• AMIA 2011 Annual Symposium October 22-26, 2011

    Improving Health: Informatics and IT Changing the World

AMIA 2011 Panels

Clinical Decision Support, Outcomes, and Patient Safety

Infobuttons for Clinical Decision Support
Author: Strasberg Howard, Del Fiol Guilherme, Yosick Tom, Curtis Clayton

International Perspectives on Patient Safety and Health Information Technology
Author: Kaushal Rainu, Sittig Dean, Blumenthal David, Patrick Jon

Legal and Ethical Issues of Computer Decision Support and Order-Sets
Author: Koppel Ross, Daniel Jodi, Hoffman Sharona, Zych Ed, Boehne Jennifer, Kaplan Bonnie

Lessons from Evaluating the Implementation of New Informatics in an Integrated Healthcare Delivery System: The Veterans Health Administration
Author: Perrin Ruth, Hynes Denise, Goldstein Mary, Achtmeyer Carol, Young Alexander

International perspectives on evaluating large-scale community-based health information technology projects
Author: Honour Melissa, Kern Lisa, Dullabh Prashila, Bainbridge Michael

Clinical Research Informatics

What is the Role of Electronic Health Records in Clinical Trials?
Author: Cantor Michael, Friedman Charles, Kush Rebecca, Kamauu Aaron, Rocca Mitra

Cross-Boundary Collaboration on Secondary Use of Healthcare Data for Clinical Research
Author: Cai Zhaohui, Brownstein John, Robison Reid, Yeatman Timothy, Weatherall James

Designs and Implementations of Informatics Platforms for Comparative Effectiveness Research
Author: Hazlehurst Brian, Sittig Dean, Murphy Shawn, Brown Jeffrey, Rosenman Marc

The Open Source Software Development Process in the Community for Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2)
Author: Murphy Shawn, Mendis Michael, McGow Charles, McMurry Andrew

Clinical Workflow and Human Factors

Visualizing Change: The Role of Data Visualization in Health I.T.
Author: Hesse Bradford, Shneiderman Ben, Kreuter Matthew, Rabin Borsika

The Role of Usability, Workflow, and Patient-Centered Cognitive Support in improving Health Information Technology
Author: Zhang Jiajie, Walji Muhammad, Butler Keith, Xiao Yan, Haselkorn Mark

Dimensions of Handoff Communication and Documentation: Implications for Patient Safety
Author: Abraham Joanna, Kaufman David, Reddy Madhu, Koppel Ross, Staggers Nancy

Consumer Informatics and Multimedia PHRs

The Role of the Clinician in a Patient Power Context
Author: Safran Charles, Slack Warner, Brennan Patti, Okun Sally, deBronkart Dave

Data Integration and Exchange

Allergies - Issues Related to Interoperability for Patient Care and Research
Author: Ayres Elaine, Leftwich Russell, Huff Stanley, Cimino James, Jaffe Charles

Evaluating HIE Systems: Understanding the Elephant by Examining Each Body Part
Author: Ozkaynak Mustafa, Ancker Jessica, Vest Joshua, La Venture Martin, Ross Stephen

Data Mining, NLP, Information Extraction

Shared Annotated Resources for the Clinical Domain
Author: Savova Guergana, Chapman Wendy, Elhadad Noemie, Palmer Martha

Can Network Visualization and Analysis Accelerate Medical Discoveries? Theoretical, Applied, and Funding Perspectives
Author: Bhavnani Suresh, Bassler Kevin, Sarkar Indra, Gundlapalli Adi, Shaikh Abdul

Advances in Clinical Question Answering: Watson meets Healthcare
Author: Hurdle John, Savova Guergana, Kohn Martin, Cimino James, Cohen Aaron, Demner-Fushman Dina, Nielsen Rodney, Patrick Jon, Yu Hong

EHRs and Achieving Meaningful Use

Meaningful Evaluation of Large-scale Health Informatics Interventions
Author: Hibberd Ralph, Barber Nick, Takian Amirhossein, Sheikh Aziz

Quality Reporting from Health Information Technology: Challenges, Opportunities and Insights
Author: Kern Lisa, Tang Paul, Weiner Jonathan, Honour Melissa

Using EHRs to Transform Clinical Care: Successfully Implemented\r\nInnovations That Go Beyond the Established Uses of EHRs
Author: Compton-Phillips Amy, Kanter Michael, Goldstein Mary, Sands Daniel

Successes and Pains in Moving Towards Meaningful Use
Author: Morgan Stephen, Weiner Mark, Bates David, Fleming Neil

Global eHealth

Global Public Health Grid: Value proposition, Roadmap and Use Cases
Author: Mirza Muzna, Kratz Mary, Gundlapa lliAdi, Kumar Vibha

Imaging Informatics

Secondary Use of Medical Images: Opportunities for Informatics
Author: Hsu William, Xu Ye, Grasso Michael, Rubin Daniel

Informatics Education and Workforce Development

Outlook for Student Informaticists in the Era of HITECH
Author: Sockolow Paulina, Dalrymple Prudence, Fridsma Douglas, Kaelber David, Underwood Charlene

Education for the Clinical Informatics Subspecialist
Author: Hersh William, Munger Ben, Friedman Charles, Gardner Reed

Interactive Systems

Tablets in Healthcare: Not Just for Pills Anymore
Author: Feldman Henry, Nathanson Larry, Halamka John, Meyers Janet

Four Steps to Using Research Networking Effectively at Your Institution
Author: Weber Griffin, Meeks Eric, Yuan Leslie, Chatterjee Anirvan

Policy and Ethical Issues

The IOM Future of Nursing Report: Informatics Implications
Author: Westra Bonnie, Alexander Dana, Bolla Yvette, Delaney Connie, Bakken Suzanne, Kennedy Rosemary

Terminology and Standards

SNOMED CT Quality Assurance: What's Critical for Users?
Author: Rector Alan, Musen Mark, Huff Stanley, Bodenreider Olivier, Geller James

Privacy Standards: Looking Beyond the HIPAA Privacy Rule
Author: Vinterbo Staal, Malin Bradley, El Emam Khaled, Murphy Shawn, Sweeney Latanya

Translational Bioinformatics and Biomedicine

In silico approaches to drug discovery
Author: Lu Zhiyong, Agarwal Pankaj, Bryant Steven, Wu Thomas