• November 3-7, Chicago

    AMIA 2012 Annual Symposium

    Informatics: Transforming Health and Healthcare

Best of AMIA 2012

With 673 papers, posters, panels, tutorials, roundtables and more offered during AMIA 2012 Annual Symposium, we asked the AMIA 2012 Scientific Program Committee chairs to provide an insider’s view of the sessions – the selections most likely to draw attention: popular topics, new features, innovative research areas and highlights of presenters who are well-known plus some rising stars to watch.

The Scientific Program Committee chairs selected the Best of AMIA 2012 “Hot Picks”

  • Bill Hersh, MD, FACP, FACMI, Oregon Health and Science University, chair
  • John H. Holmes, PhD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, co-chair
  • Bonnie Westra, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI, University of Minnesota School of Nursing, co-chair
All content can be reviewed in the Itinerary Planner www.amia.org/amia2012-itinerary-planner. Use the codes listed next to each item to search for expanded information.


State-of-the-Practice Presentations

New this Year! State-of-the-Practice sessions present evidence-based updates of best informatics practices in operational settings.

  • Safer electronic health records: Using the science of informatics to develop safety assessment guides AMIA-0201-A2012
  • Electronic Tools for Cognitive Support During Resident Handoffs: State of the Practice and Future Directions AMIA-0216-A2012
  • The Life Cycle of Clinical Decision Support(CDS): CDS Theory and Practice from Request to Maintenance AMIA-0337-A2012
  • The Science Behind Health Information Technology Implementation: Understanding Failures and Building on Successes AMIA-0577-A2012
  • Managing the Flood of Codes: maintaining patient problem lists in the era of Meaningful Use and ICD10 AMIA-0609-A2012
  • The Practice of Clinical Decision Support: Applying Standards and Technology to Deliver Knowledge-Driven Interventions AMIA-0658-A2012


New Technologies, New Directions

Health Information Exchange

  • Comprehensive, Population-based, Peer-to-Peer Health Information Exchange and Clinical Data Repository Creation among Rural Practices and County Public Health Departments: The SE MN Beacon Community Abstract Presentation Podium Christopher Chute,  AMIA-0350-A2012

Consumer Informatics and PHRs

  • OpenNotes: Inviting Patients to Access Notes Online Abstract Presentation Podium Henry Feldman,  AMIA-0417-A2012

Consumer Informatics

  • Consumer perceptions of health information technology and health information exchange: A nationwide survey Abstract Presentation Podium Jessica Ancker,  AMIA-0055-A2012

EHRs, Terminologies, and Standards

  • Toward a Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record: The Department of Veterans Affairs Experience with the Nationwide Health Information Network Omar Bouhaddou; Jamie Bennett; Jennifer Teal; Margaret Pugh; Melissa Sands; Frank Fontaine; Marie Swall; Sanjay Dhar; Anthony Mallia; Brian Morgan; Timothy Cromwell - AMIA-0343-A2012.R1.
  • The Medical App Store, Research Data Repositories, and Physician Cognitive Overload: Uniting Three Large, Multisite Grants for Health Care Transformation Jeffrey Klann; Adam Wright; Allison McCoy; Shawn Murphy AMIA-0980-A2012.R1.
  • Association of patient characteristics and telehealth alerts with key medical events experienced by patients with heart failure (HF) in homecare Kavita Radhakrishnan; Kathryn Bowles; Alexandra Hanlon; Maxim Topaz AMIA-0325-A2012.R1.


Thematic Standouts

Meaningful Use

  • Meaningful Use of End-of-Life Data in EHR Systems: Multidisciplinary Challenges and Opportunities Gail Keenan, RN; Ashfaq Khokhar; Yingwei Yao; Andrew Johnson; Diana Wilkie AMIA-0517-A2012.

Biomedical visualization data

  • Exploring the Role of Visual Analytics in the Design and Management of Multidisciplinary Translational Teams Suresh Bhavnani; William Calhoun; Allan Brasier AMIA-1072-A2012.R1.

