• Nov. 14-18, San Francisco

    AMIA 2015 Annual Symposium

AMIA 2015 Posters

The specific time and date of all sessions, speakers names and abstracts are available in the Itinerary Planner.

Achieving Meaningful Use

Posters will focus on promoting the successful and effective development, implementation, and evaluation of Electronic Health Records as the nation works toward "meaningful use" of these systems.

Monday, November 16

Adoption of Electronic Health Records in U.S. nursing homes
Ragnhildur I. Bjarnadottir, Carolyn T. Herzig, Jasmine Travers, Patricia W. Stone

A Literature Review of Medication-Related Clinical Decision Support
Clare L. Brown, Sarah P. Slight, Andrew K. Husband, Neil Watson, David W. Bates

Lost in the Fog: Information Needs in the Care of Patients with Delirium
Teresa Taft, Scott D. Nelson, Stacey Slager, Charlene Weir

Tuesday, November 17

Leveraging an Open Source Data Warehousing and Analytics Tool to Promote Longitudinal Research, Improve Knowledge Transfer and Avoid Redundancy Across Research Studies
Karla Feghali, Thomas Nutman, Alex Rosenthal, Tom Britten, Joe Croghan, Usman Sheikh, David Hardison

Physician Participation in Meaningful Use and Rehospitalization of the Dually-Eligible
Hye-Young Jung, Mark A. Unruh, Joshua R. Vest, Lawrence Casalino, Rainu Kaushal

Informatics Strategies to Address Cancer Worry of Urban Dominicans
Alsacia L. Pacsi

Non-physicians E-prescribe More than Physicians in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Mordechai D. Raskas, Paul Mullan, Brian R. Jacobs, James M. Chamberlain, Aric S. Campling, Shilpa J. Patel

Hospital Participation in Meaningful Use and Rehospitalization of Medicare Beneficiaries
Mark A. Unruh, Joshua R. Vest, Hye-Young Jung, Rainu Kaushal

Evaluating Efficient Clinician Utilization of Electronic Health Records
Yongkang Zhang, Marie Krousel-Wood, Richard V. Milani, Allison B. McCoy

Biomedical Data Visualization

Posters will include tools and application of data visualization toward decreasing information overload and increasing acceptance of information.

Monday, November 16

Visualization of Clinical Decision Support Failures
Mujeeb A. Basit, Adam Wright

Dashboard Visualizations of Emergency Department Throughput Metrics
Swaroop Gantela, Todd R. Johnson, Nnaemeka G. Okafor, David Robinson, Amit Mehta, Charles L. Maddow, Brent King, Tina Chacko, Salsawit Shifarraw, Vickie Nguyen, Adriana Stanley, Amy Franklin

The Master Data Element Visualization: A Consolidated View of the EHR Data at Intermountain Healthcare
Jaehoon Lee, Farrant Sakaguchi, Juntin Mundt, Bart B. Dodds, Nicole Hobbs, Katherina Holzhauser, Stanley M. Huff

Quantitative Evaluation of Dysarthria and Development of Vowel Sound Voice Training System
Hiroyuki Maeda, Naoya Arisaka, Wakana Hata, Noritaka Mamorita, Ikuyo Ishizaka, Kazuhiko Yamashita, Harukazu. Tsuruta

Visualization of Laboratory, Vital, Precaution and Patient Status Data to Optimize Time on Task and Use Related Hazards
Ray A. McKelvy, Nathan C. Gonzalez, Karol L. Fleming, William B. Webb, Robert L. Shapiro

Tuesday, November 17

Mapping Hospital Infections to Inform Quality Improvement Interventions
Courtney L. Hebert, Tara Borlawsky

A Novel Visualization for Rapid Summarization of Patient History: Application to Cirrhosis
Jejo D. Koola, Samuel B. Ho4, 5, Michael E. Matheny

Semantic and Interactive Timeline for Patient Data Visualization
Thibault Ledieu, Pascal Van Hille, Guillaume Bouzillé, Eric Renault, Marc Cuggia

Finding Similar Drug Classes using RxClass
Thang Nguyen, Lee Peters, Olivier Bodenreider

Statistically Bolstered Opportunities Assessment in Measure Analytics
Elisabeth Scheufele, Julianna Kohler, Gerardo Soto-Campos

Cluster Analysis Algorithm For Cohort Comparison
Sunny Shahdadpuri, Aditya Sane, Purav Gandhi

Simplified Spectrographic Display for Bedside Electrographic Seizure Detection in the ICU
Peter Yan, Zachary M. Grinspan

Clinical Informatics

Posters will present findings related to the design, development, and implementation and maintenance of state-of-the-art clinical systems, including electronic health records, standards and interoperability, clinical decision support, and effects on clinical quality, safety, and patient outcomes.

Monday, November 16

Enhancing Use of the Problem List in the Inpatient Setting
Charles H. Andrus, Kevin O'Bryan, Phillip Asaro, S. P. Hmiel, Feliciano B. Yu

Evaluation of a Self-Triage Decision Aid System in Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus: Preliminary Results of a Randomized Control Trial
Azam Aslani, fatemeh tara, Leila Galichi, Sina Madani, Ameen Abu-Hanna, Saeid Eslami

Development and implementation of a Floor Admit Reevaluation Alert (FARA) in a large academic emergency department
James Booth, Eta S. Berner, Jorge A. Alsip

Reducing Healthcare Costs through Medical Recommendations
Lina Bouayad, Balaji Padmanabhan, Kaushal Chari

A Comparison of Clinical Decision Support Interventions from Commercial and Internally Developed Electronic Health Records
Burcu Celik, Pegah Eghbali Alamdari, Karen Bavuso, Eileen Yoshida, Saverio M. Maviglia, Thomas Wetter, Roberto A. Rocha, Charles Lagor

Appropriateness of Overrides of Age-specific Medication Alerts for Elderly Outpatients
InSook Cho, Diane Seger, Sarah P. Slight, Karen C. Nanji, Patricia C. Dykes, Olivia Dalleur, Mary G. Amato, David W. Bates

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Team Huddle Tool
Nhan V. Do, Terry J. Newton, Rick Barnhill, Eric A. Shry

Developing a Nurse Driven Telemetry Protocol Using a Sociotechnical Model
Raychel R. Enck, Deborah Ariosto

The Evolution of a Clinical Decision Support Request Form
Shirley X. Fei, Sharon Bouyer Ferullo, Charles Lagor, Saverio M. Maviglia, Eileen Yoshida

Implementing automated delivery of evidence-based medication safety information to the point of care
Joseph Finkelstein, Hayden Z. Adams, Qinlang Chen, Kuo Lin, Carol Friedman

Implementation of a Clinical Decision Support Tool to Improve Guideline Compliance in the Prevention of Early-Onset Group B Streptococcus Infections in Neonates
Louise K. Francois Watkins, David A. McLean, Marion Nihen, Jonathan M. Wortham, Melvin Crum, Philipp Carner, Mike Jordan, Stephanie Schrag

Evaluating the Effect of a Nursing Flowsheet Merge on Clinical Nursing Documentation Efficiency in a Research Hospital
Kyungsook Gartrell, Helen Mayberry, Michael C. Krumlauf, Michael E. Nansel, Minni Raju, Gwenyth R. Wallen, Caitlin W. Brennan

Before-after implementation of the sniffer for the detection of failure to recognize and treat severe sepsis
Andrew M. Harrison, Charat Thongprayoon, John G. Park, Daniels E. Craig, Casey M. Clements, Deepi G. Goyal, Jennifer L. Elmer, Ognjen Gajic, Brian W. Pickering, Vitaly Herasevich

Conducting health insurance surveillance with electronic health record
Brigit Hatch, Carrie Tillotson, Heather Angier, Miguel Marino, Megan Hoopes, Nathalie Huguet, Rachel Gold, Jennifer E. DeVoe

Displaying Price Information Lowers Cost and Quantity of Medical Tests: A Systematic Review of the Impact of Price Transparency
Katherine Homann, Adam Rule, Skylar G. Kerzner

Migration of a Computerized Anticoagulation Clinic to a Commercially-developed EHR
Ping Hu, Mitchell Hedrick, Aubrey Ramsey, Christopher Radek, Keith Huffman, Adam Miklius, Adam Wilcox

Representation of Clinical Practice Guideline Data Elements Using the Health Level Seven Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Standard as a Proposed Data Formalism for the Arden Syntax
Robert A. Jenders

Errors with Manual Phenotype Validation: Case Study and Implications
Polina Kukhareva, Catherine J. Staes, Tyler J. Tippetts, Phillip B. Warner, David E. Shields, Heather Mueller, Kevin Noonan, Kensaku Kawamoto

A Case Study on the Effectiveness of an In-house Physician Rating Tool in Outpatient Clinics
Ruijue Liu, Junhui Jiang, Nadee Goonawardene, Sharon S. Tan

Developing Clinical Decision Support for Patient Self-management: A Prototype for Symptom Management in Cancer Patients
David F. Lobach, Janet L. Abrahm, Donna Berry, Michael S. Rabin, Ilana Braun, Manan Nayak, Mary E. Cooley

Bring Your Own Device: From PDA To Smart Mobile Devices
Karen Martinez, Karen Courtney, Elizabeth M. Borycki, Noreen Frisch

Clinician Evaluation of Clinical Decision Support Alert and Response Appropriateness
Allison B. McCoy, Eric J. Thomas, Marie Krousel-Wood, Dean F. Sittig

