David A. Evans, PhD, FACMI

Year Elected: 
CLARITECH Corporation
Biography and photograph when elected: 

David A. Evans is President, CEO, and Chief Scientist of CLARITECH Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). He received AB degrees in German Intellectual History and English, a BS degree in Mathematical Sciences, and a PhD degree in Linguistics, specializing in computational linguistics, all from Stanford University.

From 1983 through 1996, Dr. Evans was Professor of Linguistics and Computer Science at CMU. There he initiated and directed the Computational Linguistics Program and the Laboratory for Computational Linguistics. In 1992, he founded CLARITECH Corporation, based on his work in natural-language processing and information science. His interests in medical informatics include the representational basis of medical vocabularies, medical cognitive science, and medical information processing. His work on medical concept representation began in 1984 with the MedSORT Project and continued with his participation in early stages of United Medical Language System (UMLS) development. In 1991, he was one of the founders of the CANON Group. Dr. Evans′ work in biomedical cognitive science encompasses the modeling of doctor-patient discourse and medical decision making; he has co-edited two books in this area. He currently holds seven patents on technology for information management and has additional patents pending in the United States and Japan.

Dr. Evans′ dissertation was selected for publication as an “Outstanding Dissertation in Linguistics” in 1984. In 1998, the ConceptBase software suite, based on Dr. Evans′ work, received the “Software Product of the Year” Award from the Japanese government.