• March 12 - 15, San Francisco

    AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit

    Translational | Clinical Research | Implementation | Data Science

AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit CME/CE Information


The target audience for this live activity includes:

Professionals and students engaged in translational bioinformatics, clinical research informatics, implementation informatics, and data science


After participating in this live activity, the learner should be better able to:

  • Weigh the benefits and limitations of state-of-the-art informatics approaches, theories, and methods relevant to clinical research and translational science, implementation science, and data science
  • Form research hypotheses and projects related to biomedical informatics based on existing datasets or on the aggregation of data from disparate sources  
  • Develop and adopt best practices for streamlining and improving regulatory processes, clinical trial protocols, study costs, patient recruitment, and data collection, management, and analysis
  • Apply the latest findings from research and development of informatics applications to support biomedical research
  • Create and sustain multidisciplinary collaborations in the biomedical research community to expand access to diverse expertise, sophisticated technologies, and unique tools and resources


The American Medical Informatics Association is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


The American Medical Informatics Association designates this live activity for a maximum of 24 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.


This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Maryland Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Activity Approval Code: A17-62-0312-0201

Approved Contact Hours: 88.5 Total / 24 attendee maximum

Deadline for claiming credit: April 15, 2018

Nurse Planner (ANCC-criteria compliance): Rebecca Wilgus, MSN, RN, Informatics Project Leader, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Durham, NC

Rebecca Wilgus discloses that neither she nor her life partner has relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests.


Completion of this live activity is demonstrated by attendance at accredited sessions, completion of the evaluation survey sent post-activity in a separate email, and verification of attendance through the participant’s electronic report of sessions attended through the individual login at www.amia.org. The physician participant will be able to generate a CME certificate through the AMIA automated system.

After a processing period of about 4 weeks after this activity, the nurse participant will receive a CNE certificate via email from AMIA.


No commercial support was received for this activity.


Special Needs: In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, AMIA seeks to make this conference accessible to all. If you have a disability which requires special accommodation, or if you have special dietary requests, please email: Dasha@amia.org


Faculty and their affiliations are noted at each presentation.


  • Log in to your profile at www.amia.org
  • Click “AMIA Central” on the upper right-hand corner
  • Under Membership/Activities, click “My Events”
  • Click “Apply for Credits" for this meeting


  • There are two drop-down menus. Be sure both show "Physician" in the field
  • Click the radio buttons for the sessions you attended
  • Click Submit
  • Download your certificate (Membership/Activities, “My CME/CE Credits”)


  • Select Credit Type: "Nurse"
  • Click sessions you attended
  • Click Submit at bottom of screen
  • Receipt of your CE certificate via email depends on prompt claiming of credit
  • If you experience a delay of more than one month from submitting your information, contact pesha@amia.org.

Other attendees: if you require a certificate of participation, please contact pesha@amia.org


For questions about registration, contact Dasha@amia.org.
For questions about continuing education, contact Pesha@amia.org.


As a provider accredited by the ACCME, AMIA requires that everyone who is in a position to control the content of an educational activity disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interest for 12 months prior to the educational activity.

The ACCME considers relationships of the person involved in the CME activity to include financial relationships of a spouse or partner.

Faculty and planners who refuse to disclose relevant financial relationships will be disqualified from participating in the CME activity. For an individual with no relevant financial relationship(s), the participants must be informed that no conflicts of interest or financial relationship(s) exist.

AMIA uses a number of methods to resolve potential conflicts of interest, including: limiting content of the presentation to that which has been reviewed by one or more peer reviewers; ensuring that all scientific research referred to conforms to generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis; undertaking review of the educational activity by a content reviewer to evaluate for potential bias, balance in presentation, evidence-based content or other indicators of integrity, and absence of bias; monitoring the educational activity to evaluate for commercial bias in the presentation; and/or reviewing participant feedback to evaluate for commercial bias in the activity.


The following Scientific Program Committee members of the AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Alexander Alekseyenko; Douglas Bell; Mary Regina Boland; Matthew Breitenstein; Bin Chen; Christopher Chute; Dasha Cohen; Trevor Cohen; David Dorr; Melissa Haendel; Marcelline Harris; Guoqian Jiang; Maricel Kann; Lauren Koleszar; Bernie LaSalle; Prudhvi Maguluru; Jyotishman Pathak; Peggy Peissig; Pesha Rubinstein; Nicholas Tatonetti; Casey Taylor; William Thompson; Umit Topaloglu; Rami Vanguri; Kavishwar Wagholikar; Theresa Walunas; Firas Wehbe; Laura Wiley; Jeffrey Williamson; Meliha Yetisgen; Ping Zhang; Yiye Zhang.