A Taxonomic Analysis of Programming Errors in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) which Lead to Clinical Decision Support Malfunctions
Dustin S. McEvoy, Salman T. Hussain, Thu-Trang Hickman, Dean F. Sittig, Adam Wright

Implementing Customizable Asthma Action Plans into an Electronic Medical Record
Stephen J. Morgan, Harley Z. Ramelson

Evaluation of Perioperative Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events
Karen C. Nanji, Sofia D. Shaikh, Amit Patel, Diane Seger, David W. Bates

Nurses’ Use of Electronic Health Records to Document Symptoms in Inpatient Settings: Preliminary Systematic Review Results
Mustafa Ozkaynak, Blaine Reeder, Lilian Hoffecker, Mary B. Makic, Karen Sousa

Perceptions of Health Information Technology Risks by Hospital Physicians
Sari Palojoki, Lasse Lehtonen, Kaija Saranto

Surveying Problem List Perceptions and Use in the Electronic Health Record
Darlene Peterson, Timothy Burdick, Joshua Cohen, Indra N. Sarkar, Julie Lin, Dennis Plante, Elizabeth S. Chen

Problem list problems: A look into data integrity
Gilbert H. Ramirez, Hyeon-Eui Kim, Robert El-Kareh

Automating risk score calculations and care recommendations by an EMR agnostic solution and potential time saving for providers
Marianne R. Scheitel, Hongfang Liu, Jane L. Shellum, Ronald Hankey, Steve G. Peters, Rajeev Chaudhry

Performance Comparison of Running Clinical Rules in Drools and Plain Java Implementation
Jian Shi, Erik Smith, Thomas Van Gilder

A New, Touch-screen Sensitive Display for Management of Diuretic Therapy of Heart Failure Patients in Critical Care Setting
Jiri Sklenar, Jay Parikh, James O. Mudd

A Platform for Generating and Validating Breast Risk Models from Clinical Data: Towards Patient-Centered Risk Stratified Screening
Nova F. Smedley, Ngan Chau, Antonia Petruse, Alex A. Bui, Arash Naeim, William Hsu

Prediction of Colorectal Surgical Site Infections Using Risk Factors
Sunghwan Sohn, Majid Rastegar-Mojarad, James M. Naessens, Elizabeth B. Habermann, David W. Larson, Hongfang Liu

Understanding Why Providers Override Computerized Medication Alerts in the Inpatient and Outpatient Setting
Michael Swerdloff, Diane Seger, Mary G. Amato, Nivethietha Maniam, Olivia Dalleur, Julie M. Fiskio, Qoua L. Her, Sarah P. Slight, Patrick E. Beeler, Tewodros EgualePatricia C. Dykes, David W. Bates

Developing an Enhanced Electronic Referral Management System
Amanda von Taube, Pamela M. Neri, David Kiernan, Inna Natanel, Harley Z. Ramelson

Using Informatics Tools to Standardize the Request, Adjudication and Monitoring of Non Formulary Agents at a VA Facility
Lisa Winterbottom, Judy McConnachie, Thomas M. Brenk, Jianji Yang, Brian M. Wilcox

Using TURF Framework to Improve EHR-CPOE Medication Dosing in Renal Impaired Elderly
Rafeek A. Yusuf, Mandana Salimi, Min Zhu

Choosing to Build: Optimizing the Development of a Custom Pathology Laboratory Software Solution
Emilio Madrigal, Victor Brodsky

Tuesday, November 17

Identifying Home Care Clinical Practices Most Associated with Hospital Readmissions and Non-Admitted ER Visit Rates: Secondary Data Analysis
Dari AlHuwail, Gunes Koru

Automating Identification of OEF/OIF Veterans Diagnosed with ALS
Jennifer M. Aucoin, Shon G. Michael, Amy C. Justice, Perry Miller, Cynthia Brandt, Huned Patwa

Using the Adverse Event Reporting System: Can Analysis be Streamlined by Text Processing?
Andrea L. Benin, Samah J. Fodeh, Michele Koss, Kyle Lee, Perry Miller, Cynthia Brandt

An Ontology-driven Patient History Questionnaire System
Jonathan P. Bona

CDS, EHR and Pharmacogenomics to Estimate Warfarin Dosing
Pedro J. Caraballo, Joseph A. Sutton, Padma Rao, Kelly Wix, Wayne T. Nicholson, Cloann Schultz, Carolyn R. Rohrer Vitek, Robert Bleimeyer, Lois Hines, David Blair, Mark A. Parkulo

User-centered Design of the Clinical Dashboard for the MySafeCare Patient Safety Reporting System
Brittany Couture, Jessica Cleveland, Awatef Ergai, Zachary P. Katsulis, Naoaki Ichihara, Ann D. Smith, Esteban Gershanik, Frank Y. Chang, Alicia Goodwin, Sarah Collins

Detecting Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) From Heart Sound Recordings
Dorothy W. Curtis, Yihua Li

To Improve Sensitivity and Specificity in Early Detection of Sepsis
Vira Danak, Hien Nguyen, Albert Riedl

Electronically Collecting Nocturnal Heart Failure Information
Cubby L. Gardner, Harry B. Burke

Developing Principles and Best Practices for Structured Documentation
Emily J. Gesner, Sarah Collins, Perry L. Mar, Roberto A. Rocha

Integrated Clinical Decision Support Systems: Systematic Review and Classification of Online Medical Calculators
Tim A. Green, Chi-Ren Shyu

Electronic Health Record Audit Logs: An Alternative Approach to Workflow Analysis
Annemarie G. Hirsch, Virginia R. Lerch, Walter F. Stewart, JB Jones

Examining the Role of Bug-tracking Systems in the Maintenance of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
Salman T. Hussain, Dustin S. McEvoy, Thu-Trang Hickman, Dean F. Sittig, Adam Wright

Design and Implementation of a Relevant Data Report Tool for Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Chest Pain
Chris Katsura, Frank C. Day, Lynnell Mccullough

Problem List Quality in Ambulatory Medicine
John Krauss

A Combined HIS In-house Developing Model of Integrating Patient Information
Ming-Chuan J. Kuo, polun chang, Jenn-Iuan Chen

Real-time SNOMED Post-coordination of Adverse Drug Reactions: Model Formulation for an Actionable Registry
Marcelo A. Lopetegui, Mario Barbe, Daniel R. Luna, Alejandro Mauro

Engaging patients using an inpatient web-based patient portal and evaluating effectiveness in a pragmatic randomized controlled trial
Ruth M. Masterson Creber, Jennifer Prey, Beatriz Ryan, Jungmi Han, Susan Restaino, David Vawdrey

Improving Evidence-based Migraine Management in VA Primary Care Clinics by Utilizing Informatics Tools
Amir Mohammad, Hamada Hamid, Cynthia Brandt

Development of Anatomical Radiology Ordersets
Kevin O'Bryan, Charles H. Andrus, Feliciano B. Yu, Phillip Asaro, S. P. Hmiel

Efficacy of Clinical Alerts Designed to Decrease the Incidence of Contrast Induced Nephropathy
Mark A. Parkulo, Julia E. Crook, Launia J. White, Colleen S. Thomas, March Rucci

To be Discontinued: CPOE Medication Orders Discontinued with Reason Being “Error (Erroneous Entry)"
Arbor J. Quist, Thu-Trang Hickman, Alejandra Salazar, Mary G. Amato, Lynn A. Volk, Adam Wright, David W. Bates, Gordon Schiff

Closing the Loop with an Enhanced Referral Management System
Harley Z. Ramelson, Amanda von Taube, Pamela M. Neri

Web-based Patient-centered Toolkit: Demographics of Enrollment
Sucheta Ravindran, Anuj K. Dalal, Constance Morrison, Julie M. Fiskio, John R. Hanna, Dianna L. Stade, Kelly McNally, Eli Mlaver, Patricia C. Dykes

Integrative Informatics and Predictive Modeling Support for Population Health
Mary Saltz, Joel Saltz, Janos Hajagos, Andrew White, Charles M. Boicey, Jim Murry, Ivan Crnosija, Tahsin Kurc, Erich Bremer, Jonas S. Almeida

Meta-analysis: Impact of Health Information Technology on Patient Engagement and Health Behavior Change
Suhila A. Sawesi, kanitha phalakornkule, Josette F. Jones

Data Mining to Predict Healthcare Utilization in Managed Care Patients
Lincoln Sheets, Michael A. Phinney, Sean Lander, Jerry C. Parker, Chi-Ren Shyu

Electronic Medical Records System Support of Patient Centered Medical Home Requirements for National Committee for Quality Assurance Recognition
Elizabeth R. Silvers, Amanda von Taube, Catherine L. Liang, Lynn A. Volk

Comparison of Patient Portal Usage between Employees and Non-employees
Lina Sulieman, Dara Eckerle Mize, Daniel Fabbri, Trent Rosenbloom

Integrating an Externally Developed Clinical Decision Support (CDS) System with an Existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) System at VA
Samson Tu, Kaeli Yuen, Connie Oshiro, Susana B. Martins, Ignacio Valdes, George O. Welch, Paul Heidenreich, Mary K. Goldstein

Pediatric venous thrombus embolus (VTE) screening tool: the design, implementation and continuous improvement of a complex clinical decision support tool
Emily C. Webber, Michele Saysana, Cara Willey, Arash Mahajerin

A method to automatically create titles of clinical notes in electronic medical records
Alan Weiss, Mehdi Rais, Rehal Bhojani, Dean F. Sittig

A BI Tool to Monitor the Intervention Efficiency of Antibiotic Therapy in Leukemia Patients
Cai Wu

Medication Adherence to Oral Hypoglycemic Agents and Hospitalization Cost in Medicaid Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Vivienne Zhu, Wanzhu Tu, Marc Rosenman, J. Marc Overhage

Using a Web-based Clinical Pathway and Computerized Order Set to Improve Efficiency of Care for Asthma in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Joseph Zorc, Ruth Abaya, Eva Delgado, Richard Scarfone

Clinical Research Informatics

Posters will focus on addressing the critical need for effective information management to address the many challenges facing clinical research and the rapid evolution of the biomedical informatics methods specifically designed to address clinical research information management.

