Jodi Wachs, MD, FAMIA


AMIA Clinical Informatics Community of Practice

Jodi Wachs, MD is a physician informatics consultant and certified in the medical subspecialty of clinical informatics. She is an executive with eight years clinical practice and nine years of experience in industry, bridging people, clinical medicine, and information technology to propel healthcare into a future where providers and patients have access to key information and tools that optimally support individualized health, aging, and illness. She seeks to advance the delivery of healthcare by improving efficiencies with enhanced automation through platforms that leverage, knowledge generation, and data capture, and solutions with integrated access and visualizations for both patients and providers.

Dr. Wachs is an innovator and has successfully submitted applications for more than 6 patents, 5 prototypes, and 2 ideas into development stream in 5 years. She has practical knowledge in ideation, strategy, prototyping, and validation of start-up solutions, research, data analysis, health standards, AI, clinical modeling, knowledge management and patent development in areas of population health, risk, outcomes measures and care processes.

As an influencer and a leader, Dr. Wachs has a track record of bringing people and cross-functional teams together to work strategically towards a common goal through building a vision and influencing organizational policy.