• November 16-20, Washington, DC

    AMIA 2013 Annual Symposium

AMIA 2013 Late Breaking Research Abstracts

Four sessions are scheduled:

  • S66: User Centered Design for Patients and Clinicians
  • S76: Natural Language Processing and Factors Influencing Data Quality in Clinical Settings
  • S86: Machine Learning in Relation to EMRs
  • S96: Machine Learning & Analysis Techniques in the Clinical Setting for Chronic Illness

Tuesday, Nov. 19 1:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

S66: Late Breaking Research Abstracts – User Centered Design for Patients and Clinicians

  • The Impact of End-user Support on EMR Success: Preliminary Findings from a Qualitative Case-study in Primary Care
    Shachak, C. Montgomery, R. Dow, J. Barnsley, University of Toronto; K. Tu, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences; A. Jadad, University of Toronto/University Health Network; L. Lemieux-Charles, University of Toronto

  • The Pain of Managing Opioid Analgesics in Primary Care: Can Electronic Health Records Help?
    Harle, R. Cook, R. Fillingim, University of Florida

  • Improving Electronic Medication Administration and Reconciliation Using a Near Field Communication Enabled Mobile Device
    P. Neri, Partners HealthCare System; S. Miles, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M. Dinsmore, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; M. Sweet, Partners HealthCare System; Bane, A. Landman, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

  • Usability Evaluation of Predictive Text Keyboards on Touchscreen Tablets in a Healthcare Setting
    S. Omage, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation/University of Queensland School of Medicine; A. Mahnke, S. Lin, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation

  • Understanding the Workflow of Chemotherapy Infusion Management
    J. Kimmons, Cane Ridge High School; K. Unertl, Vanderbilt University

  • Moving Towards Inter-organizational Collaborative Team Workflow: Supporting an Academic-community Partnership for Sickle Cell Disease
    K. Unertl, N. Lorenzi, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

  • "We're all in our Own Little Island": A Qualitative Exploration of Patient Information Exchange during Admission to Home Health Agency
    M. Topaz, D. Molkina, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing; G. Koru, University of Maryland; R. Masterson-Creber, O. Jarrín, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing; K. Rhadhakrishanan, University of Texas School of Nursing; M. O’Connor, Villanova University College of Nursing; K. H. Bowles University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

  • Engaging Patients in Underserved Populations with Health Information Technology (HIT)
    T. Strasen, S. Johnson, T. Toscos, Indiana University Purdue University Fort

  • Demographics Specific Interfaces to Promote Healthy Snacking in Low SES Families
    Khan, C. Schaefbauer, G. Sczechowski, K. Siek, University of Colorado Boulder

Tuesday, Nov. 19 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

S76: Late Breaking Research Abstracts – Natural Language Processing and Factors Influencing Data Quality in Clinical Settings

  • Discovering Time Expressions in Clinical Text
    T. Miller, D. Dligach, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School; S. Bethard, University of Alabama Birmingham; S. Pradhan, C. Lin, and G. Savova, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School

  • The Relationship between Electronic Nursing Care Reminders and Missed Nursing Care
    R. Piscotty, Wayne State University

  • Negation’s not Solved: Reconsidering negation annotation and evaluation
    S. Wu, Mayo Clinic; T. Miller, Childrens Hospital Boston; J. Masanz, Mayo Clinic; M. Coarr, MITRE Corporation; D. Carrell, S. Halgrim, Group Health Cooperative; D. Harris, Childrens Hospital Boston; C. Clark, MITRE Corporation

  • NLP-enabled Implementation of Full Clinical Practice Guidelines
    G. Petratos, Northwestern University/Hiteks Solutions Inc.; S. Matis-Mitchell, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals; M. Sengupta, Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative; Z. Cai, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

  • Using PheWAS and Natural Language Processing to Discover Clinical Associations for Congenital Chest Deformities
    C. McEvoy, Vanderbilt University/Johns Hopkins University; R. Carroll, L. Bastarache, W-Q. Wei, J. Denny, Vanderbilt University

  • Health Center-controlled Networks: Advancing Health Care Quality Through Health Information Technology at Community Health Centers
    E. Lomotan, Health Resources and Services Administration; Andria Cornell, Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs; A. Poker, J. Segebrecht, D. Wyatt, D. Black, S. Nair, Health Resources and Services Administration

