Alternatives to Recertification

Inactive Status

The HICC recognizes that in some instances, active practice in health informatics may not be possible due to personal, professional, or economic factors. Inactive status is available for a total of up to two (2) years (at any one time or across multiple instances during a single recertification period) for diplomates who do not currently meet the Active Practice recertification requirement but intend to return to work in the field and do not wish to lose their ACHIP™ certification status permanently.

To apply for inactive status, diplomates must complete an ACHIP Inactive Status Request and pay the USD $99 inactive-status fee. Inactive status applications must be received prior to the end of the recertification period for the request to be honored. Diplomates who stop working in health informatics and wish to keep their ACHIP designation should apply for inactive status immediately, to pause the Active Practice “clock’; once approved, Inactive Status is effective as of the date of application.

Diplomates may reactivate the status of their ACHIP credential (unpausing the Active Practice clock) at any time up to two (2) years after having applied for inactive status, by completing an ACHIP Reactivation Request; after 2 years, inactive status automatically ends, and the Active Practice clock resumes.

Health Informatics Professional Emeritus Certificate™ (HIPEC™)

Diplomates who are no longer actively working in health informatics and intend not to return to work in the field may exchange their ACHIP credential (a certification with recertification requirements) for a Health Informatics Professional Emeritus Certificate™ (HIPEC™, a certificate with no recertification requirements), by paying a one-time fee of USD $998 (equal to two cycles of recertification fees).

Former AHIC diplomates who have exchanged their ACHIP credential for the HIPEC certificate may not continue to use the ACHIP designation or certification mark(s). If an individual exchanges the ACHIP credential for a HIPEC certificate, then returns to work in the health informatics field and wishes to earn the ACHIP credential again, that individual would need to submit a new AHIC application and exam fee, meet the then-current eligibility requirements, and pass the then-current AHIC exam to re-earn the ACHIP designation.