AMIA 2014 Exhibition & Sponsorship

The emergence of informatics as a critical, specialized discipline in healthcare and life science research is complete. Informaticians are now more visible, more outspoken, and more well-known than ever. They are driving ground-breaking initiatives in:

  • Workforce development and capacity building
  • Standards, interoperability, and health information exchange
  • Usability and Meaningful Use
  • Comparative effectiveness and pharmacovigilance research
  • Consumer health and personalized medicine

AMIA counts over 4,000 informaticians as active members and thousands of new graduates of the University-based Training Programs are ready to enter the work force to help meet Meaningful Use criteria and the operation of the Regional Extension Centers. We anticipate over 2,500 attendees at this year’s meeting. Opportunities are ripe for organizations that need to stay ahead of the curve with their strategic services and be first to market with innovative new solutions and products.

AMIA’s Annual Symposium serves many communities: translational scientists, clinicians, computer scientists, nurse informaticians, clinical researchers, public health officials, and those who specialize in telemedicine and consumer health informatics.

Your organization needs to target influencers and buyers at the cutting edge of health and healthcare delivery, discovery-driven science, and the latest innovations in health information technology.

Your organization needs to have a presence at AMIA 2014, November 15-19, in Washington, D.C.

Contained in this prospectus are details on a number of cost-effective exhibition and sponsorship options.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to having you!

Please make all hotel reservations for AMIA 2014 directly through the Washington Hilton. Our contracted room rates at the Hilton are $275 per night for a single/ $300 per night for a double.