith; Jacqueline Soegaard Ballester; Sunghwan Sohn; Harold Solbrig; Anthony Solomonides; Janine Sommer; David Sontag; Ergin Soysal; Stuart Speedie; Shelly Spiro; Armin Spreco; Joshua Spuhl; Vishnupriya Sridharan; Preethi Srinivas; Catherine Staas; Catherine Staes; Nancy Staggers; Justin Starren; Ian Stavros; Steven Steinhubl; Bryan Steitz; Kristen Stevens; Ronelle Stevens; Walter Stewart; Gregor Stiglic; Magnus Strömgren; Andrew Stuart; Devika Subramanian; Hyewon Suh; Lina Sulieman; Zhaonan Sun; Jimeng Sun; C. Matthew Sundling; Yi-Chen Sung; Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood; Teresa Taft; Ricky Taira; Vanina Taliercio; Jan Talmon; Xing Tan; Paul Tang; Buzhou Tang; Hua Tang; Monique Tanna; Shiqiang Tao; Donghua Tao; Cui Tao; Nicholas Tatonetti; Jude Tayaben; Rob Taylor; Heather Taylor; Richard Tayrien; Jennifer Teal; Marsida Teliti; Jessica Tenenbaum; Pradip Teredesai; Sarah Tevis; Terry Therneau; Hilaire Thompson; Sidney Thornton; Iona Thraen; Thankam Thyvalikakath; Valentina Tibollo; Lina Tieu; Toomas Timpka; Jill Joanne Tiongco; Marc Tobias; Arthur Toga; Darren Toh; Maurine Tong; Diana Too ; Maxim Topaz; Micky Tripathi; Meghna Trivedi; Demetra Tsapepas; Yi-Ju Tseng; Geoffrey Tso; Samson Tu; Anne Turner; William Ueng; Kim Unertl; Prasad Unni; Sudhindra Upadhyaya; Richard Urbani; Ozlem Uzuner; Joshua Valdez; Rupa Valdez; Vlad Valtchinov; Mihaela van der Schaar; Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche; Alejandro Vanegas; Jacob VanHouten; Jennifer Vargas; Rohit Vashisht; David Vawdrey; David Vawdrey; Tiffany Veinot; Joshua Vest; Natalia Viani; Yury Vilk; Samuel Volchenboum; Teja Voruganti; Daniel Vreeman; Maihan Vu; Kavishwar Wagholikar; Jonathan Wald; Colin Walsh; Nephi Walton; Yik-Ki Wan; Xiaolong Wang; Jingqi Wang; Ye Wang; Xia Wang; Dan Wang; Fei Wang; Xuya Wang; Yajuan Wang; Yefeng Wang; Yue Wang; Yan Wang; Fusheng Wang; Shuang Wang; Lucy Wang; Yanshan Wang; Fei Wang; Jeremy Warner; Karen Wasilewski-Masker; Charlotte Weaver; Ingmar Weber; Howard Weeks; Firas Wehbe; Peng Wei; Mark Weiner; Michael Weiner; Scott Weingarten; Peter Weinstein; Charlene Weir; Nicole Weiskopf; Asli Weitkamp; Claire Wellbeloved-Stone; Xuejin Wen; Chunhua Weng; Dax Westerman; Bonnie Westra; Randall Wetzel; Mark Whipple; Thomas White; Casey White; Chung-Il Wi; Paige Wickner; Jane Wiesen; Adam Wilcox; Lauren Wilcox; Patty Willaert; DuWayne Willett; Warren Williams; Annette Williams; Ishan Williams; Jeff Williamson; Debra Willrett; Tamara Winden; John Windle; Thomas Windle; Juan Wisnivesky; Dana Womack; Daniel Woo; Grant Wood; Michael Wood; Deborah Woodcock; Terri Workman; Ricardo Wray; Adam Wright; Yuan Wu; Yonghui Wu; Justina Wu; Lauren Wu; Stephen Wu; Xiaoping Xie; Guotong Xie; Hua Xu; Julia Xu; Wu Xu; Meilin Xu; Rong Xu; Thomas Yackel; Ken Yale; Chao Yan; Zihao Yan; Christopher Yang; William Yasnoff; Po-Yin Yen; Haeseung Yi; Elad Yom-Tov; Sunmoo Yoon; Eileen Yoshida; Kaeli Yuen; Gigi Yuen-Reed; Lisl Zach; Neelam Zafar; Nawal Zaher; Qing Zeng-Treitler; Guo-Qiang Zhang; Rui Zhang; Zhan Zhang; Shaodian Zhang; Yaoyun Zhang; Yiye Zhang; Ping Zhang; Kai Zheng; Yuchen Zheng; Yizhen Zhong; Shibei Zhou; Jing Zhou; Li Zhou; Suisong Zhu; XinXin Zhu; Haining Zhu; Qian Zhu; Wei Zhu; Maryan Zirkle; Alan Zuckerman; Pierre Zweigenbaum