Monday, November 16

Cohort Selection Tool for Efficient Exploration of Patient Data
Anca Bucur, Jasper V. Leeuwen, Njin-Zu Chen, Brecht Claerhout, Kristof de Schepper, David Perez-Rey, Sergio Paraiso-Medina, Keyur Mehta

Feasibility of Converting the Medicare Synthetic Public Use Data Into a Standardized Data Model for Clinical Research Informatics
Mark Danese, Erica A. Voss, Jennifer Duryea, Michelle Gleeson, Ryan Duryea, Amy Matcho, Donald O'Hara, William E. Stephens, Adler Perotte, Lee Evans, Christian G. Reich

User Adherence to a Web-Based Application for Youth with mild TBI
Jenna R. Dyas, Judith Dexheimer, Brad Kurowski, Shari L. Wade, Nanhua Zhang, Lynn Babcock

Streamlining Access to Cancer Data - An Institutional Experience
Leanne Goldstein, Rebecca Ottesen, Kelli Olsen, Janet Nikowitz, Joyce C. Niland

Identifying Children with Technology Dependence through Use of Administrative Data
Baria Hafeez, Babitha Haridas, Anup D. Patel, Zachary M. Grinspan1, 4, 5

ArticlesAboutMe.org: Disseminating Clinical Trials Results to Patients
Vojtech Huser, Anil Yaman, Chunhua Weng, James J. Cimino

Harmonization of Quality Data Model with HL7 FHIR to Support EHR-driven Phenotype Authoring and Execution: A Pilot Study
Guoqian Jiang, Harold R. Solbrig, Richard C. Kiefer, Luke Rasmussen, Huan Mo, Jennifer A. Pacheco, Enid Montague, Jie Xu, Peter Speltz, William K. Thompson, Joshua C. Denny, Christopher Chute, Jyotishman Pathak

An Easy-to-Use Clinical Text De-identification Tool for Clinical Scientists: NLM Scrubber
Mehmet Kayaalp, Allen Browne, Zeyno Dodd, Pamela Sagan, Clement J. McDonald

The Scalable Collaborative Infrastructure for a Learning Health System
Jeffrey G. Klann, Marc Natter, Douglas MacFadden, Sarah R. Weiler, Kenneth Mandl, Shawn N. Murphy

BigMouth: Development of a Scalable Infrastructure to Support Multi Institutional Data Sharing for Dentistry
Krishna Kumar Kookal, Duong Tran, Reuben J. Applegate, Heiko Spallek, Elsbeth Kalenderian, Joel White, Elmer V. Bernstam, Muhammad F. Walji

High Level Architecture and Evaluation of Patient Linkages for READY - An Electronic Measurement Tool for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Puneet Mathur, Leslie A. Southern, Aseem Bharat, Shunchao Wang, Chris Heckler, Omkar Lele, Peter J. Embi, Jeffrey R. Curtis

RECRUIT: Roadmap to Enhance Clinical trial Recruitment Using Information Technology
Tasneem Motiwala, Chaitanya Shivade, Satyajeet Raje, Albert M. Lai, Philip Payne

Computerized Provider Order Entry Rates and Length of Stay Are Inversely Correlated
Richard Schreiber

Fine Phenotyping in lung Cancer Using Radiomics and Clinical Data
Luis E. Selva, Saiju Pyarajan

An Enterprise Clinical Data Pipeline for a Cancer Center
Emily Silgard, Tony Galuhn, Kathryn Egan, Adam Rauch, Paul Fearn

Using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) to Evaluate EHR Population Health Management Tools
Christina L. Stephan, Lori L. Popejoy, David R. Mehr, Esmaeel Rahmani, Katie Wilkinson, Eduardo Simoes

Mapping APACHE IV “Reason for Intensive Care Admission” Classification to SNOWMED CT
Charat Thongprayoon, Amelia K. Barwise, Andrew M. Harrison, Brian W. Pickering, Vitaly Herasevich

Researcher Needs for a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Data Infrastructure
Petry Ubri, Prashila Dullabh, Tyne Alexander, Alison Rein, Erin Holve, Abigail Schachter

Tuesday, November 17

Towards Personalized Nutrition
Costanza Conti, Elena Rossi, Sara R. Marceglia, Vittorio Tauro, Federica Rizzi, Monica Lazzaroni, Cristina Barlassina, Laura Soldati, Daniele Cusi

Therapeutic Area and Research Use Case Based Data Profiling & Quality Assessment Framework
Purav Gandhi, Jasmine Avasia, Shreshta Anantha, Rajinder Sobti

Health Information Technology Evaluation Studies: Trends in Communities and Geography from 2004 to 2014
Marjorie M. Kelley, Xiaonan Ji, Po-Yin Yen, Gina M. Torelli

Analysis of the Great Divide Between Cardiovascular Risk and Health Scores
Bobbie Kite, Tasneem Motiwala, Philip Payne

Developing an Electronic Survey to Capture Current State of Acute Care Patient Portals to Inform Best Practices and Future Directions
Waiyin Leung, Sarah Collins, Anuj K. Dalal

Qualitative Analysis of Responses to a Questionnaire via an EHR Patient Portal
Elizabeth A. Marshall, Suparna Qanungo, Jihad Obeid, Jim C. Oates, Melissa L. Habrat, Robert W. Warren, Leslie A. Lenert

Born to Lose (the Call): Date of Birth Errors in Patient Identification in an Automated Adverse Drug Reaction Call System
Jeffrey Medoff, Alejandra Salazar, Elissa V. Klinger, Japneet Kwatra, Mary G. Amato, Patricia C. Dykes, Jennifer Haas, David Bates, Gordon Schiff

Usability of a phenotype builder prototype and lessons learned for the design of phenotyping tools
Enid Montague, Jie Xu, Luke Rasmussen, Joshua C. Denny, Guoqian Jiang, Richard C. Kiefer, Jennifer A. Pacheco, Peter Speltz, William Thompson, Jyotishman Pathak

Preserving Semantic Content of Narrative Clinical Information in the OMOP Common Data Model Format
Grant E. Reed

Demographic Predictors for Completion of an Interactive Voice Response System Survey Coupled with a Real Time Transfer to a Pharmacist
Alejandra Salazar, Elissa V. Klinger, Jeffrey Medoff, Mary G. Amato, Patricia C. Dykes, Jennifer Haas, David W. Bates, Gordon Schiff

Drug Allergy Interaction Alert Overrides in the Inpatient Setting
Diane Seger, Sarah P. Slight, Patrick E. Beeler, Olivia Dalleur, Mary G. Amato, Tewodros Eguale, Karen C. Nanji, Patricia C. Dykes, Michael Swerdloff, Julie M. Fiskio, David W. Bates

A Framework for Assessing Clinical Data Suitability for Observational Study
Ning Shang, Chunhua Weng, George Hripcsak

Representing and Validating Cancer Study Metadata Standard Using RDF Shapes Expression Language
Harold R. Solbrig, Eric Prud’hommeaux, Christopher Chute, Guoqian Jiang

Data-driven knowledge base evaluation: Translating an adult CDS tool for use in pediatric care
Katherine A. Sward, Christopher J. Newth, Robinder G. Khemani, J. Michael Dean

Leveraging a Clinical Data Warehouse to improve quality of data in the French DRG-based system (PMSI)
Emmanuelle Sylvestre, Christine Riou, Guillaume Bouzillé, Marc Cuggia

Platform for Engaging Everyone Responsibly (PEER) Validation Study Plan
Sheri Tibbs, Cynthia Kluchar, Sharon F. Terry, Eric Eisenstein

A Centralized Data Collection and Management Tool in the VA: REDCap
Erika R. Whittier, Denise M. Hynes, Peter Watson

Use of an Electronic Health Record as a Research Tool: Frequency of Exposure to Targeted Medical Conditions and Health Care Providers’ Clinical Proficiency
Tim Wysocki, James Crutchfield, Maria Carmen G. Diaz, James Franciosi

Clinical Workflow and Human Factors

Posters will focus on the human factor aspects of clinical information system implementation and use that revolves around usability, workflow, and patient safety.

