Preparing for the AHIC Exam

The AHIC certification exam is based on the AHIC Outline of Exam Topics (Appendix A), which is rationally based on the results of the Health Informatics Practice Analysis Study performed by AMIA and facilitated by ACT ProExam in 2019.

Individuals come to the health informatics field in a variety of ways (e.g., from a formal informatics education, from a clinical or public health background, from a computer science background), therefore assessing one’s personal experience in and knowledge of the health informatics field should be the first step in preparing for the exam.

AMIA suggests that candidates review the AHIC Outline of Exam Topics, which helps identify the skill areas in which to concentrate one’s studies. Once gaps are identified, there are a number of ways to improve knowledge and skills:

  • Identify someone whose job role may be different but covers the topical areas in which you need to improve and ask to shadow this professional.
  • AMIA (and other related organizations) offers online and in-person training courses that may assist in filling your knowledge gaps.
  • Form a study group with other AMIA members or colleagues from your organization.
  • Identify a mentor in the field who is willing to guide your preparation for the exam.
  • Review the AHIC List of Suggested References.

Please Note: The AMIA Health Informatics Certification Commission does not approve, endorse, or require for eligibility use of any specific exam preparation products.