10x10 with Stanford University

Course Information

Course Date: September 23 – December 13, 2019

Price: $2,395

Length: 8 weeks

Weekly Commitment: 4 hours per week

Course Structure: Online modules containing 1-4 videos; modules are between 10-40 minutes in length; web-based video lectures

Optional Face-to-Face Component: None

CME Credits: Not offered

Textbook Requirements: View Syllabus

Prerequisites Required*

*Previous coursework in college-level Biology

Registration Deadline: September 23, 2019

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Principles of Pharmacogenomics

The 10x10 at Stanford University is an introduction to pharmacogenomics, including the relevant pharmacology, genomics, experimental methods (sequencing, expression, genotyping), data analysis methods and bioinformatics. The course reviews key gene classes (e.g., cytochromes, transporters) and key drugs (e.g., warfarin, clopidogrel, statins, cancer drugs) in the field. Resources for pharmacogenomics (e.g., PharmGKB, Drugbank, NCBI resources) are reviewed, as well as issues implementing pharmacogenomics testing in the clinical setting.

The AMIA 10x10 program prepares professionals in the health, biological, pharmaceutical and IT areas to address informatics issues in the workplace. The Stanford course breaks new ground by opening up topics in bioinformatics to the 10x10 program. "Stanford is excited to be a part of the 10x10 program. We are committed to distance learning and have an existing infrastructure for an online MS degree and online graduate certificate program." said Dr. Altman.

Meet Your Course Director

Russ Altman, MD, PhD, Professor of Bioengineering, Genetics, Medicine, and Computer Science (by courtesy), and Director of the Biomedical Informatics Training Program, will serve as the director of the Stanford University 10x10 offering. Prof. Altman is the Co-Principal Investigator for Stanford's PharmGKB pharmacogenomics knowledge base (http://www.pharmgkb.org/).

Additional AMIA 10x10 Faculty

Dr. Alison Fohner, PharmGKB
Sara Hillenmeyer, Stanford Biomedical Informatics
Dr. Natalia Khuri, UCSF-Stanford Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (CERSI)
Dr. Michelle Whirl-Carrillo, PharmGKB

Contact Information

Questions about AMIA 10x10? Find answers on the FAQs page.

For additional questions about the 10x10 program, please contact Susanne Arnold, Education Program Manager at susanne@amia.org or (301) 657-1291.