The following Scientific Program Committee members of the AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit disclose that they and/or their life partners have the following relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Rui Zhang Grants/Research Support: Medtronic Inc
Hua Xu  Grants/Research Support: NIH; CPRIT; AHA
Other Financial or Material Support: Melax Technologies Inc;
Consultant: Hebta LLC;
Genevieve Melton  Other Financial or Material Support: Abbott (St. Jude) Medical (spouse was employed);
Honorarium: AHRQ, ABPM, NIH, ACS;
Grants/Research Support: NIH, AHRQ, PCORI
Leslie McIntosh Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): ripeta, llc;
Other Financial or Material Support: Asteris, LLC

The following presenters of the AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Abdulrahman Abdulsalam; Zach Abrams; Bhargav Adagarla; Terrence Adam; Prakash Adekkanattu; Naveed Afzal; Mari Akre; Raniah Aldekhyyel; Roxana Alexandridis; Fatemah Alghamedy; Zainab Al-Taie; Russ Altman; Rajsavi Anand; Nick Anderson; Yindalon Aphinyanaphongs; Roger Arend; Elliot Arsoniadis; David artz; Mehdi Assefi; Jonathan Badger; Mohammad Bagheri; Hetian Bai; Charles Bailey; Michael Baiocchi; Abigail Baldridge; Suresh Balu; Hideyuki Ban; Imon Banerjee; Shayna Barbash; William Barnett; Paul Barr; Fereshteh S. Bashiri; Mujeeb Basit; Rebecca Batiste; Victoria Bauer; Lauren Becnel; Douglas Bell; Riccardo Bellazzi; Himisha Beltran; Nick Benik; Gerald Berry; Oriol Bestard; Harikrashna Bhatt; Suresh Bhavnani; Nrupen Bhavsar; Barbara Bierer; Dustin Biron; Stephen Blackwelder; Seth Blumenthal; Willie Boag; Olivier Bodenreider; Henry Bogardus; Daniel Bolin; Elizabeth Bolton; Erika Bongen; Jeevith Bopaiah; Katy Borner; William Bosl; Aaron Bossler; Andrew Boyd; Stanley Boykin; David Bradley; Matthew Breitenstein; Jan Breslow; Jesse Bridgewater; Nick Brown; Catherine Brownstein; Martha Bruce; Diyue Bu; Keith Burkhart; Elizabeth Burnside; Evanette Burrows; Michael Burton; William Bush; Alex Butler; Atul Butte; Michael Caldwell; Tiffany Callahan; James Campbell; Mary Campbell; Walter Campbell; Thomas Campion; Michael Cantor; Pedro Caraballo; April Carcone; Lawrence Carin; Simona Carini; Marjorie Carter; M. Regina Castro; Kenrick Cato; Rajan Chandras; Daniel Chang; Julie Chason; Kumardeep Chaudhary; Cindy Chen; David Chen; Elizabeth Chen; Jonathan Chen; Robert Chen; You Chen; Amanda Cheng; Laxminarasimha Chennuri; Somsundaram Chettiar; Raja Cholan; Olivia Choudhury; Anthony Chow; Christopher Chute; James Cimino; Maria Cioffi; John Clark; James Clay; Joseph Coco; Trevor Cohen; Sarah Collins; Nicole Contaxis; Jessica Cooke Bailey; Kevin Coombes; Joanna Cooper; Dana Crawford; Erin Crowgey; Jacob Crump; Nick Culbertson; Vasa Curcin; James Curran; Schaid Daniel; Michelle Dannenberg; W.A. de Jong; Jake Delatorre-Reimer; Dursun Delen; Guilherme Del Fiol; Scott Delp; Joshua Denny; Jeff De Pons; Pralav Dessai; Madan Dharmar; Robert Diamond; Jose-Franck Diaz-Garelli; Ming Dong; Xiao Dong; David Dorr; Dustin Doss; Brian Douthit; Garrett Dow; Joel Dudley; R. Adams Dudley; Jon Duke; Jessilyn Dunn; Wesley Durand; Scott DuVall; Melinda Dwinell; Jeffrey Ebersole; Olivier Elemento; Sally Ellingson; Glyn Elwyn; Peter Embi; Matthew Emerson; Anna Epishova; Paul Epner; Ilker Ersoy; Hossein Estiri; Deborah Estrin; Julie Evans; Reid F. Conant; Daniel Fabbri; Rebecca Fail; Elliot Fairweather; Jun Fan; Emerson Farrugia; James Fayson; Shara Feld; Edward Feller; Joseph Finkelstein; James Flory; Michael Flynn; Amanda Ford; Robert Freimuth; Davera Gabriel; Guido Gallopyn; Patrick Gambelli; Craig Ganoe; Aijing