• Feb 4 - 7, 2016, Hilton Waikoloa Village

    2016 ACMI Winter Symposium

2016 ACMI Winter Symposium

Symposium open to ACMI Fellows and Guests

Biomedical Informatics Comes of Age: Challenges and Opportunities in Education, Policy, Practice, & Research

Over the last 35 years, the use of informatics to inform an understanding of health and decision-making has grown exponentially thanks to the expertise, foundational work, and leadership of Fellows in the American College of Medical Informatics.

Today, informatics as a profession is at a tipping point. No longer is it just a special skill—a “knack” for using data. Informatics is a full-fledged career path, and the key for realizing the current goals of healthcare reform.  

ACMI Fellows continue to make pioneering and influential contributions to the health ecosystem, but the reach of the College spans well beyond the informatics community into areas that generate excitement and promise for the future state of the field, health, and healthcare.

It is time for ACMI to adapt, so that Fellows and others have the opportunity to be engaged and enriched by intellectually-motivating, externally-focused, and action-oriented programming at its annual Winter Symposium.

The ACMI Executive Committee has worked over the last year to gather insight and ideas from individuals at different stages of their ACMI Fellowship.  

That’s why we are introducing a new format and meeting style for upcoming 2016 Winter Symposium—using ACMI Fellows to provide thought-leadership and illustrate new areas of discovery as we progress into the next era of informatics. With this feedback about what works and needs improvement with the annual winter conference—we have redesigned the activity from bottom up.

We invite you to participate in the 20116 ACMI Winter Symposium—to connect, learn, grow and lead—and bring on the next era in informatics.

Registration Fees

Fellow/International Associate: $760
Guest: $560