Monday, November 16

Increase in Prescriber Error Rates Following Implementation of Computerized Physician Order Entry
Gretchen B. Alexander, Gilbert M. Ramos

Social Network Analysis: Data Collection Challenges and Solutions
Marge M. Benham-Hutchins, Barbara Brewer

Predicting Clinical Laboratory Turnaround Time
Alex Cheng, Marc Beller, Joshua C. Denny

Initial Approach to Creating an Interactive User Interface Design Tool to Enhance User-Centered Design
Kevin R. Dufendach, Kim M. Unertl, Christoph U. Lehmann

A Baseline Assessment of the Dispensary Workflow in the Birmingham Free Clinic: A Time-Motion Study of Pharmacist Tasks
Arielle Fisher, Michael Q. Ding, Harry Hochheiser, Gerald P. Douglas

Contextual Computing: Tracking Healthcare Providers in the Emergency Department via Bluetooth Beacons
Joshua Frisby, Vernon Smith, Vimla L. Patel

Development and Validation of a Measure for EHR Related Unintended Consequences with Direct Care Registered Nurses
Sheila M. Gephart, Judy L. Dye, Alycia Bristol, Brooke Finley, Jane M. Carrington

Interactive Voice Response Technology: Promises and Pitfalls in Facilitating Patient-Reported Monitoring for Adverse Drug Reactions
Elissa V. Klinger, Alejandra Salazar, Jeffrey Medoff, Mary G. Amato, Patricia C. Dykes, Jennifer Haas, David W. Bates, Gordon Schiff

Clostridium Difficile Repeat Ordering Difficult to Control without CDS
Vishnoo Charan Reddy Kothapeta, Alfred Caligiuri, Kevin Bock, Michael Oppenheim, Eytan Behiri

Evaluation of Simulated Computerized Provider Order Entry Rules Toward Evidence Based Blood Utilization
Jaie P. Lavoie, William Miller, Min Kim

Quantifying the Complexity of Discharge Planning in the Inpatient Cardiology Unit
Young Ji Lee, Corrine M. Benacka, Matthew Carson, Gayle Shier Kricke, Preeti Kansal, Nicholas Soulakis

Mapping workflows in a surgical clinic to guide implementation of a patient-centered postoperative mHealth wound assessment system
Ross J. Lordon, Heather L. Evans, Andrea L. Hartzler, Cheryl Armstrong, Sarah Whitehead, Patrick Sanger, William B. Lober

Designing a Plan Do Study Act Framework to Promote Proper Utilization of Early Detection Technology in the Acute Care Setting
Graham Lowenthal, Patricia C. Dykes, Stuart R. Lipsitz, Catherine S. Yoon, Ronen Rozenblum, Perry G. An, Suzanne Salvucci, Christine Shaughnessy, David W. Bates

User-centered Design of an Application to Aid in the Safe Return to Work of Injured Farm Workers
Andrea Mahnke, Laurel Verhagen, Bryan Weichelt, Iris A. Reyes, Will Ray, Matthew Keifer

Variation in EHR Implementations and the Impact on Safety of Test Result Follow-up
Daniel R. Murphy, Michael W. Smith, Dean F. Sittig, Elise Russo, Hardeep Singh

An Exploratory Analysis of Inpatient Satisfaction and Usage Pattern of Personalized Bedside Station
Borim Ryu, Seok Kim, Kee-Hyuck Lee, Hee Hwang, Sooyoung Yoo

Visualizing Clinical Workflow using Time and Motion Data
Danny T. Wu, Nikolas Smart, Sang-Jung Han, Maria Majeed, Jing Han, Suinan Li, Fan Zhang, Kai Zheng

Tuesday, November 17

Analysis of Computerized Clinical Reminder Activity and Usability Issues
Shazia Ashfaq, Steven R. Rick, Megan Difley, Sara Mortensen, Kellie Avery, Nadir Weibel, Braj Pandey, Kristin Bell, Charlene Weir, Harry Hochheiser, Yunan Chen, Jing Zhang, Kai Zheng, Richard Street, Mark Gabuzda, Neil Farber, Lin Liu, Alan Calvitti, Zia Agha

9 Patient Treatment Errors in a 12-Month Period: Analysis of Workflows and How Electronic Health Records Interact with Workflows to Contribute to Errors
Eleanor J. Barone, Anne Miller

A Cognitively-Driven, Knowledge-Based EHR User Interface Design for Outpatient Psychiatry
Craig Cott

Challenges for Residents in Following Instruction in Laparoscopic Surgery
Yuanyuan Feng, Hamid Zahiri, Helena M. Mentis

Understanding Ongoing Concerns after Implementation of Patient-provider Messaging in the Acute Care Setting
John R. Hanna, Kelly McNally, Sucheta Ravindran, Dianna L. Stade, Eli Mlaver, David W. Bates, Patricia C. Dykes, Anuj K. Dalal

Informational Content of Verbal Handoffs in Emergency Care
Jan Horsky, Edward H. Suh, Osman R Sayan, Vimla L. Patel

Information Acquisition Preferences in the Intensive Care Unit
Kathryn G. Kuttler, Jorie M. Butler, Eliotte Hirshberg, Ramona Hopkins, Emily Wilson,James Orme, Samuel Brown

Applying an instant messaging system at the hospital to support TRM
Ying-Li Lee, Tsai-Feng Chien, Hsiu-Chin Chen

Decision Factors Influencing the Selection of a "Hand-off" Model Versus a "Hold-on" Model for Telehealth Service Lines
Cynthia LeRouge, Suzanne J. Wood, Ryan Sterling, Pam Forducey

Health Care Providers’ Perceived & Actual Problems in the Use of HIT in the ED
Mary L. Little, Osman R Sayan, Vimla L. Patel

Development of a Methodological Protocol for Observing Pharmacist Information Needs While Using the EHR
Scott D. Nelson, Joanne LaFleur, Guilherme Del Fiol, Scott Evans, Charlene Weir

Usability Testing of a Complex CDS Tool in the ED; Lessons Learned
Anne Press, Lauren McCullagh, Sundas Kahn, Salvatore Pardo, Andy Schachter, Thomas McGinn

Identification of Variables that Predict Visit Times for Analyzing Ophthalmology Clinic Workflows
Sarah Read-Brown, Michelle R. Hribar, Grant Aaker, Leah G. Reznick, Thomas R. Yackel, Michael F. Chiang

Changing Physician Changeover: How adopting a tool in the EMR impacts the perception of paper handoff tools
Jonathan Salisbury, Emily C. Webber

Improving Failure Mode and Effects Analysis through Electronic Health Record-Assisted Team Identification
Gayle Shier Kricke, Matthew Carson, Young Ji Lee, Nicholas Soulakis

Systemic Risk Analysis for Use Cases for Safety-Related Usability of EHRs
Michael W. Smith, Daniel R. Murphy, Dean F. Sittig, Elise Russo, Hardeep Singh

Bringing Context to Data Analytics: A Hybrid Approach to Understanding Clinical Workflow
Bryan Steitz, Kim M. Unertl

A Tale of Two Layouts: Vignette vs. Structured Interview for Layout of an Electronic Handoff Tool
William B. Webb, Nathan C. Gonzalez, Ray A. McKelvy, Karol L. Fleming, Robert L. Shapiro

Routine Collection of Patient-Reported Data in Electronic Form in Clinical Settings: An Analysis of Available Technologies
Adam Wilcox, Susan D. Tew, Justin Poll

Intelligence in Usability Survey Research (iUSuR): an Online Usability Question Bank for Usability Survey Research
Po-Yin Yen, Nima Esmaili Mokaram, Gina M. Torelli, Alissa Schultz, Xiaonan Ji

A Preliminary Study on EHR-Associated Extra Workload Among Physicians
Jing Zhang, Kellie Avery, Yunan Chen, Shazia Ashfaq, Steven R. Rick, Kai Zheng, Naidr Weibel, Harry Hochheiser, Charlene Weir, Kristin Bell, Mark Gabuzda, Neil Farber, Braj Pandey, Alan Calvitti, Lin Liu, Richard Street, Zia Agha

Consumer Informatics and PHRs

Posters will explore Personal Health Records (PHRs) and the consumer perspective in the use of health information science designed to improve patient engagement, medical outcomes, and the health care decision-making process.

Monday, November 16

Using indirect and direct methods enhances online health community research
Uba Backonja, Albert Park, Andrea L. Hartzler, Megan N. Taylor, Troy Griffiths, Wanda Pratt

Integrating Conceptual Models to Inform the Design of a Family Health Information Management System for Hispanic Dementia Caregivers
Suzanne Bakken, Maribel Granja, Niurka M. Suero-Tejeda, Samantha Stonbraker, Robert J. Lucero

Design guidelines for effective data visualization of sensor monitoring data
Yong Choi, George Demiris, Arjmand Samuel, Danny Huang

Using social media data to analyze patient satisfaction of health care facilities
Katherine Doyon, Qing T. Zeng, Rebecca Morris, Catherine A. Smith, Yijun Shao

Automating Personal Health Record Mammography Messages to Improve Mammography Screening Rates
David Kaelber, Peter J. Greco, vaibhav goyal

Understanding the patient through visualization to improve provider-patient communication in hospitals: Know your patient to personalize your communication
Maher Khelifi, Logan Kendall, Sonali R. Mishra, Barry Aaronson, Ari Pollack, Andrew Miller, Wanda Pratt

Adapting a Mobility Monitoring Protocol for Sensor Studies with Functionally Vulnerable Older Adults
Blaine Reeder, Angela A. Richard, Jason Falvey, Roger J. Paxton, Jennifer Stevens-Lapsley

Identifying Patterns Indicative of Copying/Pasting Behavior in Patient Generated Online Content
Tera L. Reynolds, V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran, Yuting Wu, Qiaozhu Mei, David A. Hanauer, Kai Zheng

Personal Health Information Management Strategies: Experiences of Patients in the US and China
Si Sun, Nicholas J. Belkin

iDECIDE Smartphone App for Personalized Messages for Nutrition and Fitness Goals
Irene van Woerden, Lauren Spano, Pedro Neto, Danielle L. Groat, Maria A. Grando

Engaging Patients & Families in Contributing Patient-Reported Outcomes to a Pediatric Disease Registry for Comparative Effectiveness Research
Elissa R. Weitzman, Parissa K. Salimian, Karen L. Olson, Kenneth Mandl, Marc Natter

