Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, PhD, MSc, FACMI

Year Elected: 

Dr. Adlassnig is known for the development of formal methods and knowledge-based systems for clinical decision support and for serving as editor of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Elsevier) since 2002.  He is an expert on the application and development of fuzzy set theory, including the approved extension of HL7’s Arden Syntax standard.

An eminent Austrian informatician and editor of the highly regarded journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Elsevier) for over a decade, Professor Adlassnig has been a European leader of the field since the early 1980s.  His research focuses on computer applications in medicine, especially medical expert and knowledge-based as well as clinical decision-support systems and their integration into medical information and web-based healthcare systems. Prof. Adlassnig is highly interested in formal theories of uncertainty, particularly in fuzzy set theory, fuzzy logic, fuzzy control, and related areas. He is equally interested in the theory and practice of computer systems in medicine, including various aspects of the philosophy of science, particularly the state and future impact of artificial intelligence.  He is active in informatics professional societies and conferences and was chair of MIE ’91 in Vienna as well as several other conferences throughout Europe.