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Julia Adler-Milstein: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): QPID Health

Subha Airan-Javia: Other Financial or Material Support: Handoff Health

Yindalon Aphinyanaphongs: Consultant: Aligncare

Sivaram Arabandi: Consultant: Mayo Clinic; Consultant: BrainCheck; Consultant: 3 Round Stones

Tyler Baldwin: Grants/Research Support: IBM

David Bates: Other Financial or Material Support: Medicalis; Other Financial or Material Support: SEA Medical Systems; Consultant: EarlySense; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): QPID; Consultant: CDI Negev; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Enelgy; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): ValeraHealth; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Intensix; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): MDClone

Riccardo Bellazzi: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Biomeris s.r.l.; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Engenome s.r.l.

Elmer Bernstam: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Oracle, IBM

John Borsi: Other Financial or Material Support: IBM Watson Health, Explorys

Roy Byrd: Other Financial or Material Support: IBM Corp.; Other Financial or Material Support: New York Psychiatric Institute

Jorge Caballero: Other Financial or Material Support: Amino

Zhaohui Cai: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Celgene

Nitesh Chawla: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): iCareAnalytics

Michael Chiang: Grants/Research Support: National Institutes of Health; Grants/Research Support: Research to Prevent Blindness; Other Financial or Material Support: Clarity Medical Systems (unpaid member of Scientific Advisory Board); Consultant: Novartis

Nathan Cobb: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): MYH LLC

Bradley Crotty: Other Financial or Material Support: Qur/BUOY Health; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Johnson & Johnson; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Illumina Inc

Janet Desroche: Other Financial or Material Support: MEDITECH

Jason Doctor: Consultant: Precision Health Economics; Grants/Research Support: Baxter Biosciences

Scott DuVall: Grants/Research Support: Shire PLC; Grants/Research Support: Anolinx LLC, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP; Grants/Research Support: F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Genentech Inc.; Grants/Research Support: Genentech Inc., Gilead Sciences Inc.; Grants/Research Support: HITEKS Solutions Inc., LexisNexis Risk Solutions; Grants/Research Support: Merck & Co. Inc., Mylan Specialty LP; Grants/Research Support: Northrop Grumman Information Systems; Grants/Research Support: Novartis International AG; Grants/Research Support: PAREXEL International Corporation; Grants/Research Support: Amgen Inc., Abbie Inc.

Vincent Emanuele: Other Financial or Material Support: Wellcentive

Jared Erwin: Other Financial or Material Support: Caradigm Corp.

Luis Fernandez-Luque: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased)

Jose Florez-Arango: Grants/Research Support: Departamento nacional de planeación - Colombia; Consultant: Informatica y Salud SAS - Colombia; Consultant: Link Diagnóstico Digital SAS - Colombia; Consultant: Compañía Suramericana de Seguros - Colombia; Other Financial or Material Support: SIHOn corp; Other Financial or Material Support: GuideVue Inc

Georg Gerber: Consultant: Kaleido Biosciences

Michael Gonzalez: Consultant: Velosal, Inc.

