AMIA 2014: AMIA's Got Talent!

If you missed your chance last year to share your musical talents and other performance skills with your AMIA colleagues, 2014 is your year to shine!  AMIA’s Got Talent is happening again and will be even bigger this year.

Monday, November 17, 8:30 p.m. — 10:00 p.m.

Room: Georgetown

The AMIA’s Got Talent event will be giving the stage to AMIA’s best and brightest stars.

Again this year, Dr. Ross Martin (@rossmartin), President and Founder of The American College of Medical Informatimusicology (ACMImimi), will be your MC and host. 

AMIA’s Got Talent is open to all Annual Symposium attendees with a unique talent they are willing to share. ACMImimi will provide guitars, a keyboard, mics, percussion, the stage and a six-minute spotlight – you bring your act and any additional instruments, props and groupies to watch and enjoy the show.

Yes, I’m in! Sign me up!

1) To sign up your act:

Send an email to with the subject “AMIA’s Got Talent"
Sign up Deadline: Now! But do it before 5:00 p.m. ET, Friday, November 14. 

  • Name of act
  • Piece performed (original or cover)
  • Names of participants
  • Email addresses of all participants
  • Twitter handles of all participants
  • Special needs

Time limit: 6 minutes -- All performances MUST be under six minutes, so we can fit as many in as possible. (In other words … don’t plan on doing your a cappella version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” no matter how awesome it might be.

2) To play in the Jam Band:

Send an email to with the subject "Jam Band"
Sign up Deadline: Now! But do it before 5:00 p.m. ET, Friday, November 7.

  • Name
  • Instrument(s)
  • Musical skill level (hack to professional)
  • Amplification and other requirements

When will I know more?

Dr. Martin will send you details and will let you know if you made it on the list on Sunday, November 16.

Got no talent? What’s a show without an audience!

Come and enjoy the spectacle, the beer nuts and the cash bar. And find out who will be performing by following #AMIA2013 #AMIAsGotTalent on Twitter. See you Monday night!


Q: Are spoken word, poetry, magic, impressions, or comedy bits allowed?

A: As long as it demonstrates a legitimate performance-type talent, non-musical acts are welcome. Please don’t read us an excerpt from your latest journal article!

Q: Can I sing if I bring the instrumental on CD?

A: We will have a connector for MP3 input (like from your iPhone or a portable CD player with an output jack), which you would have to provide yourself. But we prefer a live performance. This is not Karaoke Night, so if you’re planning on singing to a soundtrack, please plan on being amazing!

Q: Will there be a pre-event set up?

A: The stage and sound will be set up just prior to the event, so we will be ready for you to come on stage, plug in (if needed), and do your thing. Ross will confirm your specific needs in advance of the event. We will have two mics and room to plug in a couple of additional instruments if needed. But you only have a minute or so to set up, so complicated set-ups won’t really work. Keep it simple and let your talent shine!

Q: Will we have any rehearsal time?

A: You and your doo-wop group are welcome to rehearse in the hallways and restrooms at the Hilton. Tell anyone who asks that you’re prepping for your big break at AMIA’s Got Talent!