Membership Categories

AMIA offers several categories of individual and organizational membership to help you personalize your involvement and interaction with the association. Please note that AMIA's memberships are calendar year based. If you are joining late in the year and would like your membership to apply for the following year, please contact us at


Member Advantage

The Member Advantage offer allows you to bundle the rest of 2014 with next year's membership giving you a more than $700 value for just $495.

This membership will expire 12/31/2015.

Regular Membership

AMIA's regular membership is open to individuals interested in biomedical and health informatics. AMIA members encompass an interdisciplinary and diverse group of individuals and organizations that represent over 65 countries. Regular members include physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other clinicians, researchers, librarians and educators, scientists and developers, government officials and policy makers, consultants, industry representatives and standards developers.

Regular member dues are $350 per calendar year.

New to AMIA? Never been a member? Try AMIA and get connected with Trial Membership!

Trial Membership

Every year, demand for professionals with experience in informatics science and practice increases.

For a professional just out of school or newly entering the field, AMIA Trial Membership is the next step. For an experienced healthcare professional, expanding your professional skill set in the informatics field; AMIA Trial membership accelerates the transition and connects you to experts and thought leaders quickly.

If you’ve never been a member of AMIA and wonder if connecting to our 5000+ membership is the right decision, Trial Membership makes exploring the benefits of AMIA membership easy!

Connect to the AMIA network of professionals and benefits for a six-month trial membership.

Trial Membership dues are $175. Applicants who have never been a AMIA member in the past are eligible for this one time trial member opportunity. This membership expires six months from inception. Preferred member rates for meeting registration is not included in the Trial Membership benefit.


  • Six full months of active membership. Regardless of when you start, you’ll receive 100 percent access to AMIA member services including the AMIA Member Communities and the Member Directory.
  • Working Group membership: Join one or more of 24 special-interest working groups online and gain an instant social and professional network with like-minded professionals in the field -- collaborators, advisors and colleagues.
  • Three issues of JAMIA, the premier informatics journal, plus online access to the entire archive
  • Publication discounts: AMIA members can subscribe to nine premier journals and preferred rates.
  • Complimentary subscriptions to all member e-newsletters: AMIA e-News, e-news Buzz, MemberConnect and special messages from AMIA leaders.
  • Access the Career Center, post your resume for free and post jobs at a discount
  • Opportunity to upgrade to Regular Membership at a pro-rated rate.

Retired Membership

For those informatics professionals who have called AMIA their professional home and are now retired from the field. Retirees of at least 65 years of age who have been regular members of AMIA for the past two years or longer are eligible. All benefits of regular membership apply.

Retired member dues are $165 per calendar year.

Student Membership

AMIA student membership is open to students who are pursuing a degree in biomedical and health informatics and other programs related to HIT. Student benefits and membership rates apply to full-time and part-time undergraduate students, graduate students, residents, and post-doctoral fellows. Students may serve in leadership positions and may vote in the student working group election but are not eligible to vote in the AMIA Board election.

JAMIA (Print and Online), AMIA’s scholarly journal of informatics in health and biomedicine, is not included with Student membership but student members may opt into a student subscription to JAMIA for an additional $75 per year.

All Student Members must provide proof in the form of a letter from the academic-institution they are enrolled in to validate current status (full-time, part-time, half-time, etc.) and expected date of graduation/completion.

Student member dues are $45 per calendar year.

YIP Membership

AMIA's YIP (Young Informatics Professional) membership is open to individuals who have recently graduated from an undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral program. YIP benefits and membership rates apply to professionals who are less than 2 years removed from graduation. AMIA members encompass an interdisciplinary and diverse group of individuals and organizations that represent over 65 countries. Members include physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other clinicians, researchers, librarians and educators, scientists and developers, government officials and policy makers, consultants, industry representatives and standards developers.

YIP member dues are $195 per calendar year.

Affiliate Membership

AMIA's affiliate membership is open to those individuals who are interested in e-connecting with AMIA with a limited number of benefits. Affiliate membership is a great way to get to know the organization virtually. Affiliate membership includes connection with AMIA Communities and webinars but does not include discounts to AMIA meetings, in-person events, publications, the right to vote or serve in leadership positions.

Affiliate membership is $75 per calendar year.

Corporate Membership

Informatics is vital to the future of the healthcare industry. AMIA’s Corporate Membership Program plays a key role in accelerating the transformation of healthcare through informatics. AMIA Corporate Members come from every sector of the healthcare industry and leverage their AMIA Corporate Memberships to:

  • Develop their people through individual memberships and AMIA training programs like 10x10
  • Influence the healthcare environment through involvement with AMIA policy efforts
  • Demonstrate their informatics capabilities through participation in strategic projects
  • Connect with other leaders and decision-makers through participation in AMIA’s Industry Advisory Council
  • Reach AMIA’s membership and conference attendees through exhibits, roundtables, lunch and learns and other channels
  • Access our member communities to target domains of research and discussion specific to your interests

Corporate membership packages range in price from $7,500 to $50,000 and are highly flexible, allowing you to select the benefits that meet your organization’s unique needs. Read more about AMIA’s Corporate Membership Program or contact Dr. Ross Martin, AMIA’s VP of Policy and Development, at or 240-479-2133 for more information.