Gao; Cheng Gao; Bret Gardner; Lana Garmire; Jennifer Garvin; Pablo Gazmuri; Olivier Gevaert; Marzyeh Ghassemi; Omid Ghiasvand; Nunzia Giuse; Anthony Glenn; Benjamin Glicksberg; Benjamin Goldstein; Graciela Gonzalez; Travis Goodwin; Malachi Griffith; Obi Griffith; Justin Guinney; Drew Gunderson; Aditi Gupta; Anika Gupta; Rajarsi Gupta; David Gutmann; Elizabeth Habermann; Melissa Habrat; David Haddad; Dexter Hadley; Melissa Haendel; Chen Hajaj; Richard Hammer; Seonggyun Han; Sanda Harabagiu; Iana Haralambieva; Paul Harris; Mehedi Hasan; William Haslett; Saeed Hassanpour; Trevor Hastie; G. Hayman; Ricardo Henao; A. Solomon Henry; William Hersh; Maureen Hoatlin; William Hogan; Ingrid Holm; Kristi Holmes; Peter Holt; Jason Hom; Na Hong; Emrin Horgousluoglu; Ralph Horwitz; Le Hou; Allen Hsiao; Xiao Hu; Yong Hu; Erich Huang; Jean-Pierre Hubaux; Gretchen Hultman; Sam Hume; Hannah Husby; Scott Hutcheson; Timothy Imler; John Ioannidis; Haruka Itakura; Michael Iv; Nathan Jacobs; Sukrit Jain; Candace Jaruzel; Anil Jegga; Rebecca Jerome; Alex Jiang; Caroline Jiang; Guoqian Jiang; Xia Jing; Kipp Johnson; Stephen Johnson; Tesheia Johnson; Derek Jones; J.B. Jones; Matthew Joss; Jae-Yoon Jung; Michael Kahn; Tian Kang; Vaishnavi Kannan; Charles Karan; Pranay Kathuria; Aaron Katz; Kensaku Kawamoto; Richard Kennedy; Colleen Kenost; Shameer Khader; Ritu Khare; Purvesh Khatri; Abel Kho; Olha Kholod; Lukasz Kidzinski; Dokyoon Kim; Dongwook Kim; Era Kim; Katherine Kim; Yong-Mi Kim; Jeffrey Klann; Ross Kleiman; Joseph Klobusicky; Charles Kneifel; Sebastian Köhler; Idit Kosti; Alexander Kotov; David Kraemer; Ashok Krishnamurthy; Jacob Krive; Charles Kronk; Wayne Kubick; Shashikant Kulkarni; Iftikhar Kullo; Santosh Kumar; Yong-Fang Kuo; Tahsin Kurc; Feipei Lai; Ian Lamb; Jeff Lane; Bryan Lanzman; Eric LaRose; Catherine Larson; David Larson; Bernie LaSalle; Thomas Lasko; Stanley Laulederkind; Robert Lavieri; Chien-Chang Lee; Meng-tse Lee; Younghee Lee; HEE-JIN LEE; Harold Lehmann; Leslie Lenert; Bingshan Li; Hai Li; Jianrong Li; Lang Li; Rebecca Li; Thomas Li; Ying Li; Shuting Liang; Joshua Liberman; Hansaim Lim; Ivan Limongelli; Fong Ci Lin; Yu-Li Lin; Elizabeth Lindemann; tony lindsey; Jon Lipsky; Chang Liu; Hongfang Liu; Jiazhen Liu; Mei Liu; Sijia Liu; Tianyun Liu; Le Lu; Zhiyong Lu; Matthew Lui; Yves Lussier; Svetlana Lyalina; Avi Ma'ayan; Douglas Macfadden; Lester Mackey; Arjun Magge; Vincent Major; Ramon Maldonado; Frederik Malfait; Sameer Malhotra; Bradley Malin; Alberto Malovini; Kenneth Mandl; Ben Marafino; David Maslove; Hoffman Matthew; Chris Mavergames; Andrea Mazzanti; Jacob McCauley; James McClay; Brian McCourt; Matthew McCoy; Reed McEwan; Peter McGarvey; Huong McLean; Julie McMurry; Daniella Meeker; Mirella Memmi; Michael Mendis; Craig Meyer; Christine Micheel; Craig Miller; Matt Miller; Penelope Miron; Michael Mishik; Kristy Miskimen; Hannah Mitchell; Manish Mittal; Dara Mize; Dena Moftah; Karen Monsen; Kristina Monteiro; Sean Mooney; Jason Moore; Margaret Morash; Lucas Moriera; Evelyn Morin; Stephanie Morris; David Mortara; Cory Mosser; Tasneem Motiwala; Satish Mudiganti; Naba Mukhtar; Christopher Mungall; Sylvie Naar; James Naessens; Radha Nagarajan; Carlo Napolitano; Marc Natter; Tristan Naumann; Helen Naylor; Ridhima Nerlekar; Vu Nguyen; Kwangsik Nho; Giovanna Nicora; Laurie Novak; Karen O'Connor; John O'Toole; James Oates; Jihad Obeid; Eliel Oliveira; Alena Orlenko; Sarah Osmundson; Travis Osterman; Inna Ovsyannikova; Ahmad P. Tafti; Rema Padman; David Page; Serguei Pakhomov; Xuemin Pan; Maryam Panahiazar; Nicolas Paris; Kelley Paskov; Jyotishman Pathak; Jyotishman Pathak; Nandan