GeoHealth Informatics: Applying Geographic Information Science (GIS) to Support Heart Failure Self-care
Nan Ye, Daniel Johnson, Richard J. Holden

Tuesday, November 17

Feasibility and Acceptability of an Online Maternity Education Platform
Adriana Arcia, Deren Bader, Eva R. Warner

Influences, Barriers, and Motivations for Healthy Behaviors Among Pediatric Cancer Patients: A Focus Group Approach
Michelle M. Chau, Elena J. Ladas, Lena Mamykina

Privacy Concerns of Internet Users and Implications for Health Information Technology
Hwayoung Cho, Rebecca Schnall

HomeSHARE: A Distributed Smart Homes Testbed Initiative
Kay C. Connelly, Blaine Reeder, Amanda K. Hall, Kelly Caine, Katie A. Siek, George Demiris

An Examination of Standalone Personal Health Record Use by Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Kevin T. Fuji, Amy A. Abbott, Kimberly A. Galt

Mixed-methods Study of Risk Communication in a Patient Decision Aid
Krystal A. Klein, Lindsey Watson, Latha R. Kalaga, Karen B. Eden

The Role of Technology Utilization in Designing Self-Management Systems
Robert J. Lucero, Rosario Jaime-Lara, Yamnia Cortes, Dante Tipiani, Maribel Granja, Suzanne Bakken

Development of a Novel Application for Home Management of Chronic Low Back Pain
Brittany Melton, Hannah Kevern, Jenna Stones, Neena Sharma

A Prefectural Medical Information Network System Developed after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Masaharu Nakayama, Hiroaki Shimizu, Kazuo Sato, Naoki Nakamura

Increasing Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials Using a Web Based Recruitment Application
Nancy N. Whipple, Harley Ramelson, Inna Natanel

Data Interoperability and Information Exchange

Posters will discuss methods to develop and implement various clinical data integration and exchange activities, including use of standard data formats (e.g., continuity of care document or HL7, Clinical Document Architecture) and vocabularies (e.g., SNOMED, LOINC, ICD-9).

Monday, November 16

A Survey on E-prescribing: Awareness, Satisfaction, Benefits, and Barriers in Florida
Pouyan Esmaeil Zadeh, Monica C. Tremblay, Gloria J. Deckard

Data Error Transparency in Health Information Exchange
Gina B. Baker, Shan He, Darren K. Mann, Pallavi RanadeKharkar, Sidney N. Thornton

Stakeholder Perspectives on Policy Implications Post the Conclusion of the State HIE Program
Lauren Hovey, Petry Ubri, Prashila Dullabh

OpenMRS and FHIR: The Promise of a Domain Independent API for serving Healthcare Needs Across Underserved Settings
Suranga N. Kasthurirathne, Harsha Kumara, Burke Mamlin, Paul G. Biondich

Increasing Size of a Health Information Exchange Allows More Accurate Measurement of Early ED Returns
Eugene Kim, George T. Loo, Tina Lowry, Bradley D. Shy, Ula Hwang, Nicholas Genes, Cindy F. Clesca, Lynne Richardson, Jason S. Shapiro

Archetype Based Nationwide Electronic Health Record Development in Japan
Naoto Kume, Shinji Kobayashi, Kenji Araki, Satoshi Inoue, Hiroyuki Yoshihara

Bridging the Representation Gap of Medical Image and Clinical Note through Semantic Association Mining
Jake Luo, Timothy B. Patrick

Intelligent Home Risk Monitoring To Enable Post Acute Care Surveillance
Hoda Moghimi, Jonathan L. Schaffer, Nilmini Wickramasinghe

The TISS Standard for electronic exchange of information in the private health insurance sector in Brazil
Sergio P. Oliveira, José Felipe Riani Costa

Automating Maintenance of Care Team Relationships from Electronic Health Administrative Data to Decrease Variability of Care Coordination using the Health Information Exchange Infrastructure
Pallavi RanadeKharkar, Greg E. Gurr, Darren K. Mann, Sidney N. Thornton

The CDS Collaborative: Goals, Deliverables, and Future Directions
Salvador Rodriguez-Loya, Emory Fry, Tadesse Sefer, Phillip B. Warner, Claude Nanjo, Jerry Goodnough, David E. Shields, Steven Elliott, Esteban Aliverti, Kensaku Kawamoto

MedBus: A service-oriented architecture for enabling the research data economy
Amitava Shee, James Estill, John S. Brussolo

A Novel Anatomical Semantic Ontology for Identification of Anatomically Proximate CTs Using LOINC Codes
Benjamin H. Slovis, Tina Lowry, Bradley Delman, Anton O. Beitia, Gilad Kuperman, Charles DiMaggio, Jason S. Shapiro

Lack of Unique Healthcare Identifier in Healthcare Information Exchanges: A Field Study
Monica C. Tremblay, Gloria J. Deckard, Peng Zhang

Tuesday, November 17

A Six State Review of Grantees’ Experiences with the State HIE Program
Prashila Dullabh, Petry Ubri, Lauren Hovey

Grantees’ Lessons Learned in Implementing State HIE Initiatives
Kathryn Fischer, Prashila Dullabh, Lauren Hovey

Standardized Mapping of Sensitive Data Categories
Tiffany Harman, Rachael Howe

Evaluation of a Local Terminology to SNOMED CT Crosswalk
Rachael Howe, Tiffany Harman, Pat Wilson, Lee Min Lau

Variability in the Sequence of HL7 2.x Event Code Types used to Represent Encounters Across a Health Information Exchange
Tina Lowry, Eugene Kim, Joseph Johnson, Jason S. Shapiro

Standardization of Ask At Order Entry Questions: A Prudent Question is One-Half Wisdom
Riki Merrick, Cynthia Johns, Pamela Banning

An automated tool to replicate data between multiple versions of Profiles Research Networking Software’s (RNS)
Sukrit Mukherjee, Sebastien Delta

Using National Database for Autism Research (NDAR) privacy-preserving record linkage protocol in the PEDSnet CDRN
Toan C. Ong, Michael G. Kahn, Dan J. Hall

Measuring HIE in States and Factors Associated with States’ Success in HIE
Shriram Parashuram, Seung Kim, Tianne Wu, Prashila Dullabh

Meta-Analysis of Ontology Applications in Healthcare
Kanitha Phalakornkule, Suhila A. Sawesi, Josette F. Jones

Representation of Genetic Variants in Genomic Sequencing Reports
Evelyn L. Rustia, Chunhua Weng, Carol Friedman

Data Mining and Big Data Analytics

Posters will highlight research and explore the application of data mining, natural language processing, and information extraction retrieval to all areas of biomedicine to increase the amount of usable data and information that can be accessed from existing clinical patient data bases and the biomedical literature.

Monday, November 16

Design, Development, and Initial Application of a Systematic, Semi-automated Predictive Analytics Framework for Health Care
Samir E. Abdelrahman, Kensaku Kawamoto

Medications and Events Most Commonly Discussed in Facebook and Twitter
Laurie Anderson, Heidi G. Bell, Greg Powell, Lorrie A. Schifano, Hoa V. Le, Harold Rodriguez

Demographic Factors Associated with Differences between New York Inpatient Medicare Charges and Payments for (DRG 065) Stroke
Barbara Berkovich, Elizabeth S. Stearman, Craig W. Johnson

A graph data model facilitates analysis of collaboration in an emergency department
Matthew Carson, Stephanie Gravenor, Young Ji Lee, Denise Scholtens, Conor Frailey, Nicholas Soulakis

Design and Evaluation of an Infection-risk Monitoring Application
Matthew Cowperthwaite, Anurekha Ramakrishnan, Mark Burnett, Michael Webb, Douglas Fox

Predicting the Factors of Improvement of Health Status of Home Health Care Patients: A Holistic Data Mining Approach
Sanjoy Dey, Katherine Hauwiller, Pranjul Yadav, Michael Steinbach, Gyorgy Simon, Vipin Kumar, Connie W. Delaney, Bonnie L. Westra

Identifying ECG Features in Congenital Heart Disease Using Variants of Dynamic Time Warping
Emily Hendryx, Craig Rusin, Beatrice Riviere

Visual Exploration of Temporal Data in Electronic Medical Records
Josua Krause, Narges Razavian, Enrico Bertini, David Sontag

SCILHS Data Mart Creation Plugin
Michael Mendis, Janice Donahoe, Jeffrey G. Klann, Vijay Raghavan, Lori C. Phillips, Alexander Turchin, Shawn N. Murphy

Early Detection of Heart Failure using Data Driven Modeling Approaches on Electronic Health Records: How far can one go without Domain Knowledge?
Kenney Ng, Yajuan Wang, Jianying Hu, Walter Stewart, Steven R. Steinhubl, Christopher deFilippi

Privacy Preserving Sequential Pattern Mining Across Multiple Medical Sites
Doyel Pal, Tingting Chen, Johnson Thomas

Comparison of Knee Replacement Bundled Payment Pricing Variances Between Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Payers
Taylor R. Pressler, Thomas Gurgiolo, Scott Orme, Robert Kershner, Jonathan Mathieu

Automated Citation Retrieval System for Clinical Knowledge Management
Kalpana Raja, Andrew J. Sauer, Melanie Klerer, Siddhartha R. Jonnalagadda

Gaussian Processes for interpreting Multiple Prostate Specific Antigen measurements for Prostate Cancer Prediction
Narges Razavian, Saul Blecker, David Sontag

