ACMI Executive Committee Election | Elections and Nominations Committee Election

Call for Nominations Deadline – Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Election: Thursday, August 20, 2020 - Monday, September 21

Members are encouraged to self-nominate for these positions by Tuesday, July 7, 2020. All candidates are required to complete the Biographical Information Form.

Nominations and Voting Eligibility

The Elections and Nominations Committee now solicits nominations for open positions on the ACMI Executive Committee and the Elections and Nominations Committee. ACMI Fellows who are current dues-paying members of both AMIA and ACMI may nominate individuals for office as well as ACMI Senior Fellows who are dues-paying members of ACMI but not AMIA. Only ACMI Fellows who are dues-paying members of both AMIA and ACMI—may vote— in an election. For further clarification, see the ACMI Governance Documents.

ACMI Executive Committee Open Positions

All positions below serve a two-year term. The elected members take office on the first day of the calendar year following the election.


The ACMI President-elect is expected to assist the President in their duties. The president-elect will perform the duties of the chair during the absence of the chair. In cases where the vacancy is permanent, the president-elect will succeed to the office of president.


The ACMI Treasurer is expected to provide financial leadership. The treasurer is limited to two consecutive terms. Financial leadership requires a combination of skills and characteristics which include:

  • Thorough understanding of financial reports.
  • Ability to translate financial information and financial concepts for the Executive Committee.
  • Maintaining a partnership with AMIA staff to develop a budget for ACMI to be approved by the AMIA Board of Directors.
  • Bringing financial leadership to the ACMI Executive Committee by combining strategic thinking, long-term planning, and leadership skills to connect ACMI's finances and its mission.


The ACMI Secretary is expected to record minutes of the executive committee and fellow meetings. If the secretary is not able to perform their duties during a meeting, an acting secretary will be appointed by the president to fulfill the duties. The secretary's term is limited to two consecutive terms.


Four additional at-large fellows serve on the ACMI Executive Committee. Fellows may serve two consecutive terms. Two at-large fellows are elected each year.

Elections and Nominations Committee

The Elections and Nominations Committee's primary function is to ensure effective and appropriate involvement of ACMI fellows through the annual ACMI Fellows nominations and elections, and the ACMI Executive Committee election process. The committee establishes and administers procedures for the election of new fellows. The ACMI Past President is the committee chair. The committee reports to the Executive Committee.