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The Industry Partners sessions are lunch events hosted by organizations looking to engage directly with leaders in the field. Participation in Industry Partner sessions is voluntary and based on your interest in the topic and availability. These events allow industry leaders to share the latest healthcare innovations and allow participants to learn what important biomedical and health informatics issues these companies are exploring.

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At-a-Glance the Industry Partners Session at the 2019 AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference

Wednesday, May 1- 12:45 – 2:00 PM ET

Room: Focus, Mezzanine Level

Solving for Medication Affordability at the Point of Care

Patients and providers today are faced with medication affordability challenges, compounded by the lack of visibility into the patient’s actual out of pocket cost when the provider is writing a prescription. A new clinical decision support tool, Real-Time Prescription Benefit, delivers patient-specific drug benefit and cost information to the e-prescribing workflow at the point of care. With accurate, up-to-date, patient-specific information, providers can see a the price of the selected medication and quickly choose from available alternatives while remaining in the EHR workflow. The best practice workflow designs, quantitative financial impact, and lessons learned will be discussed in an interactive manner with the audience.


  • Understand how clinical decision support tools can help patients and providers manage medication affordability
  • Learn about best-practice workflow designs embedded in the EHR for price transparency solutions
  • Understand how to measure the quantitative and qualitative impact with this type of decision support solution and the results to date


Andrew Mellin, MD, MBA, VP, Medical Informatics Physician, Surescripts LLC
Andrew Mellin, MD, MBA is the VP of Medical Informatics at Surescripts. Dr. Mellin is focused on helping the Surescripts Network Alliance improve the provider workflow, adoption and value with Surescripts’ solutions. Dr. Mellin is trained in Internal Medicine and has worked in healthcare IT for over 20 years. 

Jacqueline Hager, Product Manager - Real-Time Prescription Benefit, Surescripts LLC
Jacqueline Hager has over 12 years of product innovation experience. She has driven new products into the market in both the retail and healthcare space. Prior to Surescripts, Jacqueline was responsible for driving adoption of a new mobile app at PointClickCare. While at Surescripts, she is the Product Manager for Real-Time Prescription Benefit.

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Certain provisions (commonly referred to as The Sunshine Act) under the Affordable Care Act require that drug and device manufactures report to CMS on, among other things, payments and transfers of “value” (including meals) to physicians. The rule defines “physician” as a doctor of medicine or osteopathy, a dentist, a podiatrist, an optometrist, or a chiropractor who is legally authorized to practice by the state in which he or she works. Advance practice nurses, registered nurses, physician assistants, residents, and pharmacists are not covered recipients, but payments made to non-physician prescribers to be passed through to a doctor are considered indirect payments to the physician and, therefore, would have to be reported under the name of the doctor. Check this box if you are a health care provider (HCP) as defined by the Sunshine Act. Certain roundtable sponsors may need to report the value of the meal provided as part of their annual reporting to CMS. If this is the case, you will be asked to provide additional information – such as your medical license and NPI number – to the roundtable sponsor at the time of the event.