2018 Biographical Information Form for ACMI Executive Committee and Elections and Nominations Committee

If you are self-nominating for an ACMI Executive Committee position or an Elections and Nominations Committee position, please complete the following information and upload your photograph (TIFF or JPEG format, 150 dpi or less). As you submit information, click the “save draft” button from time to time so you do not lose information that you have already input.  Your biographical information and photo will appear on the ACMI online election ballot if you are selected for the ballot by the ACMI Elections and Nominations Committee.

All ACMI leaders have an obligation to make decisions and conduct affairs of the College based, first and foremost, upon the desire to promote ACMI and its mission. The term “leaders” refers to three groups: (1) ACMI/AMIA employees; (2) members of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, committee chairs, task force chairs, and general committee members when their particular committees are empowered or charged with making ACMI or AMIA policy or ethics recommendations (such individuals are also referred to as “agents”); and (3) committee members (excluding for instance the Policy and Ethics committees’ members because they are covered above as agents) and elected working group leaders.  Individuals who run in any ACMI or AMIA election are required to complete a COI form prior to the election.

This form is only for self-nominations for an ACMI Executive Committee position or an Election and Nominations Committee position, if you want to nominate an ACMI Fellow, click here.

The deadline for submission of this information form and your photograph is June 29, 2018.

ACMI Executive Committee position for which you are nominating yourself
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Insert your personal statement which normally includes why you are interested in running for this position(s), what you will bring to ACMI and any other information you think is appropriate.
Before you click the Submit Now button, please review your information carefully.