Clinical Informatics

  • The Science Behind Health Information Technology Implementation: Understanding Failures and Building on Successes Kim Unertl; Laurie Novak; Cindy Gadd; Nancy Lorenzi AMIA-0577-A2012.

Clinical Research Informatics

  • Social and Behavioral History Information in Public Health Datasets Genevieve Melton; Sharad Manaktala; Indra Sarkar; Elizabeth Chen AMIA-0878-A2012.R1.

Clinical workflow and human factors

  • The IOM Computer-based Patient Record study reaches maturity (1991-2012) Don Detmer AMIA-0072-A2012.
  • A Mixed Methods Approach for Measuring the Impact of Delivery-Centric Interventions on Clinician Workflow Rhonda Cady; Stanley Finkelstein AMIA-0776-A2012.R1.

Consumer Informatics and PHR

  • Identifying Medical Terms in Patient-Authored Text Diana MacLean; Jeffrey Heer AMIA-0989-A2012.R1.

Data interoperability and exchange

  • Clinical Information System Services and Capabilities Desired for Scalable, Standards-Based, Service-oriented Decision Support: Consensus Assessment of the Health Level 7 Clinical Decision Support Work Group AMIA-0703-A2012.R1.
  • Extracting Temporal Information from Electronic Patient Records Min Li; Jon Patrick AMIA-0638-A2012.R1.

Global Health

  • Implementation and results of real time provider entry electronic medical records in a large HIV program in Sub-Saharan Africa Victor Afayo AMIA-0270-A2012.

Image informatics

  • Towards the Creation of a Visual Ontology of Biomedical Imaging Entities Matthew Simpson; Daekeun You; Md Rahman; Sameer Antani; George Thoma; Dina Demner-Fushman AMIA-0141-A2012.R1.
  • The Paths Toward Informatics Careers in the Post-HITECH Era Nawanan Theera-Ampornpunt; Tiffany Kelley; Edmond Ramly; Ryan Shaw; Saif Khairat; Frank Sonnenberg AMIA-0239-A2012.R1.

Interactive Systems

  • Finding Collaborators: Towards Interactive Tools for Research Network Systems Charles Borromeo; Titus Schleyer; Michael Becich; Harry Hochheiser


  • Optimization of an EHR Mobile Application Using the UFuRT Conceptual Framework Fred Ferreira; Paul Loubser; John Chapman; Muhammad Amith; Kaafoe Zoker AMIA-0755-A2012.
  • Privacy, mHealth and Social Media: Consumer Data Smackdown, Patient Empowerment Opportunities Carolyn Petersen; Samantha Adams; Paul DeMuro; Mary Brown AMIA-0211-A2012.

Public health informatics and biosurveillance

  • An Evaluation of the Rates of Repeat Notifiable Disease Reporting and Patient Crossover Using a Health Information Exchange-based Automated Electronic Laboratory Reporting System Judy Gichoya; Brian Dixon; John Finnell; Daniel Vreeman; Roland Gamache; Shaun Grannis AMIA-1043-A2012.R1.

Simulation and modeling

  • Clinical Threading: Problem-Oriented Visual Summaries of Clinical Data Frank Sonnenberg; Jacqueline Feinberg; Baiyang Liu; Casimir Kulikowski AMIA-0817-A2012.

Terminology and standards Ontology

  • Bridging Informatics and Implementation Science: Evaluating a Framework to Assess Electronic Health Record Implementations in Community Settings Joshua Richardson; Erika Abramson; Elizabeth Pfoh; Rainu Kaushal AMIA-0171-A2012.R1.

Translation of bioinformatics and biomedicine

  • Determining Compound Comorbidities for Heart Failure from Hospital Discharge Data Indra Sarkar; Elizabeth Chen AMIA-1057-A2012.R1.