Predicting Acute Kidney Injury in Critically Ill Children Using Electronic Health Record Data – A Comparison of Four Statistical Learning Models
Lazaro N. Sanchez-Pinto, Robinder G. Khemani

Registries in Accountable Care: Essential Data Management in New Models of Care
John W. Sharp

A Continuous Markov Model Approach Using Individual Patient Data to Estimate Mean Sojourn Time of Lung Cancer
Shiwen Shen, Simon X. Han, Panayiotis Petousis, Frank Meng, William Hsu, Alex A. Bui

Matrix Completion Methods and Imputation for EMR-Based Prediction
Erika J. Strandberg, Mohsen Bayati

Automatically Screening Possible Chemoresistance Genes of Bladder Cancer Drugs
Liwei Wang, Jingde Zhu, Qian Zhu

Predicting Future Anxiety and Depression Diagnoses among College Students Utilizing Electronic Health Data
Jinghe Zhang, Hao Wu, James Turner, Adrienne Keller, Laura Barnes

Tuesday, November 17

Variable Importance in Recursive Feature Selection with Random Forests for Mortality Prediction in ICU
Sabri Boughorbel, Rashid Al-Ali

Musculoskeletal Flowsheet Data Modeling for Clinical Research
Matthew D. Byrne, Steven G. Johnson, Beverly Christie, Jung I. Park, Lisiane Pruinelli, Suzan G. Sherman, Bonnie L. Westra

A Comparative Analysis of Factors for Predicting Inpatient Length of Stay for Colorectal Cancer Patients
Prerna Dua, Akhila Reddy, Pradeep Chowriappa

Variation Among Providers in Cost of a Knee Replacement Episode
Thomas Gurgiolo, Taylor R. Pressler, Scott Orme, Robert Kershner, Jonathan Mathieu

Clinico-genomic Decision Support System for Precision Diagnostics and Management
Anuja Kench, Vandana Janeja, Amanda Niskar, Yelena Yesha, Naphtali Rishe

A Lifecycle Management Solution to Manage Mississippi’s Data Lake and Big Data Analytics Platform
Denise D. Krause

Design of a “Synthetic” Data Set for teaching and evaluating analytics methodology in Accountable Care Organizations
Robert Ligon

Extending the Project HealthDesign Experience via On-Line Public Data Repositories
Andrew J. Morland, Patricia F. Brennan

Clustering Health Data to Discover EBP Interventions for Sepsis Prevention and Treatment for Health Disparities
Lisiane Pruinelli, Pranjul Yadav, Andrew Hangsleben, Kevin Schiroo, Sanjoy Dey, Gyorgy Simon, Maribet C. McCarty, Vipin Kumar, Connie W. Delaney, Michael Steinbach, Bonnie L. Westra

Data Integration Opportunities and Challenges for the ADVANCE Clinical Data Research Network
Jon Puro

An Analytics Approach for Adverse Drug Event Discovery
Mohammadreza Rezaie, Kenji Yoshigoe, Umit Topaloglu

Drug Database Refinement Using Machine Learning and Text Analysis
Reza Sharifi Sedeh, Xianshu Zhu, Yugang Jia, Joey Liu, Oladimeji Farri, Daniel Elgort

Social Media and Autism Support: Health Information Seeking in Facebook by Autism Patients and Caregivers
Yuehua Zhao, Priya Nambisan

Global eHealth

Posters will highlight informatics approaches to Global eHealth challenges and the need for: scalable and interoperable HIT solutions, a global informatics workforce, and a scholarly network to support current and future eHealth implementations around the world.

Monday, November 16

Selection of a Database Engine for the National Master Patient Index of Malawi
Chimwemwe Kachaje, Blessings Mhango, Mwatha Bwanali, Soyapi L. Mumba, Jeremy U. Espino, Gerald P. Douglas

Network Infrastructure for Large Scale Regional Medical Information Network
Naoki Nakamura, Masaharu Nakayama, Takuo Suganuma, Norio Shiratori, Teiji Tominaga

Tuesday, November 17

Integrated Health Information Architecture to Facilitate State-wide and National Evidence-Based Public Health Monitoring: A Case Study based in India
Manish Kumar, Rohit Ramaswamy, Javed Mostafa

Imaging Informatics

Posters will explore the intersection of imaging science, biomedical engineering and biomedical informatics, including topics such as imaging ontologies, methodologies and techniques of image processing, standards for image information sharing, content-based image retrieval, decision support in image detection and interpretation, integration of genomic and drug information, computer-aided systems, and evaluations of image-based systems.

Monday, November 16

Optic disc and macula detection in fundus images by means of template matching
Luvia Rodríguez Quiñones, Maria-Ana Martinez-Castellanos, M. Elena Martinez-Perez, Samantha Salinas-Longoria, Tzolkin Garduno-Alvarado

Tuesday, November 17

Designing a drawing-based tool to manage EBRT process in an open-source oncology EMR system
Manika Praveenkumar Maheshwari, Saptarshi Purkayastha

Informaticians, Innovations, and Entrepreneurship

Posters will include discussions with AMIA members, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists with experience in running, starting, owning their own businesses or selling their research/ ideas/ services/ products to existing corporations. Sessions will bring together individuals wanting to develop informatics related products/services with commercial potential; motivated business entrepreneurs and researchers interested in partnering on collaborative R&D projects, and organizations interested in developing strategic alliances with informatics researchers.

Monday, November 16

Determining the Factors Relevant to Patient Handoff by Role and Patient Population
Karol L. Fleming, Ray A. McKelvy, Nathan C. Gonzalez, William B. Webb, Robert L. Shapiro

Tuesday, November 17

Building of Community Health care Data Bank (EHR) using positional and temporal tracking and collecting Data
Masakazu Aihara

Characteristics of Older Adults' Adherence of a Wearable Fall Detection Device
Youjeong Kang, Shomir Chaudhuri, Hilaire J. Thompson, George Demiris

Informatics Education and Workforce Development

Posters will explore efforts to create a trained HIT workforce to support the national “build out” of clinical information systems and the informatics contributions embedded within this movement. Other topics will include certification and accreditation efforts.

Monday, November 16

Evaluating Mobile Information Use in Undergraduate Nursing Programs: Moving from Access to Interpretation and Application?
Karen Furlong, Glynda Doyle, Loretta Secco, Judy Bailey

Integrating Usability Engineering into Undergraduate and Graduate Health Informatics Curricula
Andre W. Kushniruk, Elizabeth M. Borycki

Integrating Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) into a Health Informatics Curriculum: Pros, Cons and Opportunities
Victoria Wangia-Anderson

Tuesday, November 17

Integrating Electronic Health Record Competencies into Undergraduate Health Informatics Curricula: A Preliminary Qualitative Study
Elizabeth M. Borycki, Janessa Griffith, Andre W. Kushniruk

Survey of Mayo Clinic Trainees’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Opinions Regarding Clinical Informatics
Tomas Carvajal Carvajal, Karl Poterack

Information System for Mobile Immersive Learning Environment for Just-in-Time Learning in Public Health
Jina J. Dcruz, Kelly Ryder, Edward Choi, Sizhe Lin, Aashu B. Singh, Hang Su, Sridhar R. Papagari Sangareddy, Herman Tolentino, Jimeng Sun

A Gap Analysis of Competencies and Curriculum in Host-Site Projects of a Field-Based Informatics Fellowship
Laura H. Franzke, Sridhar R. Papagari Sangareddy, Regina Bess, Herman Tolentino, Brenna Baccaro

Using OpenEMR in HIT Training
Virginia Lorenzi, Tony McCormick5, 6, Brady Miller3, 6, Kenneth Newman, Carol Smyth, Fred Rahmanian, Frances Morrison

A Systems-based Framework for Informatics Workforce Development to Support Health System Transformation
Herman Tolentino, Laura H. Franzke, Sridhar R. Papagari Sangareddy

Informatics in Health Professional Education

Posters will highlight the application of information technology in health professional education and promote the teaching of informatics as a discipline.

Monday, November 16

RSS Feeds used by Medical Professionals, a Systematic Review and Guide
Pamela E. Hoffman, Ronald G. Hauser

Tuesday, November 17

Usability of mobile apps for radiology diagnostic decision-making
Min Kim, Michael Aro , Kraig Lage, Kevin Ingalls, Vivek Sindhwani, Mia K. Markey

Evaluation of a Statewide Online HIV-HCV-STD Clinical Education Program – Characterization of Healthcare Providers’ Professional Background, Self-reported Knowledge Increase, and Intention to Change Clinical Practice
Dongwen Wang, Amneris E. Luque, Terry Doll, Monica Barbosu, Matthew Bernhardt

Interactive Systems

Posters will highlight human-computer interaction (HCI) research, compelling designs, or innovative interactive technologies, including those that improve our understanding of the social and human elements of health technologies.

Monday, November 16

Designing iSee, the intelligent Search expansion tool
Ko-Wei Lin, Dexter Friedman, Hyeoneui Kim

MAC Annotator: An interactive tool for translating medication appropriateness criteria into structured form
Hojjat Salmasian, Carol Friedman

Tuesday, November 17

Regenstrief ePRO: A Rule-Based Platform for Capturing Targeted Patient-reported Outcomes
Jon Duke, Daniel J. Vreeman, Jeremy Leventhal, Chen Wen, Katie Allen, David Haggstrom

An Interactive System for Comprehensive Geriatric Telerehabilitation
In cheol Jeong, Joseph Finkelstein

aceso (After Cancer Education and Support Operations): a clinical decision support system approach for engaging breast cancer survivors
Akshat Kapoor, Priya Nambisan

Transition of Care from an Academic Cancer Center to Community Providers and Survivorship care: Would a Patient Care Team Portal Help?
Philip E. Whalen, Marina Oktapodas, Carmelo Gaudioso

Mobile Health (mHealth)

Posters will cover mHealth, Web 2.0, social media, telehealth/telemedicine, Quantified Self, and related topics.

