Membership Categories

AMIA offers several categories of individual and organizational membership to help you personalize your involvement and interaction with the association.

Please note that AMIA's memberships are calendar year based. If you are joining late in the year and would like your membership to apply for the following year, please contact us at


Individual Membership

include physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other clinicians, researchers, librarians and educators, scientists and developers, government officials and policy makers, consultants, industry representatives and standards developers

* AMIA's memberships (except Trial membership) are calendar year based.

Membership Types



Member Benefits

Regular$350 Access to all benefits
Student$45Must provide proof in the form of a letter from the academic-institution you are enrolled in to validate current status (full-time, part-time, half-time, etc.) and expected date of graduation/completionJAMIA access is not available
Student with JAMIA
Access to all benefits
YIP (Young Informatics Professional)$195Open to individuals who have recently graduated from an undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral programAccess to all benefits
Retired$165Eligible for retirees of at least 65 years of age who have been regular members of AMIA for the past two years or longerAccess to all benefits
Affiliate$75Open to individuals who are interested in e-connecting with AMIA with a limited number of benefits

JAMIA access, member rates for meetings, publication discounts, voting rights are not available

Trial$175Eligible for who have never been a AMIA member in the past (expires six months from inception)member rates for meetings are not available

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership packages range in price from $7,500 to $50,000 and are highly flexible, allowing you to select the benefits that meet your organization’s unique needs. Read more about AMIA’s Corporate Membership Program or contact Dr. Ross Martin, AMIA’s VP of Policy and Development, at or 240-479-2133 for more information.