Patibandla; Olga Patterson; Jay Pedersen; Peggy Peissig; Michele Pelter; Yifan Peng; Matthew Phelan; Brian Phillips; Mark Phillips; David Pieczkiewicz; Silvia Pineda; Jie Ping; Sheri Piper; Michael Pitt; Olivier Poirion; Gregory Poland; Aleksandar Poleksic; Katherine Pollard; Shawn Polson; Fernanda Polubriaginof; Tina Poussaint; Fred Prior; Silvia Priori; Ardina Pruijssers; Jill Pulley; Samir Rachid Zaim; Daniel Rader; Kayli Rageth; Jean Louis Raisaro; Megan Ranney; Goutham Rao; Shruti Rao; Luke Rasmussen; Akshay Ravoor; Hanieh Razzaghi; Christopher Re; Kevin Read; Ben Readhead; Ronald Realubit; Andrew Redd; Tammy Reece; Rachel Richesson; Shannon Risacher; Deborah Ritter; Rubina Rizvi; Kirk Roberts; David Robins; Peter Robinson; Mitra Rocca; Salvador Rodriguez; Joseph Romano; Karen Ross; Angshumoy Roy; Shivaal Roy; Daniel Rubin; Douglas Ruderfer; Karen Rudie; Ryan Runge; Shelley Rusincovitch; Byron Ruth; James Ryan; Nathan Ryan; Dmitry Rychkov; Elham Sagheb; Farrant Sakaguchi; Joel Saltz; Dimitris Samaras; Fernando Sanz-Vidorreta; Indra Sarkar; Minnie Sarwal; Richard Satava; Kshitij Saxena; Andrew Saykin; Sebastian Schneeweiss; Jennifer Schneider; Jodi Schneider; Alejandro Schuler; Matthew Scotch; John Sedor; Andrew Seely; Neil Shah; Nigam Shah; AbdulMalik Shakir; Vivekanand Sharma; Jeff Shein; Feichen Shen; Zijun Shen; David Shields; Mary Shimoyama; Neel Shimpi; Dmitriy Shin; Kaoru Shinkawa; Rohan Shirali; Jana Shirey-Rice; Azza Shoaibi; Evan Sholle; Katie Shpanskaya; Jay Shubrook; Yuqi Si; Tara Sigdel; Ida Sim; Ida Sim; Gyorgy Simon; Megan Singleton; Marina Sirota; Michael Skinner; Steven Skube; Faye Smith; Jacob Smith; Jacob Smith; Jennifer Smith; Wade Smith; lauren snyder; Michael Snyder; Sunghwan Sohn; Harold Solbrig; Anthony Solomonides; Xiaoyu Song; Xing Song; Dmitriy Sonkin; Walter Stewart; Paul Stey; Nate Stockham; Roy Strowd; Marc Suchard; Jimeng Sun; Jimeng Sun; Min Woo Sun; Alisa Surkis; Carol Sweeny; Peter Szolovits; Umberto Tachinardi; Tasnia Tahsin; Mohammadamin Tajgardoon; Wataru Takeuchi; Haixu Tang; Xavier Tannier; Peter Tarczy-Hornoch; Abdul Tariq; Qandeel Tariq; Shinji Tarumi; Asba Tasneem; Nicholas Tatonetti; Kristen Taylor; Nattapon Thanintorn; Jyothi Thota; Jonathan Tobin; Victoria Tolls; Max Tomlinson; Umit Topaloglu; Eric Tranvinh; Joshua Tucker; Anne Turner; Kyle Turner; Marek Tutaj; Monika Tutaj; Sony Tuteja; Levon Utidjian; PJ Utz; Jake Vasilake; Nicole Vasilevsky; David Vawdrey; Margaret Vella; Shyam Visweswaran; Emily Voigt; Yevgeniy Vorobeychik; Kavishwar Wagholikar; Michael Wagner; Russ Waitman; Anita Walden; Dennis Wall; Jason Wang; Jing-Fang Wang; Jingqi Wang; Min Wang; Xiaofeng Wang; Xiaosong Wang; Yan Wang; Zichen Wang; Phillip Warner; Firas Wehbe; Wei Wei; Wei-Qi Wei; Sarah Weiler; Heidi Weiss; Davy Weissenbacher; Brian Wells; Leah Welty; Andrew Wen; Si Wen; Chunhua Weng; Brandon Westover; Bonnie Westra; Eric Whitley; Mary Whooley; Elizabeth Wick; Daryl Wieland; Adam Wilcox; DuWayne Willett; Marc Williams; Tremaine Williams; Billy Willis; Tamara Winden; Julia Wold; Kaitlin Woo; Douglas Wood; Cathy Wu; Danny Wu; Julie Wu; Yirong Wu; Ran Xiao; Lei Xie; Shen Xu; Yaomin Xu; Yuan Xu; Alexandre Yahi; Kristin Yakimow; Yasunori Yamada; Chao Yan; Hanying Yan; Xiaowei Yan; Cheng Ye; Zhan Ye (Harold); Caleb Yelton; Kristen Yeom; Wen Yin; Alan Yu; Anthony Yu; Hong Yu; Kun-Hsing Yu; Chi Yuan; Ming Yuan; Nicole Zaleski; Yi Ze; Ning Zhang; Patrick Zhang; Ping Zhang; Xiaofei Zhang; Yaoyun Zhang; Yiye Zhang; Tianhao Zhao; Yiqing Zhao; Kai Zheng; Mu Zhou; Wei Zhu; Richard Zimmerman; Michael Zimmermann; Maryan Zirkle; Meredith Zozus; Pierre Zweigenbaum.