Foster Goss: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): CareLoop, Inc

Robert Greenes: Other Financial or Material Support: mWorks Health Inc, CellTrust Inc., Inferscience, Inc.; Grants/Research Support: VA,NIH

Robert Grundmeier: Grants/Research Support: NIH, AHRQ, HRSA; Other Financial or Material Support: Care Assistant

Paul Harris: Other Financial or Material Support: nPhase

Oktie Hassanzadeh: Grants/Research Support: IBM

Celestia Higano: Consultant: Dendreon; Grants/Research Support: Bayer; Grants/Research Support: Medivation; Consultant: Ferring Pharmaceuticals; Grants/Research Support: Genentech; Grants/Research Support: Pfizer; Consultant: Asana BioSciences; Consultant: Foreseeacer Pharmaceuticals; Consultant: Oncology Trials Insights (OTI); Grants/Research Support: Emergent BioSolutions

Benjamin Horne: Grants/Research Support: AstraZeneca; Grants/Research Support: CareCentra; Other Financial or Material Support: CareCentra

Yang Huang: Other Financial or Material Support: Witspring Health Inc

Sriram Iyengar: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): GuideVue Inc,; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Microsoft; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Oracle; Consultant: Health Help

Andrew Kanter: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): IMO; Other Financial or Material Support: IMO

Kensaku Kawamoto: Consultant: U.S. Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT; Consultant: McKesson InterQual; Consultant: ESAC, Inc.; Consultant: JBS International, Inc.; Grants/Research Support: Hitachi; Other Financial or Material Support: Duke University

Abel Kho: Other Financial or Material Support: Health DataLink LLC

Ramin Khorasani: Consultant: Medicalis Corporation

Adam Landman: Grants/Research Support: Pfizer; Consultant: Hacking Medicine Institute

David Lobach: Other Financial or Material Support: Predixion Software

Susana Martins: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Gilead; Other Financial or Material Support: Eiger; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Durect

David McCallie: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Cerner; Other Financial or Material Support: Cerner

Jennifer McClure: Grants/Research Support: Group Health Cooperative

Genevieve Melton: Other Financial or Material Support: St. Jude (spouse - employee)

Stephane Meystre: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Clinacuity, Inc.; Grants/Research Support: NIGMS; Grants/Research Support: NCI

Blackford Middleton: Consultant: Intercomponentware, Inc.; Consultant: Apervita, Inc.; Consultant: Oration, Inc.

Timothy Miller: Consultant: Wired Informatics

Aaron Neinstein: Other Financial or Material Support: Cisco

Thomas Oniki: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Oracle Corporation

Jerome Osheroff: Other Financial or Material Support: Owner, TMIT Consulting, LLC (healthcare QI consulting)

Jennifer Pai: Other Financial or Material Support: Employee of Merck & Co.

Serguei Pakhomov: Consultant: CVRx

Jon Patrick: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Health Language Analytics Pty Ltd; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): iCIMS Pty Ltd; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Health Language Analytics Global LLC

Adler Perotte: Grants/Research Support: Johnson and Johnson; Grants/Research Support: Astrazeneca

Piper Ranallo: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Bristol-Myers Squibb Co

George Robinson: Other Financial or Material Support: First Databank, Inc

Roberto Rocha: Other Financial or Material Support: UpToDate/Wolters Kluwer Health

Charles Safran: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Intelligent Medical Objects; Consultant: Cerner; Consultant: Allscripts

Daniel Sands: Consultant: Conversa Health, Kinergy Health

Guergana Savova: Other Financial or Material Support: Wired Informatics

Harm Scherpbier: Consultant: eClinicalworks, Wellcentive, Medyear

Stephen Scott: Other Financial or Material Support: BKIN Technologies; Grants/Research Support: BKIN Technologies

Mark Scrimshire: Other Financial or Material Support: Medyear

Rashmee Shah: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Gilead Sciences

Howard Strasberg: Other Financial or Material Support: Employee of Wolters Kluwer Health

Rob Taylor: Grants/Research Support: nPhase

Jonathan Teich: Other Financial or Material Support: Elsevier

Michel Van Speybroeck: Other Financial or Material Support: Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V.

