Atul J. Butte, MD, PhD, FACMI

Year Elected: 
Department of Medicine, Stanford
Biography and photograph when elected: 

Dr Butte received his Bachelor of Computer Science degree and MD from Brown University, and completed his residency in Pediatrics and Fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology, both at Children's Hospital Boston. He later matriculated at MIT where he received a Masters degree in Medical Informatics and PhD in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics. At the time of his election to the College, he was an Assistant Professor in the Medical Informatics division of the Department of Medicine at Stanford, with concurrent appointments in Pediatrics and Computer Science.

Dr Butte presented his first AMIA paper in 1999 on development of knowledge discovery methods in clinical laboratory databases employing relevance networks, work that he parlayed into a subsequent publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. He has been an innovative proponent of data mining of publicly available data resources, for the discovery of novel genome-phenome relationships, and the creation of genomic data-driven nosologies.

Dr Butte has served on the AMIA Board of Directors and launched the first AMIA Summit on Translational Bioinformatics in 2008, which has been a resounding success. His election to the College recognizes these technical and professional service contributions.