The following presenters of the AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit disclose that they and/or their life partners have the following relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Jennifer Bollyky Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Livongo Health
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Livongo Health Consultant: Guidepoint Global; GLGroup
Amar Das   Other Financial or Material Support: IBM
Carol Friedman   Consultant: Health Fidelity
Subha Madhavan   Consultant: Perthera Inc.;
Grants/Research Support: NIH
Leslie McIntosh  Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): ripeta, llc;
Other Financial or Material Support: Asteris, LLC
Genevieve Melton  Other Financial or Material Support: Abbott (St. Jude) Medical (spouse was employed);
Honorarium: AHRQ, ABPM, NIH, ACS;
Grants/Research Support: NIH, AHRQ, PCORI
Stephane Meystre   Grants/Research Support: NCI, NIGMS;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Clinacuity, Inc.
Terri Mitchell Other Financial or Material Support: Nuance
Shawn Murphy   Consultant: TriNetX
Neha Pagidipati   Grants/Research Support: Intarcia; Sanofi; Novartis; Alexion; Regeneron;
Other Financial or Material Support: Freedom Health Inc; Florida Medical Associates LLC; RCAdvance LLC; Physician Partners LLC
Philip Payne   Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Signet Accel; Aver;
Consultant: Signet Accel
Toby Rogers Grants/Research Support: Imosphere Ltd
Jonathan Silverstein  Consultant: Tempus
 Nancy Smider   Other Financial or Material Support: Epic
David Sontag   Consultant: GNS healthcare; MSKCC
Ronald Summers Grants/Research Support: NVidia; Ping An;
Other Financial or Material Support: iCAD; Imbio; Zebra Medical
Samuel Volchenboum  Other Financial or Material Support: Litmus Health;
Consultant: CVS Accordant
Griffin Weber   Consultant: Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Hua Xu   Grants/Research Support: NIH; CPRIT; AHA
Other Financial or Material Support: Melax Technologies Inc;
Consultant: Hebta LLC;
Rui Zhang  Grants/Research Support: Medtronic Inc