Monday, November 16

A Smartphone-based Gait Assessment System for the Elderly
Naoya Arisaka, Kosuke Mizuno, Yoshitaka Shiba, Noritaka Mamorita, Harukazu. Tsuruta

Home-care Scheduling, Supervision and Security (HC-SSS): A status report
Maria Botsivaly, Vasileios Pierros, Michael Marinis , Aris Tzavaras, Basile P. Spyropoulos

‘Smart Snack Box’ System for Recording Snacking Behavior
Teruyoshi Hishiki, HIroki Yasui, Yoshiko Matsunaga, Takuro Tamura

Augmenting Psychiatric Care: A Participatory Mobile Framework
Kandace M. Kelly, James Rosser, Kenneth Wells, Armen Arevian

Design of a Knowledge Exchange for Community Health Workers
Harold Lehmann, M. C. Gibbons, Richard Singlerman, Steve King, Joe Warren, John May

An analysis of PubMed4Hh App User Distribution
Fang Liu, Paul Fontelo

Responders and Nonresponders: Nurse Practitioner and Physical Therapist Personal Perceptions of Activity Monitors for Patient Use
Peggy J. Mancuso, Sahiti Myneni

ICan’tCount: a mobile app for helping children with dyscalculia
Andrea Marchesini, Vincenzo Maurelli, Siria Pantano, Giuseppe Vacante, Marilena Coniglio, Gianluca Palermo, Vittorio Tauro, Agostino Accardo, Sara R. Marceglia

Identifying Health Consumer’s eHealth Literacy to Decrease Disparities in Accessing eHealth Information
Hyejin Park, Eunjoo Lee

A Multi-dimensional Consumer-oriented Approach to Evaluate Patient Portals
Mandana Salimi, Adriana Stanley, Vickie Nguyen, Sahiti Myneni

Inexpensive Radio Communications System for Wheelchair Users
James R. Sprague, Dorothy W. Curtis

Clinical Efficacy of Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Intervention for Patients with Low-back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Wu-Chen Su, Shih-Ching Yeh, Si-Huei Lee, Hsiang-Chun Huang

Smart Coach: A Problem-Solving Mobile App to Support Weight Loss Management
Bengisu Tulu, Emmanuel Agu, Stephenie Lemon, Jessica Oleski, Martinus Evans, Sherry Pagoto

Facebook and depression: How people with depression use Facebook to manage their depression
Maryam Zolnoori, Priya Nambisan, Timothy B. Patrick

Tuesday, November 17

Patient-centered Postoperative Wound Surveillance Using Smartphone Digital Photographs
Kate Baker, Andrea Mahnke, Sara Fernandes-Taylor, Jason Wiseman, K. Craig Kent

A Faceted-Search Mobile App for Matching Cancer Patients to Targeted Therapy Clinical Trials
Thomas P. Bechtold, Elly J. Cohen, Susan L. Colen, Laura J. Esserman

HealthAlert: A Real-time Health Monitoring App for Apple’s HealthKit
Basil Chaballout, Ryan J. Shaw

Predicting the Initial Lapses After Alcohol Detoxification Using mHealth
Ming-Yuan Chih

Automatic Phone and Text Message Reminders to Increase Patient Completion of Outpatient Laboratory Testing
Trygve Dolber, David Kaelber

Meal-camera System to Support Nutritional Tele-consultation for Diabetics
Masayuki Hashimoto, Umi Nakamura, Miki Akiyama, Toru Takebayashi, Marino Oshima, Tomoki Kumegawa, Hitomi Imachi, Koji Murao

A Cross Strait Cooperation Design and Implementation of Mobile Nursing Information System
Yun Liu, Pinjen Huang, Zejuan Gu, Rong Wang, Chunhong Gao, Shan Tao, Jianjun Guo, Zhongmin Wang

The Process of Using Focus Groups to Inform Development
Jennifer A. Mallow, Laurie A. Theeke, Elliott A. Theeke, Brian Mallow

Use of mHealth Technology for Supporting Symptom Management in Underserved Persons Living with HIV (PLWH)
Rebecca Schnall, Haomiao Jia, Susan Olender, Suzanne Bakken

Implementation of a Mobile Electronic Medical Record System that Uses a Problem-oriented Contiguous Timeline View
Akiko Shibuya, Keisuke Ogawa, Kazunori Matsumoto, Masayuki Hashimoto, Yukihiro Maeda, Yoshiaki Kondo

Machine-to-machine (M2M) Communication in Home-care
Basile P. Spyropoulos, Aris Tzavaras, Maria Botsivaly

NLP, Information Extraction, and Retrieval

Posters will highlight research and explore the application of natural language processing information extraction and retrieval to all areas of biomedicine to increase the amount of usable data and information that can be accessed from clinical patient databases and biomedical literature.

Monday, November 16

Knowledge Base Acquisition For Rare Concepts Using Manual Bootstrapping
Patrick R. Alba, Scott L. DuVall, Joanne LaFleur, Adam P. Bress, Olga V. Patterson

Automated searches for personalized evidence to prevent hospital acquired infection
Amos Cahan, Sonya E. Shooshan, Laritza M. Rodriguez, Dina Demner-Fushman

Question Types in Online Health Communities
Shaheen Kanthawala, Courtland VanDam, Barbara Given, Joyce Chai, Amber Vermeesch, Marianne Huebner, John Crowley, Jina Huh

Improving Detection of Reasons Not to Take a Medication by Leveraging Medication Prescription Status
Youngjun Kim, Jennifer H. Garvin, Julia Heavirland, Stephane Meystre

Text Mining of Patient Demographics and Diagnoses from Psychiatric Assessments
Eric Klosterman, Rashmi Prasad

Drug-disease Associations in Guidelines, Drug Labels, and Practice
Tiffany Leung, Michel Dumontier

A Deep Learning Framework for Improving Medical Information Retrieval
Dingcheng Li, Saeed Mehrabi, Yue Yu, Hongfang Liu

Generating the MEDLINE N-Gram Set Chris J. Lu, Destinee L. Tormey, Lynn McCreedy, Allen C. Browne

Exploring Gaps of Family History Documentation in EHR for Precision Medicine - A Case Study of Familial Hypercholesterolemia Ascertainment
Saeed Mehrabi, Mayya S. Safarova, Iftikhar J. Kullo, Hongfang Liu

Using Natural Language Processing to Facilitate Medical Record Abstraction in Epidemiological Studies
Carlton R. Moore, Kyle Shaffer, Anna Kucharska-Newton, Stephanie W. Haas, Gerardo Heiss

Automated Approach to Extract Cardiovascular Phenotypes from Echocardiography Reports
Chinmoy Nath, Mazen Albaghdadi, Siddhartha R. Jonnalagadda

Building custom lexicon for a large number of related concepts using templates
Olga V. Patterson, Matthew Freiberg, Scott L. DuVall

Social Media use for Drug Repurposing: Understanding the consumer perspective
Majid Rastegar-Mojarad, Hongfang Liu, Priya Nambisan

Novel Template Identification from VA Text Integration Utility Notes
Andrew M. Redd, Guy Divita, Adi V. Gundlapalli, Le-Thuy T. Tran, Matthew Samore

Clinical Relevance of the Doctor's Dilemma Question Set
Daniel R. Schlegel, Sashank Kaushik, Peter L. Elkin

Annotating ADLs and IADLs in Veterans Affairs Clinical Documents
Brett R. South, Danielle Mowery, Lee Christensen, Adi V. Gundlapalli, Melissa Tharp, Marzieh Vali, Marjorie E. Carter, Mike Conway, Salomeh Keyhani, Wendy Chapman

Annotating Recommendation Sentences in Radiology Reports
Meliha Yetisgen, Prescott Klassen, Lucas McCarthy, Thomas Payne, Martin L. Gunn

Annotation of Disease Characteristics for Cancer Liver Stage Prediction
Wen-wai Yim, Sharon W. Kwan, Guy Johnson, Meliha Yetisgen

Understanding the Use of Adverse Events Criteria in Radiation Therapy: A Literature Mining Approach
Yi Zhen, Yuliang Jiang, Q. Jackie Wu, Lulin Yuan, Yaorong Ge

Tuesday, November 17

Learning Useful Abstractions from the Web
Abhishek Bafna, Jenna Wiens

Evaluating Health Information Systems based on expert knowledge reference
Marcelo A. Carvalho, Cristina Lúcia F. Ortolani, Ivan T. Pisa

System Architecture of CDC I-SMILE Recommendation Engine
Edward Choi, Jina J. Dcruz, Sizhe Lin, Aashu B. Singh, Hang Su, Kelly Ryder, Sridhar R. Papagari Sangareddy, Herman Tolentino, Jimeng Sun

Bridging the MedlinePlus Cloud to askMEDLINE
Paul Fontelo, Fang Liu

Using MetaMap to Analyze Which Linguistic Concepts of an Imaging Study Indication Make it Helpful to a Radiologist
Andrew Herzik