  • CTSI Pilot: Evaluating EHR Flowsheet Data Quality for Secondary Use in Research
    S. Johnson, University of Minnesota; M. Byrne, St. Catherine’s University School of Nursing; B. Christie, Fairview Health Services; J. Dale, S. Kathpalia, E. Melcher, T. Meyer, University of Minnesota; J. Park, University of Minnesota, School of Nursing; Suzan Sherman, Fairview Health Services; B. Westra, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

  • Research Completed at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing as a Requirement for the Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) Degree in Informatics (August 2013)
    R. Cole, Georgia State University School of Nursing

Wednesday, Nov. 20 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

S86: Late Breaking Abstracts – Machine Learning in Relation to EMRs

  • Inadvertent Disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) In Randomly Shifted Date Elements for De-identification
    T. Adamusiak, M. Shimoyama, Medical College of Wisconsin

  • Improving SAPS3-based Mortality Risk Prediction for ICU Patients using Random Forest Models: A Single-center Study
    T. Dang, Antwerp University Hospital - University of Antwerp; K. Smets, University of Antwerp; W. Verbrugghe, P. Jorens, T. Van den Bulcke, Antwerp University Hospital - University of Antwerp

  • Supervised Machine Learning Classification of Journals Entries About Emotional Personal Experiences
    M. Newman, J. Yen, P. Mitra, W. Murphy, N. Jacobson, H. Kim, The Pennsylvania State University

  • An Integrated Approach for Interpretation of Clinical NGS Genomic Variant Data
    E. Crowgey, C. Chen, S. Polson, H. Huang, C. Wu, University of Delaware

  • Creation and Comparative Analysis of a Novel Disease Phenotype Network Based on Clinical Manifestation
    Y. Chen, X. Zhang, G-Q. Zhang, R. Xu, Case Western Reserve University

  • Data Mining to Predict Mobility Outcomes for Older Adults Receiving Home Health Care
    S. Dey, J. Weed, J. Fakhoury, J. Cooner, G. Simon, M. Steinbach, B. Westra, V. Kumar, University of Minnesota

  • Perioperative Medication Management Decision Heuristics: Foundational Development of a Clinical Decision Support Tool
    M. Rafiei, D. Pieczkiewicz, B. Westra, S. Khairat, S. Shafizadeh, T. Adam, University of Minnesota

  • Concordance and predictive value of two adverse drug event data sets
    Cami, B. Reis, Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School

  • Use of Rxnorm and NDF-RT to Normalize and Characterize Participant-reported Medications in a Research Repository: Obstacles and Achievements
    J. Tenenbaum, C. Blach, Duke University; G. Del Fiol, Univerity of Utah; C. Dundee, J. Frund, M. Smerek, A. Walden, R. Richesson, Duke University

Wednesday, Nov 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

S96: Late Breaking Research Abstracts - Machine Learning & Analysis Techniques in the Clinical Setting for Chronic Illness

  • Classifying Benign and Malignant Lung Diseases by Applying Machine Learning Methods to Microscopic Pathology Images
    K. Hsing Yu, S.Tuo, D. Rubin, Stanford University

  • Leveraging Aggregate Datasets from Electronic Health Records to Provide Data Visualization and Estimate Economic Burden of Diabetes in Chicago
    O. Enyia Daniel, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Using Electronic Health Records to Assess Generalizability of Clinical Trials
    C.Weng, Y. Li, G. Hripcsak, Y. Zhang, J. Gao, F. Liu, J.T. Bigger, Columbia University

  • A Rapid Learning System for Personalized Glioblastoma Treatment Planning
    S. Finlayson, V. Sochat, L. Szabo, L. Yancy Jr., Stanford University

  • Constructing a Novel Cancer Ontology
    Michael Gao, Harvard Medical School; J. Warner, Vanderbilt University; P. Yang, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School; G. Alterovitz, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Decision Tree Induction for the Screening of Patients at Risk of Moderately Emetogenic Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting During Delayed Phase
    Mosa, I. Yoo, A.M. Hossain, University of Missouri

  • Feasibility of Machine Learning Based Automatic Classification of Medical School Curricula
    Ray, New York University Medical Center; L. Fu, New York University Medical Center/New York University School of Medicine; W. Holloway, New York University School of Medicine; Y. Aphinyanaphongs, New York University Medical Center/New York University School of Medicine

  • "Real-world" Respiratory Rate (RR) Signal Pprocessing during Trauma Patient Resuscitation
    R. North, Y. Wang, PF-M. Hu, S. Yang, K. Frank, C. Mackenzie University of Maryland, Baltimore County