The following peer reviewers of the AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit disclose that neither they nor their life partners have financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Aaron Abend; Bhargav Adagarla; Terrence Adam; Naveed Afzal; Rute Aguiar; Vanessa Aguiar-Pulido; Ranit Aharonov; Oguz Akbilgic; Mohammad Alarifi; Raniah Aldekhyyel; Fatemah Alghamedy; Rasmeh AlHuneiti; Neda Alipanah; Raul Alonso-Calvo; Khaled Alqahtani; Dilum Aluthge; Waqas Amin; Edwin Anand; Vibha Anand; Nick Anderson; Robert Annechiarico; Dvir Aran; Adelaide Arruda-Olson; Theodoros Arvanitis; Muluken Aseffa; Deven Atnoor; Thamer Ba Dhafari; Mohammad Bagheri; Neil Bahroos; Hetian Bai; Hetian Bai; Charles Bailey; Jeya Balaji Balasubramanian; Juan Banda; Imon Banerjee; Gahyun Bang; William Barnett; Dustin Basel; Fereshteh S. Bashiri; Michael Bass; Nathaniel Bastian; Andy Baxevanis; Sary Beidas; Cosmin Bejan; Nick Benik; Peter Beninato; Joanne Berghout; Satwik Bhattamishra; Nrupen Bhavsar; Krithika Bhuvaneshwar; Jiang Bian; David Birtwell; Grzegorz Blizniuk; Toby Bloom; Seth Blumenthal; Simina Boca; Olivier Bodenreider; Alex Bokov; Erika Bongen; Christopher Boone; Ann Borda; Richard Boyce; Andrew Boyd; David Bradley; Bruce Bray; Caitlin Brennan; Stephanie Brinson; Mathias Brochhausen; Ian Brooks; Adam Brown; Jeffrey Brown; Diyue Bu; Brian Bucher; Timothy Burdick; Juandalyn Burke; Evanette Burrows; Michael Burton; Brian Bush; Russell Buzalko; Melissa Byrn; Karla Caballero Barajas; Tiffany Callahan; James Campbell; Walter Campbell; Thomas Campion; Julian Candia; Michael Cantor; Thomas Carton; Victor Castro; Kenrick Cato; Uma Chandran; Rajan Chandras; Kumardeep Chaudhary; Vipin Chaudhary; Austin Chen; Cynthia Chen; David Chen; David Chen; Elizabeth Chen; Guocai Chen; Jake Chen; Jieming Chen; Jonathan Chen; Robert Chen; Tianlong Chen; Yang Chen; You Chen; Lijun Cheng; Qiang Cheng; Shenghui Cheng; Kei-Hoi Cheung; Chih-Lin Chi; ChienWei Chiang; Lauren Chin; Olivia Choudhury; Anthony Chow; Sofia Christakoudi; Yuan-Chia Chu; Morris Chukhman; Arlene Chung; Isabel Chung; James Cimino; Lesley Clack; Melissa Clarkson; Gilles Clermont; Manuel Co Jr; Aaron Cohen; Kevin Coker; Michael Conlon; Mike Conway; Jessica Cooke Bailey; Paul Courtney; Dana Crawford; Robert Cronin; Vasa Curcin; Keith Danahey; Sudeshna Das; Surendra Dasari; Naman Dasot; Sharon Davis; Ramana Davuluri; Sulalith De Abrew Rajapakse; Guilherme Del Fiol; Lea Deleris; Matteo Della Porta; Richelle deMayo; Doga Demirel; Dina Demner-Fushman; Murthy Devarakonda; Sanjoy Dey; Madan Dharmar; Jose-Franck Diaz-Garelli; Deendayal Dinakarpandian; Son Doan; Jennifer Doherty; Mary Dolan; Xiao Dong; N. Downing; Todd Druley; Jingcheng Du; Prerna Dua; Prashila Dullabh; William Duncan; Jessilyn Dunn; Henry Dunnenberger; Ines Dutra; Patrick Eads; scott edmiston; Scott Edmiston; Margo Edmunds; Judith Effken; Miguel Egoavil; David Eichmann; Olivier Elemento; Peter Elkin; Sally Ellingson; Helena Ellis; Peter Embi; Cyrus Engineer; Deger Erdil; Joseph Errante; Shahrzad Eslamian; Hossein Estiri; Julio Facelli; Seanne Falconer; Jung-wei Fan; Yadan Fan; Daniel Fang; Yong Fang; Claudiu Farcas; Louis Faust; Paul Fearn; Andriy Fedorov; Shara Feld; Keith Feldman; Ryan Ferguson; Jorge Ferrer; Joseph Finkelstein; Marcelo Fiszman; Alison Fohner; Paul Fontelo; Randi Foraker; Daniel Fort; Marva Foster; Robert Freimuth; Kate Fultz Hollis; Davera Gabriel; Blanca Gallego; Craig Ganoe; Tzintzuni Garcia; Andres Garcia-Arce; Bret Gardner; Lana Garmire; Jennifer Garvin; Carmelo Gaudioso; Yaorong Ge; Alex Geboy; Mary Gerkovich; Kelly Getz; Pericles Giannaris; Benjamin Glicksberg; Glenn Gobbel; Satyender Goel; Rachel Gold; Mary Goldstein; Jason Goldwater; Oksana Gologorskaya; Travis Goodwin; Adam Gordon; Ivan Gorlov; Ramkiran Gouripeddi; Maria Grando; Shaun Grannis; Adi Gundlapalli; John Guo; Shijing Guo; Anika Gupta; Varadraj Gurupur; Anupama