Rudi Verbeeck: Other Financial or Material Support: Johnson & Johnson

Daniel Vreeman: Consultant: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Sarah Weiler: Other Financial or Material Support: TCR2

Brandon Welch: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Doxy.me, LLC; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): ItRunsInMyFamily.com

Paige Wickner: Consultant: AMAG pharmaceutical; Grants/Research Support: BWPO

Juan Wisnivesky: Consultant: Merck, Quintiles, AstraZeneca, EHE; Grants/Research Support: Sanofi, Quorum

Hua Xu: Grants/Research Support: NIH; Grants/Research Support: CPRIT; Consultant: Hebta LLC

The following peer reviewers of the AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Grant Aaker; Matthew Aalsma; Barry Aaronson; Ruth Abaya; Patricia Abbott; Ahmed Abdelrahman; Sajeda Abdo; Keiko Abe; Erica Abel; Sonya Allin; Jeroan Allison; Alan Aronson; Daisy AU; Claudia Barsottini; Ellen Beckjord; Tanja Bekhuis; Patricia Brennan; Elizabeth Buckley; Bruce Citron; Adriana Dawidowski; Eric Durbin; Peter Embi; Danielle Groat; Hassan Heidarnejad; Jing-Long Huang; Logan Kendall; Ju Han Kim; WooSung Kim; Michelle Lenox; Chia Wei Lin; Rupa Makadia; Heimar Marin; Carmit McMullen; Alexa Meara; Jeffrey Medoff; Jim Meeks-Johnson; Salimah Meghani; Javed Mostafa; Alain Mouttham; Sage Myers; Heather Neuman; Amy Neuwelt; Cameron Norman; Jennifer North; Daniel Nystrom; Brian W Pickering; Erika Poole; Arlene Smaldone; Robert Sorrentino; Aris Tzavaras; Herman van Haagen; Tiffany Veinot; Wytze Vlietstra; Christopher Aakre; Abdulrahman AAlAbdulsalam; Skye Aaron; Jos Aarts; Orhan Abar; Hamed Abbaszadegan; Samir Abdelrahman; Raolat Abdulai; Denisha Abrams; Amit Acharya; Terrence Adam; Kathleen Adams; Martha Adams; Meredith Adams; Tomasz Adamusiak; Naveed Afzal; Emmanuel Agu; Suzan Ahmad; Ishtiaq Ahmed; Waled Ahmed; Manik Ahuja; Monika Ahuja; MASAKAZU AIHARA; Ahmed Alaa; Patricia Alafaireet; Ahmad Alaiad; Saja Al-alawneh; Sarah Alameddine; Patrick Alba; David Albers; Ranyah Aldekhyyel; Alexander Alekseyenko; Gregory Alexander; Gretchen Alexander; Ohoud Alhammad; Dari Alhuwail; Samira Ali; Neda Alipanah; Latricia Allen; Jonas Almeida; Mauricio Almeida; Abdulgader Almoeen; Raul Alonso-Calvo; Majdah Alshehri; Tahani Alsubait; Zainab Al-Taie; Rita Altamore; Danielle Alves; Daniel Amante; Mary Amato; Kyle Ambert; EMNA AMDOUNI; Muhamamd Amith; Elske Ammenwerth; Kofi Amoah; Daniel Amyot; Vibha Anand; Amechi Anazodo; Shilo Anders; Tariq Andersen; Jorge Andrade; Pavel Andreev; Amanda Anganes; Hamideh Anjomshoa; Robert Annechiarico; Sameer Antani; Bonnie Anton; André Araújo; Luciano Araújo; Deborah Ariosto; Corey Arnold; Adelaide Arruda-Olson; Adam Asare; Phillip Asaro; Nachman Ash; Naveen Ashish; Mahima