Tutorials and Working Group PreSymposia

AMIA offers CME/CE eligible tutorial sessions on Friday, November 3 and 4. Fees are in addition to regular registration and an excellent way to add CME/CE value to the AMIA 2012 experience.

  • Personal Health Records, Portals, and Patient-facing Health Information Technologies Patti Brennan; Jonathan Wald AMIA-0272-A2012.
  • Clinical Decision Support: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Program to Improve Outcomes Robert Jenders; Jerome Osheroff; Jonathan Teich; Dean Sittig; Robert Murphy AMIA-0565-A2012.R1.
  • The Pan-SHARP Project: An Interdisciplinary approach to Medication Reconciliation Jorge Herskovic; Christopher Chute; Julian Goldman; Bernie Acs; David Kreda AMIA-0849-A2012.
  • Analysis of Human Interaction Behavior for Supporting Health IT Design Thomas Kannampallil; Kai Zheng; Vimla Patel AMIA-0365-A2012.R1.
  • An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Clinical Data Mining John Holmes AMIA-0453-A2012.


Papers and Panels

Informatics is the science of applying information to improve individual health, health care, population health, and biomedical research. Good science can learn from the past, capture the present, and/or set the direction for the future. Science-based informatics professionals must understand what happened before, learn from the best practices of the present, and/or lay the trail for the future.

The most popular papers at the AMIA Annual Symposium will be those that meet these characteristics. We will learn from what has been done in the past, probably with a preponderance of how well implementation has gone during the initiation of funding in the HITECH era:

Evaluation of Health Information Systems

  • A Multi-perspective Analysis of Lessons Learned from Building an Integrated Care Coordination Information System (ICCIS) Paper Dale, Jordan AMIA-0721-A2012


  • Data-driven Order Set Generation and Evaluation in the Pediatric Environment Student Paper Zhang, Yiye AMIA-0437-A2012

Data Analysis and Evaluation

  • Meeting the Electronic Health Record “Meaningful Use” Criterion for the HL7 Infobutton Standard Using OpenInfobutton and the Librarian Infobutton Tailoring Environment (LITE) Paper Cimino, James AMIA-0800-A2012

Population Based Care

  • The OASIS II Research Project: Evaluating an Sub-Saharan Africa eHealth Architecture Abstract Presentation Podium Kanter, Andrew AMIA-0101-A2012


  • mHealth Decision Support System for Guideline-based Care: An RCTAbstract Presentation Podium Bakken, Suzanne AMIA-0213-A2012

Knowledge Management

  • Evolution in Clinical Knowledge Management Strategy at Intermountain Healthcare Paper Hulse, Nathan AMIA-1033-A2012

Discovering Knowledge in Data

  • Barriers to Retrieving Patient Information from Electronic Health Record Data: Failure Analysis from the TREC Medical Records Track Paper Edinger, Tracy AMIA-0385-A2012

Measurement and Prediction

  • Electronic Quality Measurement Predicts Outcomes in Community Acquired Pneumonia Paper Sims, Shannon AMIA-0319-A2012

Corpus Construction for NLP

  • Building Gold Standard Corpora for Medical Natural Language Processing Tasks Paper Deleger, Louise AMIA-0320-A2012

Data Management and Analysis

  • "Clinician Perspectives on the Quality of Patient Data Used for Clinical Decision Support: A Qualitative Study" Student Paper McCormack, James AMIA-0066-A2012

Evaluation of Health Information Systems

  • Testing the prospective evaluation of a new healthcare system Paper Planitz, Birgit AMIA-1054-A2012

Data Exchange

  • Using a Service Oriented Architecture Approach to Clinical Decision Support: Performance Results from Two CDS Consortium Demonstrations Paper Paterno, Marilyn AMIA-0681-A2012

Semantics and Disambiguation

  • Using UMLS for Word Sense Disambiguation in Clinical Notes Abstract Presentation Podium Rumshisky, Anna AMIA-0830-A2012