Gururaj; Mahdi Habibi-koolaee; Melissa Habrat; Jessica Haddad; Janos Hajagos; Eric Hall; Richard Hammer; William Hammond; Zhi Han; Lynda Hardy; Md Rashedul Hasan; Mehedi Hasan; William Haslett; Saeed Hassanpour; Cynthia Hau; Winston Haynes; Yongqun He; Zhe He; Courtney Hebert; Craig Heise; Ricardo Henao; David Herion; Wenndy Hernandez; Tina Hernandez-Boussard; Christopher Herrick; William Hersh; Aaron Hettinger; Blanca Himes; Susan Hmwe; Harry Hochheiser; Robert Hoehndorf; James Hoffman; Jeffrey Hoffman; Mark Hoffman; William Hogan; Felix Holl; Kristi Holmes; Julian Hong; Na Hong; Gregory Hruby; Allen Hsiao; Xiao Hu; Zhen Hu; Eunice Huang; Jing Huang; Tia Hudson; Michael Hughes; Jacob Hughey; Nathan Hulse; Sam Hume; Ray Hylock; Denise Hynes; Timothy Imler; Tomoya Ito; Sean Ivusic; Ashutosh Jadhav; Charles Jaffe; Sairamesh Jakka; Andrew James; Jerzy Jaromczyk; Anil Jegga; Xiaoqian Jiang; Di Jin; Xia Jing; Steven Johnson; J.B. Jones; Hyunggu Jung; Jae-Yoon Jung; Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer; Megha Kalsy; Mengyuan Kan; Vijayabhaskar Kandula; Cheng-Kai Kao; Uri Kartoun; Hrishikesh Karvir; Suranga Kasthurirathne; Sandeep Kataria; Sandeep Kataria; David Kaufman; Ramakanth Kavuluru; Marjorie Kelley; Timothy Kennell; Shameer Khader; Mohammed Khalilia; Ritu Khare; Hossein Khiabanian; Olha Kholod; Brian Kidd; Richard Kiefer; Dokyoon Kim; Karam Kim; Min-hyung Kim; Yong-Mi Kim; Eizen Kimura; Andrew King; Bobbie Kite; Jeffrey Klann; Ari Klein; Boyd Knosp; Sinan Kockara; Martin Kohn; Jun Kong; Sek Won Kong; Diane Korngiebel; Idit Kosti; Vassilis Koutkias; Sarathbabu Krishnamurthy; Gomathi Krishnan; Zhaobin Kuang; Wayne Kubick; Rita Kukafka; Hye-Chung Kum; Aman Kumar; Nishant Kumar; Benjamin Kummer; Joseph Kunisch; Kislaya Kunjan; Isaac Kunz; Tsung-Ting Kuo; Tahsin Kurc; Gladys Kuria; Fabricio Kury; Finn Kuusisto; KiBeom Kwon; Ronilda Lacson; Ted Laderas; Zach Landis-Lewis; Laura Langford; Fred LaPolla; David Ledbetter; Chiaju Lee; Dae Hyun Lee; Jerry Lee; Younghee Lee; Harold Lehmann; Leslie Lenert; Paea LePendu; Tiffany Leung; Jake Lever; Dingcheng Li; Fuhai Li; Haiqing Li; Haiquan Li; Haoran Li; Jiao Li; Xiangrui Li; Xiao Li; Xiaojin Li; Yanpeng Li; Ying Li; Chen Liang; Yanhui Liang; Sarah Lim Choi Keung; King-Ip Lin; Kun Lin; Michael Lin; Pi-i Lin; Dmytro Lituiev; Guodong Liu; Hongfang Liu; Jie Liu; Ke Liu; Mei Liu; Vincent Liu; Xuanshi Liu; Guillermo Lopez Campos; Arturo Lopez Pineda; Douglas Lowery-North; Jorge Luna; Yuan Luo; Zhongjun Luo; Sisi Ma; chris madison; Arjun Magge; Satish Mahajan; A. S. M. Ashique Mahmood; Samhar Mahmoud; Vincent Major; Jessica Malenfant; Sameer Malhotra; Daniel Malone; Ben Marafino; Joseph Markowitz; Nell Marshall; Keith Marsolo; Anna Maria Masci; David Maslove; Marina Matatova; Jacek Materna; Patrick Mathias; Puneet Mathur; Bradley May; Anoop Mayampurath; James McClay; Matthew McCoy; Lisa McFerrin; Peter McGarvey; Mark McGilchrist; Bridget McInnes; Frank Meng; Raghu Metpally; Craig Meyer; Radoslaw Michalski; Christine Micheel; Nikola Milosevic; Michael Mirro; Sandra Mitchell; Sandra Mitchell; Huan Mo; Francois Modave; Susan Moffatt-Bruce; Sungrim Moon; Sean Mooney; Jason Moore; April Moreno Arellano; Craig Morioka; Keith Morse; Abu Mosa; Tasneem Motiwala; Danielle Mowery; Ashok Mudgapalli; Radha Nagarajan; Prasanth Nannapaneni; Tristan Naumann; Nigel Neely; Stuart Nelson; Goran Nenadic; Antoine Neuraz; Denis Newman-Griffis; Kenney Ng; Jeffery Nielson; Aastha Nigam; Joyce Niland; Justin Norden; Amy Nordo; Jihad Obeid; Patrick O'Connor; Eliel Oliveira; Irene Ong; John Osborne; Brian Ostasiewski; Travis Osterman; Ahmad P. 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The following peer reviewers of the AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit disclose that they and/or their life partners have the following relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests: 