Ashok; Azam Aslani; Suleman Atique; Deven Atnoor; Ashish Atreja; Jennifer Aucoin; Elizabeth Austin; Robin Austin; Viji Avali; George Avrunin; Soleh Ayubi; Zahra Azadmanjir; Ayesha Aziz; Roseric Azondekon; Martha Badger; Radja Badji; Hyunyoung Baek; Abhishek Bafna; Anindita Bagchi; Neil Bahroos; Shasha Bai; Steffani Bailey; Gokhan Bakal; Jessica Baldwin; Gabriella Balestra; Mary Banach; Kakali Bandyopadhyay; Ashis Banerjee; Alison Banger; Pamela Banning; Arvind Bansal; Riyue Bao; Roberto Baptista; Laura Barnes; William Barnett; David Bar-Shain; Mujeeb Basit; Michael Bass; Dhundy Bastola; Tanmay Basu; Senjuti Basu Roy; Tyler Bath; Robert Batt; Alan Bauck; Michael Bauer; Leigh Baumgart; Brett Beaulieu-Jones; Mirna Becevic; Steven Bedrick; Russ Beebe; Patrick Beeler; Eytan Behiri; Sary Beidas; Cosmin Bejan; Akram Belghith; Douglas Bell; Gowtham Bellala; Shashi Bellam; Asma Ben Abacha; Marge Benham-Hutchins; Sonia Benitez; Zina Ben Miled; Kristin Benson; Jose Benuzillo; Leila Bergamasco; Barbara Berkovich; Tamara Bernard; Daniel Berrios; Andrew Berry; Ria Bhaduri; Amol Bhalla; Aseem Bharat; Haresh Bhatia; Sanchita Bhattacharya; Sanmitra Bhattacharya; Viraj Bhise; Krithika Bhuvaneshwar; Jiang Bian; Jiang Bian; Jiantao Bian; Isabelle Bichindaritz; Timothy Bickmore; Samar Binkheder; Ragnhildur Bjarnadottir; Catherine Blake; Brian Blaufeux; Saul Blecker; Robert Bleimeyer; Katherine Blondon; Richard Bloomfield; Cinnamon Bloss; Barry Blumenfeld; Oliver Bogler; Alex Bokov; Mary Regina Boland; Dan Bolton; Jonathan Bona; Joseph Bonner; Luca Bonomi; Damian Borbolla; Suzanne Boren; David Borland; Diego Boscá; Crystal Boston-Clay; Nathan Botts; Lina Bouayad; Guillaume Bouzillé; Keith Boyce; Richard Boyce; Andrew Boyd; Angela Boyd; Selen Bozkurt; David Bradley; Bruce Bray; Michael Breene; Matthew Breitenstein; Caitlin Brennan; Nadja Bressan; Tiffani Bright; Tom Britten; Juliana Brixey; Tom Broens; Steve Bronsburg; Stuart Brown; William Brown; Doug Browning; Jason Brunson; Kevin Buchan; 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Angus Roberts: Consultant: Synaptica, LLC: Grants/Research Support: South London and Maudsley Hospitals NHS Trust: Consultant: QBurst

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Philip A. Smith: Chief Innovation Officer and Stockholder: Remote Patient Monitoring, Inc.; Chief Innovation Officer: Telemetrix, Inc.; President, LLC Manager, and Shareholder: MedMorph, LLC; Retained Consultant: Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc.

Amy Y. Wang: Stock Shareholder (directly purchased), and consultant: Intelligent Medical Objects

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Dasha Cohen; Doug Fridsma; Lauren Koleszar; Pesha Rubinstein; Jeff Smith; Jeff Williamson.