Karen Dunn Lopez, PhD, MPH, RN

2021 to 2022

Associate Professor, Director of Research-Center for Nursing Classification & Clinical Effectiveness, The University of Iowa, College of Nursing, Iowa City, IA.

Karen Dunn Lopez, PhD, MPH, RN, is an Associate Professor at The University of Iowa College of Nursing where she is the Director of Research for the Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness. Dr. Dunn Lopez’s research focuses on the usability and usefulness of information technologies to support complex decision making in health care, with an emerging focus on novel methods to tailor technologies to individual characteristics. Her research uses a wide range of methods including mixed methods, human centered design approaches and structured literature reviews. Within Dr. Dunn Lopez’s program of research, many of the technologies are grounded in innovative uses of standardized nursing terminologies.
Website: https://nursing.uiowa.edu/faculty-staff/faculty-directory/klopez