High School Scholars: Building New Paths to Biomedical Informatics Education

Monday, November 17
1:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Room: Georgetown (Washington Hilton)

S34: Featured Presentation – High School Scholars: Building New Paths (to Biomedical Informatics Education)

High School Student Presenters

BetweenNet: A Method To Discover New Gene-Disease Associations
Sumeetha Swaminathan, Monta Vista High School; Jack Prescott, Pinewood High School; Steven Bagley, Russ Altman, Stanford University, California

Exploring Novel Visualizations of Survey Data from Users of Electronic Health Records
Meghana Ganapathiraju, Green Hope High School; David Borland, RENCI; Vivian West, W. Ed Hammond, Duke University, North Carolina

Quality of Physician Documentation of Breast Cancer Family History
Zeba Kokan, Jon Duke, Regenstrief Institute, Inc., Indiana

Integrating Pathway and Gene Expression Data to Identify Novel Pathway-specific Cancer Drugs
Charles Pei, Upper Arlington High School; Marina Sirota, Bin Chen, Atul Butte, Stanford University, California

Automating the Measurement of ICU Alarm Reliability
Ethan Pronovost, Suchi Saria, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

Preemptive HLA Genotyping of HIV Patients for Personalized Medicine
Akhila Ashokan, Josh Peterson, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee

Call for Participation

AMIA 2014 will include a session for high school students participating in educational and research partnerships with Biomedical Informatics programs around the United States. The session will provide an opportunity for high school students to present their research activities. Additional special programming will be arranged for networking with other high school scholars and biomedical informatics researchers. Funds will be available to defray the costs for each selected high school scholar and a teacher from their high school to travel to and attend the AMIA conference.

Students interested in participating in the session should prepare the following materials:

  1. A one page extended abstract describing their research project.
  2. A 7-minute PowerPoint presentation describing their research project.

Submissions are due September 4, 2014.

All submissions will be peer reviewed by a subset of the AMIA 2014 Scientific Program Committee and additional researchers. Decisions on submissions along with peer review comments will be returned to the students no later than September 30, 2014

The supervising mentor must be listed as a co-author on the submission. Selected submissions will be subject to verification of high school student status.

Submission site: https://amiaannual2014.abstractcentral.com/