AMIA 10x10 Informatics Overview Courses

These courses provide a broad overview of health informatics and provide an introduction as to how health informatics specifically relates to health care.

Patient Safety and Health Information Technology - June 17, 2019
University of Illinois at Chicago
Course Director: Karen Dunn Lopez, PhD, MPH, RN

Interprofessional Health Informatics - July 5, 2019
University of Minnesota School of Nursing
Course Director: Bonnie L. Westra, PhD, FAAN, FACMI

Introduction to Biomedical and Health Informatics - July 24, 2019
Oregon Health & Science University
Course Director: William Hersh, MD, FACMI, FACP

Health Informatics Distance Learning Course - August 26, 2019
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Course Director: Eta S. Berner, EdD, FACMI

What Participants Are Saying About AMIA 10x10

I liked the flexibility and pace of the course; furthermore, I enjoyed the various perspectives presented on health informatics especially starting with a basic presentation of all the components.
I feel I received better education on informatics than 90% of the informaticians in my facility. I loved the flexibility of completing the training and the multiple ways to download or access the course materials.
I have been engaged in clinical informatics projects for almost five years, and this was my first formal training. I enjoyed getting formal training, hearing outside perspectives from other classmates regarding their health systems, and being provided with multiple references for future study.

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