Natural Language Processing facilitates delivery of individualized recommendations at the point of care
Ravikumar Komandur Elayavilli, Rajeev Chaudhry, James Masanz, Joshua Pankratz, Jane L. Shellum, Steve G. Peters, Ronald Hankey, Daniel J. Cronk, Jennifer J. Boysen, Kristin Pavek, Robert Roden, Hongfang Liu

Caveats of Using Social Media Data for Medical Research: A Report from a Study on Eye-Related Symptoms in Tweets
Yang Liu, Tricia O'Brien, Esha Sondhi, Qiaozhu Mei, David A. Hanauer, Kai Zheng

Evaluation of the accuracy of CDS for cervical cancer screening and surveillance
Kathy MacLaughlin, Ravikumar Komandur Elayavilli, Kavishwar Wagholikar, Marianne R. Scheitel, Hongfang Liu, Rajeev Chaudhry

Canary – a Graphic User Interface to a Heuristic NLP Engine
Nicolae L. Sandor, Stephen Skentzos, Alexander Turchin

Identifying Population Characteristics Tables in Full Text Articles
Garrick Sherman, Catherine Blake, Jooho Lee

Alternative Information Display of Clinical Research to Support Clinical Decision Making: A Formative Evaluation
Stacey Slager, Charlene Weir, Heejun Kim, Javed Mostafa, Guilherme Del Fiol

Anchor time extraction for building timeline from Korean clinical narratives
Wangjin Yi, Seongkeun Park, Jinwook Choi

Policy and Ethical Issues

Posters will highlight the unprecedented national HIT activity and ethical considerations posed as more practitioners and the public interface with these technologies.

Monday, November 16

Implementing an EMR-based “No Opiate” Policy In The Emergency Department
Zachary P. Kahler, Paul Musey, John Finnell, Annelyssa Johnson, Christi Saupp, Christian Strachan, Charles Shufflebarger

Best Practices and Design Experiences in Health Information Technology (Hit) Systems: A Primer
Gloria Opoku-Boateng

Tuesday, November 17

Innovative Methods for Obtaining and Managing Patient Consent for Patient Centered Outcomes Research
atherine Donaldson, Prashila Dullabh, Melissa Goldstein, Jane H. Thorpe, Kathryn Li, Daniel Bowers

Public Health Informatics and Biosurveillance

Posters will focus on leading-edge approaches to disease detection, communications, workforce development, standards and interoperability, and best practices to combine the domains of health information science and technology with the practice and science of public health.

Monday, November 16

The Internet: A Source of Near Real Time Infectious Disease Information
Juliana J. Brixey, Catherine P. Pepper, Jacqueline Brixey

Identifying High Risk of Hospitalization Among Long-Term Care Patients Using Conditional Inference Tree
Si-Chi Chin

Using a Socio-technical Framework to Understand Technology Use Among Health Care Innovation Award Community Resource Planning Awardees
Saira N. Haque, Lucia Rojas-Smith, Debra J. Holden

Examining Cancer Case Reporting Processes and Timeliness: Preliminary Results
Abdulrahman Jabour, Brian E. Dixon, Josette F. Jones, David Haggstrom

Predictors of Medical Records Violation Punishments Filed with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) Before and After the HITECH Act
Mehdi Rais, Craig W. Johnson, Eilami Kavoos

Use of Diagnosis Related Groups to Predict All-Cause Pediatric Hospital Readmission Within 30 days
Victor M. Ruiz Herrera, Amie J. Draper, Ye Ye, Andrew H. Urbach, Rich Tsui

Exploring Healthcare Mobility in the US to Improve Quality of Care: Preliminary Results
Karen Wang, Constance Carroll, Brenda Fenton, Samah J. Fodeh, Joseph Erdos, Marcella Nunez-Smith, Amy C. Justice, Cynthia Brandt

Tuesday, November 17

Improving Vaccine-preventable Disease Reporting through Health Information Exchange
Brian E. Dixon, P. Joseph Gibson, Shaun Grannis

Partnering to Develop a Service-based CDS System for Public Health Reporting Specifications
Sunanda McGarvey, Denisha Abrams, Janet Hui, Laura Conn, Catherine J. Staes

The Everyday Practice of Health for Mexican Women in New Brunswick: Barriers and Opportunities
Miraida Morales, Xiaomu Zhou

Role of Social Media in shaping public health messages regarding Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations
Lien B. Nguyen, Priya Nambisan

Automated Prediction of Human Mobility Patterns in International Humanitarian Response
Nicholas Robison, Anne M. Turner

PubMed ‘Early Alerts’: A Pilot Study to Support Prospective Detection of Emerging Adverse Drug Events
Alfred Sorbello, anna ripple, Olivier Bodenreider

Predicting Autonomy for Physical Activity using Data Mining Techniques
Sunmoo Yoon, Niurka M. Suero-Tejeda, Suzanne Bakken

Simulation and Modeling

Posers will explore the use of computer-based simulation and modeling methodologies and tools as they can be applied within the field of biomedical informatics to help researchers and clinicians explore complex healthcare interactions.

Monday, November 16

Decision Analysis for Oropharyngeal Cancer in Radiotherapy
Ahmad K. Aljadaan, John H. Gennari, Mark H. Phillips, Wade P. Smith

Assessing and Simulating Scheduling Processes in Community Health Centers
Iman Mohammadi, Ayten Turkcan, Tammy Toscos, Amy Miller, Kislaya Kunjan, Bradley N. Doebbeling

Multi-Agent (Team) Microworld Environments for Healthcare
Vickie Nguyen, Amy Franklin

A Simulation Framework for Longitudinal Electronic Health Records Data
Matthew Phelan, Benjamin Goldstein

Blood Flow Model for Improved Decision Support
Charles Puelz, Beatrice Riviere, Craig Rusin

Tuesday, November 17

Stratification of Risk for Fall Resulting in Hospital Readmission through Medication Side Effects Profiles
Thomas H. McCoy, Victor M. Castro, Roy H. Perlis

Use of an Adaptive Agent-Based Model in Evaluating Patient Preferences in Healthcare
Andrew Phillips, Margarita Sordo

Building and evaluating predictive models for postoperative ileus prior to colorectal surgery
Xuya Wang, Raul Caso Caso, Yindalon Aphinyanaphongs

Terminology and Standards Ontologies

Posters will explore the complex issues surrounding standard syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of design, development and use of various application-specific and general-purpose clinical terminologies and ontologies.

Monday, November 16

A Framework for Incorporating Changes to a Reference Terminology on a Mapped Enterprise Terminology Subset
Sina Madani, Trent Rosenbloom

Development of a concept-based template report editor for Radiological Information System
Carolina Valencia, Andrés Arbeláez, Sebastián Velez, Hugo Chvatal, Andrés F. Zapata, Lorena Tamayo, Ana C. Londoño, Jose F. Florez-Arango

Tuesday, November 17

Developing an Ontology from HIV-associated Elements in Research
William Brown, Chunhua Weng, David Vawdrey, Alex Carballo-Diéguez, Suzanne Bakken

Converting the Foundational Model of Anatomy to OWL2
Landon T. Detwiler, Jose Mejino, James F. Brinkley

Transforming the National Department of Veterans Affairs Data Warehouse to the OMOP Common Data Model
Fern FitzHenry, Jesse Brannen, Jason Denton, Jonathan R. Nebeker, Scott L. Duvall, Freneka F. Minter, Jeffrey Scehnet, Brian Sauer, Lucila Ohno-Machado, Michael E. Matheny

HDD Access – an Open Source Terminology Server with Publicly Available Healthcare Terminology Content
Senthil K. Nachimuthu, Lee Min Lau

Organizing Drugs in RxNorm by Therapeutic Classes
Matvey B. Palchuk, Michael Kamerick

Data-driven identification of factors for appropriate selection of lab tests
Gouri Prakash

Developing Intermediary Medication Phenotypes via Metabolomics Biotechnology Using an Electronic Health Record-Linked Biobank
Matthew K. Breitenstein, Richard M. Weinshilboum, Jyotishman Pathak, Liewei Wang

Translational Bioinformatics and Biomedicine

Posters will focus on opportunities in biomedical informatics that arise from the storage, retrieval, analysis, and dissemination of molecular and genomic information in a clinical setting context.

Monday, November 16

Visualizing High Dimensional Clinical and Tumor Genotyping Data
Matthew Rioth, Jeremy L. Warner

PheWAS Network Analysis and Visualization
Yaomin Xu, Todd Edwards, Lisa Bastarache, Rebecca N. Jerome, Shilin Zho, Eric Torstenson, Wei-Qi Wei, Jana Shirey-Rice, Erica A. Bowton, Yu Shyr, Jill Pulley, Joshua C. Denny

Tuesday, November 17

Personalized medicine beyond genetics: using personalized model-based forecasting to help type 2 diabetics understand and predict their post-meal glucose
David Albers, Matthew Levine, Bruce Gluckman, George Hripcsak, Lena Mamykina

GeneLab: NASA’s Open Access, Collaborative Platform for Systems Biology and Space Medicine
Daniel C. Berrios, Terri Thompson, Homer Fogle, Jon Rask, Joseph Coughlan

Deep Sequencing of Phage-Displayed Peptide Libraries Reveals Novel Peptide Motif that Detects Norovirus
Amy M. Hurwitz, Wanzhi Huang, Robert L. Atmar, Timothy G. Palzkill

Leveraging Genetic Findings to Identify High-Risk Chronic Kidney Disease in the Electronic Medical Record
Craig Smail

A survey of automated information retrieval for genetic disorder from GeneReviews
Qian Zhu, pu Li