Jennifer Bollyky Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Livongo Health
Aaron Kamauu Grants/Research Support: AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Janssen, Roche/Genentech, EMD Serono/Merck; Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Anolinx LLC
Jennifer Kammerer  Other Financial or Material Support: Relypsa; Astellas
Christopher Metts  Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Infinite Arms, LLC
Stephane Meystre Grants/Research Support: NCI, NIGMS;
Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Clinacuity, Inc.
Blackford Middleton Other Financial or Material Support: Apervita, Inc.
Alex Milinovich Grants/Research Support: Novo Nordisk; Otsuka; Novartis; Amgen; Celgene; Merck
Shawn Murphy Consultant: TriNetX
Andrew Nguyen  Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): qlaro, Inc.
William Oravecz  Consultant: Mount Sinai Health System;
Other Financial or Material Support: Purdue Pharma
Philip Payne  Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Signet Accel; Aver.
Consultant: Signet Accel
John Penn  Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Regeneron;
Other Financial or Material Support: Regeneron Genetics Center
Garrett Peterson Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Yahara Software
Steve Pieper Consultant: Stryker; Novartis;
Grants/Research Support: Siemens Healthineers
Olga Pustovalova  Other Financial or Material Support: Clarivate; Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Stuart Scott  Other Financial or Material Support: Sema4
Jonathan Silverstein  Consultant: Tempus
Cate Stanton Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Protenus
Howard Strasberg Other Financial or Material Support: Employee of Wolters Kluwer Health
Erik Van Eaton Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): TransformativeMed Inc.
Samuel Volchenboum  Other Financial or Material Support: Litmus Health;
Consultant: CVS Accordant
Griffin Weber  Consultant: Takeda Pharmaceuticals

All following AMIA staff involved with content development of the AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME- defined commercial interests:

Dasha Cohen; Doug Fridsma; Pesha Rubinstein; Jeff Williamson